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WARRIOR tells the inspirational story of an estranged family that finds redemption in the unlikeliest of locations…the MMA ring. Tommy Riordan (Tom Hardy), an ex-marine with a tragic past, returns dwelling and enlists his father (Slash Nolte), a making improvements to alcoholic and faded wrestling coach, to practice him for “Sparta”, the largest MMA match ever held. Nevertheless when Tommy’s underdog brother, Brendan (Joel Edgerton), fights his plot into the match, the two brothers must sooner or later confront every other and the forces that pulled them aside. What ensues is the most gut-wrenching, soul-stirring, and unforgettable battle of their lives.

Right here’s one elegant skilled wrestling grappler! (START A WAR PLAYING)
Howdy, Jenny.
That used to be an improbable
fragment, tonight.
“Chapter 36,
The Quarter-Deck.
“Enter Ahab. Then, all.
“It used to be no longer an enormous while
after the affair of the pipe,
“that one morning,
quickly after breakfast,
Ahab, as used to be his wont,

“ascended the cabin-gangway
to the deck.
“‘It’s a white whale,
I speak,’ resumed Ahab,
as he threw down the terminate-maul.

“‘A white whale.
Skin your eyes for him, men,
“‘explore challenging for white water,
if ye explore but a bubble,
convey out.'”
What are you doing right here?
Properly, I used to be factual
passing thru
and I figured
why no longer maintain a belt
with the faded man.
She appears to be like correct.
she’s hanging in there.
Properly, you largely did
engage correct care of her.
Paddy Conlon.
Man of priorities.
I obtained moderately
something for you.
Mother continuously said,
“Never streak
anywhere empty-handed.”
She did.
That is no longer for
me anymore, Tommy.
You changed brands?
Let’s streak within, huh?
Reach on,
let’s streak within.
TOMMY: I admire what
it’s possible you’ll perchance need got completed with the space.
Yeah, I treasure that.
There may be no longer great
of a lady’s touch
round right here.
PADDY: Yeah, successfully…
And no more ladies
for me, Tommy.
It ought to be arduous to
get a lady who can
engage a punch this show cowl day.
Right here you streak.
You maintain no longer seen
a man in 14 years
and also it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be no longer gonna
maintain a drink with him?
Reach on.
I told you,
I am off it, Tommy.
I am creating
on 1,000 days.
Reach on,
it be factual a drink.
He’s a college trainer
down in Philly.
Be conscious Tess?
They had two
fantastic minute ladies.
So, you found God, huh?
That is safe.
I ponder Mother saved
calling out for him,
but he wasn’t round.
I guess Jesus used to be
down on the mill forgiving
the entire drunks, huh?
Who knew?
So, you gonna
ask of about her,
otherwise you factual gonna
take a seat there all sober?
I know.
Oh, you recognize?
What fabricate you recognize? Huh?
Dwell you recognize it wasn’t
sufficient to drive west
to earn a long way from you,
that once we hit the water,
we drove north, too?
When I obtained sober,
I employed a man to get you.
And is that one
of the 12 steps?
Or does a man
admire you earn 24?
Appropriate 12.
Did your man present you
what you desired to know?
Appropriate that your mother
died in Tacoma.
Nevertheless you were
in the Marines.
That used to be all.
That used to be sufficient.
Properly, that is unbiased too corrupt,
‘region off it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also’ve gotten
some correct vital points.
You may perchance’ve heard
about her coughing up
blood on her knees
in a shit box and not using a heat.
Having me rub her down
with holy water,
because, successfully,
she didn’t maintain
no insurance protection.
The overall time
making an strive forward to your buddy,
Jesus, to assign her.
Did your man
present you that?
I am sorry, Tommy.
Properly, it be correct to know
that it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be sorry, Pop.
It goes a prolonged plot.
I ponder I beloved you better
if you occur to were a drunk.
BRENDAN: All magnificent,
then. All magnificent,
all magnificent, all magnificent.
You speak I will,
but you speak I cannot.
What about if we
all earn a unicorn?
Don’t you might want to a unicorn?
What’s going on up right here?
Oh, my goodness.
Properly, I am no longer particular,
but I ponder Daddy
is now a princess.
Daddy, you explore
so stunning.
Dwell I?
TESS: He’s a truly
glowing princess.
We’re painting
Daddy’s face.
Yeah, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be.
TESS: K. Yeah.
Em, you wanna
open your presents?
Yeah? You wanna fabricate
show cowl time? K.
BRENDAN: Yeah. All magnificent,
attain on. Ready?
All magnificent!
It’s time for presents!
I wish to
set aside this down.
Right here. You wanna
set aside it down?
Gifts time!
All individuals, attain
bring your presents!
What is it? What is it?
Let’s originate with this one.
How about that, Emily?
All magnificent.
BOY: Gay birthday, Emily.
GIRL: What did you earn?
What did you earn?
It’s an awfully large box.
BRENDAN: It’s her birthday.
Reach on.
I know, babe,
but that’s the reason you
name it a funds.
You region it
and also you fabricate no longer scuttle.
GIRL: This one’s mine.
BOY: Howdy, open the huge box!
It’s okay.
I admire you.
Be correct, okay?
GIRLS: Bye, Mommy.
Daddy’s gonna
come up with a bath.
Howdy, babe.
I am unhurried.
Mother’s asserting goodbye to
the ladies, she’s obtained to
earn on the avenue.
They’ve been fed,
they factual want a bath.
I am on it.
K, are you able to earn them
to bed at an sensible
time tonight?
Because, after the occasion,
they’re factual exhausted.
The attach’s the comfort
of that skirt?
Hear, if any guys
come up with a difficulty
in that joint tonight,
you give me a name, okay?
Yeah, factual admire
you gave me a name
when those Temple frat boys
determined to
fracture up your face.
I told you, most nights,
I take a seat on the stool
and grade papers,
but, every now after which,
I need some motion.
All magnificent. Properly,
wait up for me tonight.
I may explore what
I will fabricate about that.
Promises, guarantees.
ANIK: And we return
right here on MMA Reside,
Jon Anik,
alongside the billionaire
preventing promoter,
J.J. Riley,
the Tapout crew is right here,
Punk and Skrape
are in the constructing.
Now, J.J.,
what ended in this venture
that is in actuality redefining
mixed martial arts
right here in the States?
Properly, mixed martial arts
is a sport

I’ve been incredibly
obsessed with,
and as a long way as
where the belief that
for Sparta came from,
I’ve continuously in actuality dug
the Broad Prix structure,
so I tracked these guys down.
SKRAPE: And when J.J.
came to us, he said
he wished to fabricate
the Spacious Bowl of
mixed martial arts.
And he determined to connect up
the $5 million purse, too.
ANIK: Properly, there you
maintain it, it will be completed.
Hedge fund king, J.J. Riley,
going from
the lions’ den of
Wall Boulevard to the cage,
and promoting
the largest winner-engage-all
match in MMA historic past.
Doing correct.
Yet yet again.
Fitzy restful have this?
I fabricate no longer know no Fitzy.
Colt Boyd owns this gym.
Can I enable you to
with something?
How does it work?
a month with locker.
We’re open at 7: 00,
lights out at 11: 00.
So that you just might want to to affix?
Attach your title
and contact recordsdata
on the card.
BRENDAN: Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
All magnificent.
There may be a lesson
on this, too, okay?
Defend on, Tito.
So, we now maintain a physique at leisure,
and also it’s possible you’ll perchance need
the bat which needs…
Acceleration, okay.
If it’s possible you’ll perchance need
sufficient acceleration,
it’s possible you’ll perchance need an opportunity
of breaking the physique at leisure.
K. All magnificent. You ready?
Piece of cake.
All individuals obtained
the glasses on? K, streak!
Piece of cake!
Reach on, man!
Reach on, son!
All magnificent! All magnificent.
There we streak. Properly completed,
Tito. Properly completed.
Take me again to the very fact no longer
to debris with you.
Sit down, everyone.
Dial it down.
So, maintain we obtained it?
Pressure equals mass
instances acceleration,
we obtained it.
All magnificent. Has
everyone else obtained it?
Yes? K, correct.
All magnificent.
The third regulation…
Whoa, whoa. How many licensed guidelines
this dude obtained?
The dude?
Yes, the dude.
The dude has three,
all magnificent?
Newton, the dude,
says that for every motion,
there is an equal
and reverse reaction.
Shall we speak,
if Ok.C. doesn’t
quit the motion of
sending texts in school
and present her posse
open air to beat it,
then my reaction may perchance perchance also be
to send her the entire draw down to
Major Zito’s place of work.
Thus atmosphere the sphere
inspire in apt steadiness.
Mr. C, I set aside it away.
All magnificent, earlier than you streak,
I maintain your exams
from last week.
BOYD: Appropriate work it out.
Cease clowning.
Take up the hands.
Tighten it up!
Use your magnificent.
Seal his hands,
attain on.
Seal his hands.
Defend your hands up!
Move light!
I said, streak light!
God damn it!
The attach fabricate you
get these ladies?
We obtained a match
creating, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be gonna play
every man in the ‘Burgh?
Oh, jeez.
Fenroy, earn me some ice.
And earn in touch with that
Puerto Rican child,
the one who fights
out of the bottoms.
If he’s right here in 20 minutes,
he will get 200 bucks.
Yo, I may fight him.
Dwell me a favor, man,
streak inspire to your earn.
We fabricate no longer need anybody
else getting injury.
Purchase a stroll.
Let’s streak.
Study his neck.
Yo, Rock,
what did you fabricate,
did you enable
Mick and Paulie
at dwelling this present day?
His phone’s disconnected.
Then streak thru the checklist.
Safe me any individual.
Get me Joe Bones.
All I am asserting is
that if you occur to would admire
any individual to enable you to,
I am pleased to retain
your boy heat for you.
You ever fought earlier than?
Howdy, this man
signed a waiver?
All correct.
What’s your title?
You earn tuned up in right here,
it be on you, Tom.
Obvious, no bother.
No bother.
Reach on in.
BOYD: Let’s streak.
All magnificent, let’s streak.
Howdy. Study that teeth.
Are you gonna be
a hero? All magnificent.
BOYD: Reach on.
Study that kick.
MAN 1: Reach on, Dogs,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also fabricate it.
Let’s streak, attain on.
MAN 2: Factual jab.
Factual jab!
BOYD: There we streak!
No, he’s no longer going to.
Don’t let him engage your inspire.
Don’t let him engage your inspire!
MAN 1: Dogs, stand up.
Stand up!
Quilt up, quilt up!
Don’t give him your inspire.
Don’t give him your inspire!
BOYD: Quilt up!
MAN 1: Reach on, Dogs!
Quilt up, damn it!
You owe me 200 bucks.
This one right here.
Sight, that is
the fresh appraisal figures
that came in.
And that is how it
impacts the month-to-month,
it turns into that.
And the entire
cost of the mortgage,
over the lifetime of the mortgage,
is that.
Because it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also explore,
that is factual the draw it’s.
It puts you the wrong draw up,
that is the difficulty.
It’s the county that
did the overview,
no longer the bank.
So, the numbers
are what they’re,
Mr. Conlon…
The numbers are
what they’re, Brendan.
I imply, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be
a math trainer, magnificent?
You may perchance treasure that.
I am a physics trainer.
I say physics.
Physics, okay. Nevertheless the
bank has obtained to streak by
the fresh appraisal figures.
And, according
to those figures,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be the wrong draw up
on your mortgage,
you heed?
God, you said that
admire three instances.
I am sorry,
but I earn that.
I am asking you,
is there something
else it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also fabricate?
Now not the bank, you.
Are you able to shift things
round, restructure?
You refinanced
twice already.
‘Space off you urged us
to fabricate that.
You told me.
Properly, I presented you
with that option,
but that used to be your different.
I am additionally showing
that you just netted
a in actuality intensive
payout with the refi.
We had that dialog.
I used to be paying scientific bills.
Oh, magnificent. Sorry.
Your daughter’s kidney?
Coronary heart.
Coronary heart. Appropriate, sorry.
A kind of news.
All magnificent,
so, if that is my option,
I fabricate no longer maintain any alternate solutions.
You are no longer even
gonna try to abet me.
You are no longer even gonna try.
No, I am making an strive. Be taught about,
Brendan, I will earn you
90 days to earn even.
Ninety days is no longer sufficient.
My critical other and I,
we now maintain three jobs
between us.
And that doesn’t reduce it.
So, what fabricate you counsel?
Properly, let me
ask of you a requirement?
Occupy you ever belief
about financial raze?
It’s a viable option.
There may be no shame
on this this present day.
That is no longer
how I fabricate things.
K, successfully,
then it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be making an strive
at foreclosures.
Advise domination
by Tommy Conlon,
the undefeated
freshman from Pittsburgh.
The prodigy has yet
to yield a single point
in the entire match.
expert by his father
since the age of 5.

Talking about
Paddy Conlon?
The controversial
Paddy Conlon.
Express what it’s possible you’ll perchance
relating to the programs
of the faded Marine,
but he’s led his son
to six straight
Junior Olympic titles
and now factual moments away
from a Excessive College
Utter Championship.
And there it’s! Wow!
There may be factual no limit
to what the prolonged urge
holds for this child.
Tommy told me
that he’s chasing
the file of Theogenes,
it sounds as if,
a mythical Greek fighter
said to be undefeated
in over 1,400 bouts.
Hi there, how’re you doing,
sir? I am making an strive
for Tommy Riordan.
Tommy Riordan.
My title is Colt Boyd.
What commerce
you obtained with Tommy?
Properly, none yet,
that’s the reason I am right here.
I region up opponents.
So, Tommy’s been
working out at my gym,
and he set aside a beating
on the amount 1
middleweight contender
on this planet this present day.
So, I are making an strive to know
moderately bit
more relating to the man.
Perchance abet him out.
I maintain moderately about a contacts,
Mr. Riordan.
The title is Conlon.
And something else you
wanna know about Tommy,
you gotta ask of him your self.
Be taught about, I am factual asking
for some frequent
recordsdata right here.
Love I said,
something else you wanna
know about Tommy,
you gotta
ask of him your self.
Be taught about, I fabricate no longer imply
to interrupt
your night, okay?
He factual set aside this handle
down when he signed up
on the gym.
He doesn’t dwell right here.
All magnificent, then.
K. Factual night.
All magnificent, hear, kiddo.
I need you to connect
Mommy inspire on, okay?
I admire you.
Howdy. Howdy, hear,
I am factual pulling in,
I am gonna wish to streak.
No, they obtained
an open mic night narrate on,
it be gonna be a serene one.
All magnificent, sleep successfully.
You, too.
All magnificent, bye.
It’s about time for
your subsequent contest.
Introducing first,
in the crimson corner,

he fights out of
Ripley, West Virginia.

Please welcome Mike
“The Mutilator” Moore.

Express, “Uncle!”
Move, Mike. Move!
And his opponent
in the blue corner,
he fights out
of Philadelphia,
Please welcome
“Irish” Brendan Conlon.
This bout is
scheduled for three,
5-minute rounds,
and when the motion
begins, your referee
is Mr. Rick Fike.
Opponents to the center.
Reach on, gents.
I need you to
obey my instructions
in any respect instances.
I need you to give protection to
yourselves in any respect instances.

If you fabricate no longer maintain any questions,
touch gloves, inspire up.

And on my signal,
let’s attain out preventing.

FIKE: Fighter,
are you ready?
Are you ready?
Dwell it!
MAN: Reach on, Mike,
let’s streak!
You gotta streak
with that one.
MAN: Reach on, Mike!
WOMAN: Don’t let him
fabricate that to you, Mike!
Stand up, Mike, stand up!
5 minutes, out.
FIKE: One other 15?
Howdy! Howdy, child!
Positive fight.
Two more wins,
you engage dwelling the bacon.
Howdy, correct job…
Howdy, babe.
How used to be work?
Oh, my God!
What came about?
You said it used to be
gonna be a slack night.
I am no longer bouncing
at a membership.
What fabricate you imply
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be no longer bouncing?
You furthermore may can maintain got been lying to me?
I went in to practice
and so they were paying
9 bucks an hour.
Then I saw a signal
for this other narrate.
They’re hanging us
out of the condominium
in three months.
We’re operating out of alternate solutions.
Then they set aside us
out of the condominium
in three months.
I’d moderately streak inspire
to the faded condominium
than explore you in the inspire
of an ambulance once more.
I believed we agreed
that we weren’t
gonna elevate our younger of us
(WHISPERING) in a family
where their father will get
beat up for a dwelling.
We’re no longer
giving up the condominium.
It’s our dwelling.
We’re no longer going backwards.
We will resolve it out.
Right here’s what we’re
no longer going inspire to.
PADDY: You wished to discuss?
I am gonna originate preventing.
Is that magnificent?
Don’t play babe in
the woods with me.
I know that man
from the gym
came to survey you.
Colt Boyd.
Yeah. I didn’t present
him something else, Tommy.
I may perchance no longer be sitting right here
with you now if you occur to did.
WAITRESS: Paddy, can
I earn you more espresso?
No. Thanks.
I am gleaming.
Hon, would you admire
a cup of espresso?
Obvious. Thanks.
All magnificent.
There may be this match,
it be a large match.
Prime 16 middleweights
on this planet.
Single elimination.
Winner takes all.
It’s moderately about a money.
I am gonna fabricate that.
Nevertheless if I am doing it,
then I am gonna
want a coach.
Now, that great,
you were correct at.
No, no, no.
This doesn’t
imply something else, okay?
I am serious.
We practice.
That is it.
I fabricate no longer are making an strive to
hear a be conscious about
something else but training.
You heed?
That you simply will most likely be making an strive to expose
your war experiences,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also engage them
the entire draw down to the VFW.
Otherwise it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also engage it to
a meeting, or to church,
or no topic the hell it’s
that you just fabricate this show cowl day.
What about Colt Boyd?
What about him? I told him
I fabricate no longer practice with
those that I fabricate no longer know.
The devil you recognize.
Excuse me?
The devil you recognize
is better than
the devil you fabricate no longer.
WAITRESS: There may be
your espresso, hon.
You are welcome.
Chasing Theogenes.
It ought to be fabricate of
admire the faded instances.
I factual told you,
this would now not
imply something else.
Now, earn that thru
your skull magnificent now
or I am strolling.
All magnificent.
All magnificent.
Nevertheless you earn something
thru your skull, too.
You known as me, so fabricate no longer
streak threatening to whisk
every 5 minutes.
And since this
is set training,
you dump no topic it
is it be vital to dump
as a long way as those
pills are concerned.
I fabricate no longer wanna explore them.
hand them over magnificent now.
I know they’re
on you, Tommy.
You sounded admire
a goddamn maraca
coming thru the door.
That is no longer gonna fabricate.
If you came thru
that door, it used to be…
That’a boy.
And one other narrate.
You fabricate no longer eat
crap admire this.
Right here’s for
losers and faded men.
And we’re gonna
wish to bunk up.
If we’re gonna fabricate this
magnificent, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be gonna
preserve on the condominium.
I explore your eating regimen.
We practice the faded routine.
You reproduction?
All magnificent.
Ok.C.: Your brother’s
a liar.
…went in the center
of the night…
…and he went
to a strip membership,
and he said he saw Mr. C…
No plot.
Entrance and center.
Love MMA kind stuff.
You were not there,
so you fabricate no longer know.
Mixed martial arts.
Love, preventing.
Love, hundreds of
forms of preventing.
He used to be factual, admire,
dropped him on the ground…
TITO: It’s factual?
BRENDAN: Purchase your seats.
Now, please.
Howdy, yo, Mr. C.
Howdy, my brother
used to be on the titty bar
last night,
and he said you used to be
choking brothers out.
I imply, what’s up,
is it factual?
STEPHON: Yeah, Mr. C.
I imply, admire, is it factual?
Did you truly
work on some fools
or something?
Ok.C.: You can wish to expose us.
All magnificent.
I need examples
of forms of energy.
Reach on. It is now not
as corrupt as it appears to be like.
Are you being
literal or figurative?
Because, literally,
it appears to be like corrupt.
And figuratively,
it appears to be like even worse.
The superintendent’s
coming by.
Minute while.
Oh, man.
So, attain on, Brendan.
Give me moderately abet right here.
I imply, may perchance perchance also you
point to to me what
the hell you were doing?
I need the money, Joe.
Yeah, but that is…
We cannot maintain this.
That is no longer moonlighting
at Applebee’s,
for Christ’s sake.
Shit, Brendan.
Leaving all the pieces else
aside, which we cannot,
are you out of your mind?
You are gonna earn
your self killed.
I imply, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be
a goddamn trainer.
You obtained no commerce
in the ring
with those animals.
In actuality, I frequent to be
a form of animals.
I fought for a dwelling.
Bet I forgot
to connect that down
on my utility.
Yeah, I guess you did.
Be taught about, I am sorry, Joe.
It’s factual…
Be taught about, explore,
the college district
is no longer gonna tolerate
academics cockfighting
in strip clubs.
It used to be a automobile car parking space
of a strip membership.
Wherever it used to be,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also’t be doing it.
All magnificent? I imply,
that is a fundamental…
Shit, he’s right here.
Right here’s a fundamental bother.
Man hasn’t been
within a college since 9/11.
What are we gonna fabricate?
You speak, “Yes, sir,”
and also you speak, “No, sir,”
and also you speak,
“It is now not going to ever
occur once more, sir.”
After which we factual pray to God
that he’s in an accurate mood.
Son of a bitch.
Superintendent Yorn.
Factual to survey you, sir.
YORN: Major Zito.
What are you doing?
the ladies maintain
a truly vital piano recital
in the morning.
And we now maintain
an equipment malfunction.
How’d it streak?
They’re gonna overview
your case on the terminate
of the semester.
Nevertheless till then,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be suspended with out pay.
Joe gave me
the collection of his attorney.
How the hell are we gonna
pay for an attorney?
He talked to me for
free as a favor to Joe.
That is tremendous.
He said there may be no
precedent for this.
You are going to be inspire
by subsequent semester.
The following semester?
they’ve these
smoker fights all over.
There may be one in
Lancaster subsequent week,
there may be two in Dover
the week after.
Camden, Baltimore.
That may perchance perchance also abet us afloat.
You are gonna set aside
your self thru this
over and over for
500 bucks a pop?
Just a few of them pay
loads higher than that.
I may perchance deserve to
soar for a month
to form what I made in
two hours last night.
And these guys,
they’re no longer right opponents.
They’re factual
guys that maintain seen
too great UFC on TV.
Now, if you occur to may perchance maintain
a higher resolution,
I am all ears, but…
And what are we
gonna present the ladies?
It ought to be gleaming.
I may factual leave
the condominium as frequent,
with the exception of, handiest this time,
I will be going to the gym.
PADDY: ♪ The duck goes
quack, quack, quack, quack
♪ And the cow goes
moo, moo, moo!
♪ Nevertheless that rooster
That rooster,
he knew all the pieces
♪ Cock-a-doodle-doo!
♪ Cock-a-doodle-doo! ♪
Let’s streak, kiddo.
Let’s earn involving.
Be taught about what I found
in that worry of a…
What fabricate you speak
we take a seat down
and change this?
And also it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also fill me in
on how shut you
obtained to that file.
Did you proceed wrestling
after you left
along with your mother?
Reach on, Tommy.
Deliver me something.
I may present you something.
You may perchance engage that inspire
to where you found it,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also leave
the espresso in the pot.
I will pour that myself.
And I will
wake myself up, too.
Wound my knees
and down those stairs.
I may leave the espresso pot on
till 0500, then I dump it.
OFFICER: I give say
brush off. You can wash
your wrong bodies.
You may perchance sq.
your equipment away.
Corporal Bradford,
engage this to CSC,
let them know we’re inspire.
Roger, sir.
Detail, a-ten-hut!
SOLDIER 1: 7-3-4, that is
Gealer Infamous. Sitrep, over.
What’s up, Ticket?
Right here, sir.
William’s Firm’s
inspire in.
SOLIDER 2: Rattling, dude!
That is brutal.
SOLDIER 1: Did you explore
that? Oh, my God.
SOLDIER 2: What?
What’s that?
Dude, Angry Dogs Grimes
is getting tuned up
by some dude at
a gym in Pittsburgh.
Who is Angry Dogs Grimes?
Shit, Bradford,
the stuff you
fabricate no longer know amazes me.
Dude. Oh, my God,
did you explore that?
Wow. Oh, my God.
Wait. Rewind that.
Appropriate there,
terminate, terminate, terminate.
SOLDIER 2: What’s up, man?
Dude, what’s his deal?
You are no longer gonna
earn your 11.
AV, I must
explore the tape.
AV: What tape?
What tape?
The tape!
Hoolihan, fill in for me?
Get the camera.
BRADFORD: That is him.
That is him.
FRANK: Let the tune
sink into you.
Right here’s Beethoven.
I need you to breathe.
I fabricate no longer need you
boxing admire this.
No more stiff, magnificent?
You hear to the tune.
You mute down, you breathe.
One, two…
As soon as more. One, two.
One, two. One, two.
Factual, correct, correct. Yos.
You are gonna earn it,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be gonna earn it.
All magnificent? Two more rounds.
FRANK: Dwell I know you?
Oh, man!
Prolonged time, brother.
Too prolonged.
The plot you doing?
Too prolonged.
Be taught about at your space.
You admire?
You explore this beast?
Marco Santos.
He’s training for Sparta.
Oh, yeah, magnificent.
Now not corrupt, magnificent?
It’s astounding, man.
Most productive the very best.
Move! Move! Move!
Move or die!
You explore correct, brother.
BRENDAN: Thanks.
How are the ladies?
Factual. Yeah. I had
one other toddler, Rosie.
I know. I know
because Johnny C. told me
that she used to be in
the health facility for a minute bit.
You understand,
I used to be gonna name you
after which duration went by and…
I am a portion of shit.
I ought to’ve known as you.
I am sorry.
No. Reach on.
Brendan, I am sorry.
It’s all correct.
She’s correct now.
She’s okay?
So fantastic.
It’s correct to survey you, man.
So all the pieces’s
going huge, huh?
Properly, I’ve obtained
moderately bother.
The fellows on the bank
are making an strive to maintain interplay my condominium away.
That is fabricate of why
I came to survey you, truly.
You understand,
I obtained most of my dough
tied up on this joint,
but how great fabricate you might want to?
I didn’t attain right here
for a mortgage, Frank.
I imply, I hoped that
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance practice me.
Put together you for what?
I wanna earn inspire
in the cage.
Are you serious?
Reach on, Brendan.
I won an match
the opposite night.
Ah, you won an match.
That is what that is.
Let me guess. It used to be
in a automobile car parking space? DJ from
a neighborhood radio web page,
about a ring card ladies
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance no longer bang on a dare?
Am I magnificent?
Brendan. I admire you.
Why am I gonna practice you?
If you were on
the magnificent aspect of 30,
you were barely
a .500 fighter.
You by no plot listened to me.
You fabricate no longer hear to anybody.
These guys are animals.
You are a trainer, magnificent?
What are you gonna fabricate?
You are gonna attain down right here
about a days
per week after detention?
You are gonna skip out
of the ladies’
volleyball recreation early?
I’ve obtained hundreds of time.
Time’s no longer a bother.
Car automobile parking space narrate
fabricate of obtained me suspended.
I must retain
working the people who smoke.
Tess know about this?
‘Space off the last time
you fought,
I obtained read the revolt act,
sitting in
a health facility waiting room.
You be conscious that?
I used to be unconscious.
You were more
than unconscious.
I used to be.
She’s no longer gonna attain down
right here with the two domestic dogs,
screaming at Frank?
It is now not gonna occur.
What fabricate you speak, Frank?
What fabricate I speak?
What am I gonna speak
to you? “No”?
I imply, all my time
is wrapped up with Marco.
You understand,
you attain down,
I throw you in a rotation,
you spar with these guys.
Nevertheless I cannot promise you
great higher than that, Brendan.
That is all I need.
Huge. All magnificent.
I treasure it.
What, are you kidding me?
You wish something else,
you name me.
I may.
Let me know when
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be coming down.
Properly, I am factual gonna earn
my stuff from the automobile.
PADDY: Howdy, Brendan.
Brendan, it be me, Pop.
What are you doing right here?
I maintain some news for you.
One thing execrable
along with your hands?
If there may be nothing
execrable along with your hands,
there may be no cause
for you no longer to phone.
That is the deal.
Yeah. I forgot.
The phone or mail, Pop.
Non negotiable.
Howdy, Brendan.
You ever seen my
hands so true?
Ever seen that?
I’m going within.
I obtained 1,000 days, Brendan.
Thousand days sober, this present day.
Properly, that is huge, Pop,
but it absolutely doesn’t
alternate something else.
What fabricate you imply,
doesn’t alternate something else?
Occupy a coronary heart, Brendan.
You hear to me.
You engage your
“maintain a coronary heart” bullshit
and also you urge it down the avenue.
Yeah, urge it out with
any person that doesn’t
know you admire I fabricate.
All magnificent, hear to me.
I believed perchance
we may perchance perchance also rupture bread.
You understand,
factual open some
traces of dialog.
You obtained two traces
of dialog.
You obtained the telephone
and the put up place of work.
God! Appropriate ‘region off you eradicate
it be a special day,
it doesn’t form it
one for me.
I’ve obtained a critical other and younger of us
within, and so they’re
making an strive forward to me,
so I fabricate no longer maintain time
for no topic that is.
I know you obtained
a critical other and child in there.
I’ve obtained
a granddaughter in there
I maintain now not seen
in three years.
And one other one
I maintain now not even ever met.
Yeah. Why is that, Pop?
Why is that?
Dwell you be conscious
having something else
to fabricate with that?
That shit you pulled.
Never once more.
And all that shit
I saw rising up,
that doesn’t occur right here.
Be taught about…
Purchase care of your self.
Tommy’s inspire.
He’s in the ‘Burgh.
You speak Tommy’s
in Pittsburgh?
Yeah, he came to survey me.
He came to survey you?
Yeah. He’s over on the condominium.
We’re doing moderately
training at Fitzy’s.
You be conscious Fitzy’s?
It ain’t Fitzy’s anymore.
You and Tommy are
training together?
Tommy Conlon?
He’s the employ of your
mother’s maiden title.
Yeah, I know
what her title is.
Properly, I believed it’s possible you’ll perchance
wanna know he’s inspire.
So that’s the reason I drove
the entire plot over right here.
I believed you
came to interrupt bread
over 1,000 days.
No, I did, Brendan,
that is most important.
That, too.
All magnificent. Did he speak
if he needs to survey me?
He doesn’t speak great, Brendan.
He’s factual no longer that
pleased child he used to be,
you recognize?
Wow. Be taught about at you.
Mr. Inside Man.
Inside? What?
You and Tommy
training together admire
nothing ever came about.
It’s gracious.
Be taught about…
Now I know what
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be in actuality doing right here.
What’s that?
You came to gloat.
Oh, I didn’t attain to gloat.
I came to earn my son inspire.
Wow. There you streak.
Yeah, you obtained your son inspire.
No, I am talking
about you, Brendan. You.
You obtained your son inspire.
You understand…
Oh, fail to recollect it.
Yeah, I may present you.
Portion of the cause…
Portion of the cause
I stuck round,
‘region off I believed
I’d sooner or later earn you
all to myself.
Nevertheless you didn’t
maintain any hobby
in training me.
You belief Tommy
used to be the one.
Oh, Brendan,
I used to be a drunk.
I imply, you recognize,
Brendan, I am sorry.
Neglect it.
You were continuously a frontrunner.
Never had any hobby
in the underdogs.
Nevertheless I used to be your son.
That you simply will most likely be my son, Brendan.
Am I?
Yeah, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be.
I am factual asking you
if yow will uncover…
Safe moderately bit
of condominium on your coronary heart
to forgive me moderately bit.
Yeah? All magnificent,
I forgive you.
Nevertheless I fabricate no longer belief you.
Hear, present Tommy,
if he needs to survey me,
that is where I am.
K. Nevertheless they’re
no longer hundreds of things.
All magnificent?
You gotta belief to forgive.
Evening, Pop.
PADDY: Oh, my God.
Is that Emily? Jeez,
she’s grown, Brendan.
Is that Rosie?
EMILY: Daddy, who is that?
It’s factual an incredible, faded man.
Reach on. Let’s streak.
How about a cup of espresso?
ANIK: Mountainous news factual broken
right here at ESPN
that Koba is coming
to The US and
will fight at Sparta.
Universally regarded as
the ultimate
pound-for-pound fighter
who ever lived, the mighty,
mythical Russian
has by no plot fought
on US soil in
his legendary profession.
BOYD: Slack to half of guard.
Slack to half of guard,
hammer fist.
Now originate on the opposite
aspect. And stagger inspire in,
there you streak.
I obtained some news for you.
I obtained you into Sparta.
It took some doing,
but I made it occur.
You understand thanks
and 10% is passe?
Pilar? Howdy, it be Tommy.
K. Sorry.
Factual. I am correct.
How are you doing?
K. You understand me, Tommy.
I used to be getting
in actuality afraid about you.
How’s things?
How are the early life?
The early life correct?
Yeah, they’re correct.
Maria’s getting so large.
She appears to be like more
and more admire Manny
on each day foundation.
(LAUGHS) How’s minute man?
He’s correct.
He’s an accurate child, Tommy.

He’s a right correct boy.
He takes care of his sister.
He’s an enormous child.
All individuals’s correct.
We’re correct.
You understand…
Pilar, I maintain now not
forgotten for one minute
what I promised you.
What I promised Manny.
I obtained alternatives
creating, so…

Whatever it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also fabricate, Tommy.
Imply it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also guys out.
I am gonna engage care
of you guys.
I know. Manny would
in actuality treasure it.
I wanna enable you to.
You understand what?
You apprehension too great.
You apprehension so great
about us. It’s okay.
You understand what?
We’re hanging in there.
“Captain Pollard
once more sailed

“for the Pacific in
say of one other ship,

“but the gods
shipwrecked him once more
“upon unknown
rocks and breakers.
“For the 2d time,
his ship used to be utterly lost,
“and forthwith
forswearing the sea,
“he has by no plot
tempted it since.”
FRANK: Cease for a 2d.
Hear to the tune.
Right here’s Beethoven.
Would perchance well you fabricate one other narrate?
Or are you gonna
fabricate the identical narrate?
I need you to
mute down and listen to.
Ignore how
to lose the fight.
And two, and three.
With eight weeks
left to Sparta,
J.J. Riley
and the Tapout crew
engage day out from
their international
press tour to affix us.

J.J., we now maintain by no plot seen
this fabricate of
Broad Prix match

on this country earlier than.
Deliver us,
why the unparalleled structure?
Properly, explore, Jon,
you recognize to boot to anybody
that in mixed martial arts,
anybody can beat anybody
on a given night.

Nevertheless with this
kind of structure,
it be gonna be tricky
to disclaim who the champion is.
You obtained four
fights in two nights,
16 opponents the entire draw down to at least one,
winner’s gonna be
the last man standing.

Thirty-one. Thirty-two!
FRANK: Breathe, breathe.
Defend your eyes open.
You gotta abet involving.
You gotta abet involving.
Defend involving.
Factual! And hear to
the tune. You breathe.
He’s getting it.
He’s getting it.
You explore?
You feel it?
In actuality feel the tune.
MAN 1: Reach on!
MAN 2: Positive.
MAN 1: Reach on, toddler!
ANIK: …with
Rashad Evans and
Stephan Bonnar
and factual 5 weeks
left till Sparta,
because the hype continues
for the war
on the shore this
Fourth of July weekend
in Atlantic City.
You understand what which plot.
The huge Koba
bringing his act stateside.
Nevertheless I gotta ask of you
relating to the opposite guys.
What are they
thinking, entering
a winner-engage-all match
in opposition to a man
that seemingly
can’t be beaten?
They’re thinking $5 million
and $5 million
appears moderately about a money,
but they gotta
be conscious one narrate.
They’re going in opposition to Koba.
Mission no longer possible,
recreation over, streak dwelling.
ANIK: Properly, the winner
takes dwelling $5 million.
You may perchance additionally be particular that
this would perchance dominate
the sports landscape
Fourth of July weekend
in Atlantic City.
The huge Koba
making his presence felt
in the United States.
Two… Reach on, Tommy.
FRANK: Hits you gentle,
magnificent? Scurry admire water.
Get on your arm,
explore what’s gonna occur.
(EXCLAIMS) There it’s.
Be taught about, explore, explore.
He will sleep.
You practice with the very best
to be the very best, Brendan.
ANIK: Pittsburgh Beatdown
has develop into surely one of
the most watched movies
on YouTube this twelve months.
Now becoming a member of us, by the employ of satellite,
is the sufferer of
the unfriendly incident,

Angry Dogs Grimes.
Angry Dogs, what is your
response to the entire hoopla
surrounding the video

and Tommy Riordan?
This man’s a no person.
It’s a sparring session.
It is what it’s,
and he’s gonna pay
for it subsequent month

in Atlantic City.
In any respect times streak.
In any respect times streak.
I fabricate no longer know, Marco.
You are getting
an accurate recreation right here
from a physics trainer.
Factual! Factual.
You explore? You explore?
Prime of the meals chain.
He’s the following champ,
magnificent right here.
with Sparta now factual
two quick weeks away,
J.J. Riley and
the Tapout crew
return to the US
after a global tour
that saw them consult with
10 opponents in 10
hundreds of countries.
They stopped in
Philadelphia this present day

to signal up on
indispensable coach,
Frank Campana,
and high contender,
Marco Santos.

FRANK: You gotta mute down
and preserve mute in there.

The cage is your condominium.
You region the tempo.
You region the rhythm.
In actuality feel the Beethoven.
Be smarter than him,
more affected person.
Defend up for him to
form a mistake.

And when he does,
that is your 2d.
I explore it.
I explore it.
I explore it.
No, he didn’t tap you!
Physics trainer!
That is the very best in
the commerce, son.
PADDY: You may perchance fabricate this, Son!
Smoother. There may be more
in you! You obtained more in you!
We’re no longer completed yet!
FRANK: He’s beating you!
He’s beating you!
You better push tougher,
Marco! Brendan’s
operating away!
And the winner by tap out
“Irish” Brendan Conlon.
MAN ON RADIO: “…to every
and each man in turn

“but mirrors inspire
his have mysterious self.
“Huge pain, little gains
for those that ask of
the sphere to resolve them.
“It’ll no longer resolve itself.”
Are you gonna be okay?
You wanna
snatch a chunk?
No. I am gonna
head dwelling.
I gotta name
the boys and
rupture the news.
I may name you tomorrow.
Howdy, I know that is
no longer a in actuality huge time,
and it be too corrupt about Marco.
Nevertheless how about me?
Are you talking
about Sparta?
it’s possible you’ll perchance need got obtained a higher shot
at starting a boy band.
I may consult with you tomorrow.
It’s a Broad Prix match.
Which plot something else
may perchance perchance also occur. You needless to speak
to boot to I fabricate.
Reach on.
They’d wish to extinguish me
to earn me out of the cage.
That is what I am skittish of.
Frank, I need this.
You are right tight
with these guys.
You may perchance name them.
You are the man.
They belief you.
You realize
what it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be asking me
to fabricate right here?
We streak the entire draw down to AC,
you earn tapped out
in 5 seconds.
How does that profit
either surely one of us?
It is now not gonna occur.
Now not gonna occur?
Need I had a nickel
for at any time when
any individual told me that.
It is now not gonna occur.
I may form a name.
I admire my coach!
Yeah, they’re correct.
The ladies are correct.
They’re correct.
Yeah, he ought to.
I imply, it’s possible you’ll perchance need got been
spending so great time
with Brendan this present day,
it be admire it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be
share of the family
or something.
Yeah, he’s magnificent right here.
It’s your boyfriend.
Frank. Howdy, man.
That is gracious.
Wow! Wow, Frank,
I cannot thanks sufficient.
I fabricate no longer know what to speak.
All magnificent, hear,
I gotta name
you inspire, okay?
All magnificent. Bye.
I am in.
I’m going.
In actuality?
That is your decision?
You made the option?
‘Space off I in actuality
loved the dialog
we factual had
about making that
decision together.
You told me you
were gonna fight guys
that watched too great UFC.
I saw the Koba dude
on the television,
and he’s the man
they’re searching at.
It’s moderately about a money, Tess.
I fabricate no longer give a shit
relating to the money, Brendan.
I told you that.
We’re gonna terminate up
cashing on your
life insurance protection protection
earlier than we eradicate up
that prize money.
You fabricate no longer ponder
I will fabricate it, magnificent?
I ponder it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also earn killed.
I am no longer gonna earn killed.
You are no longer gonna earn killed,
but you promised me
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be no longer gonna earn injury.
You are no longer gonna terminate up
in the health facility.
You are no longer gonna
terminate up timorous.
We fabricate no longer maintain any prize money,
we fabricate no longer maintain any condominium.
Now we maintain got payments
for health facility bills.
Tess! Hear,
I may promise you this.
If I fabricate no longer try in
three weeks, they’re
gonna engage the condominium.
How’s that for a promise?
So, I am gonna streak, okay?
Nevertheless I’d in actuality treasure it
if you occur to’d be with me on this.
I am no longer gonna
explore you fight once more,
I am no longer.
I am gonna earn
the ladies breakfast.
REPORTER: Fourth of July
weekend doesn’t officially
earn started till tomorrow,
but fight followers are
already descending
on Atlantic City

for the Spacious Bowl
of mixed martial arts,

Now we maintain obtained the dancing ladies,
we now maintain obtained the paparazzi,
we now maintain obtained the crimson carpet!
And right here comes J.J. Riley,
the man who started it all.
J.J., it’s possible you’ll perchance need got made a fortune
along with your hedge funds.
You turned your
inspire on Wall Boulevard
and devoted your life
to creating Sparta occur.
Deliver us why this match
is so vital to you?
Rising up,
all of us wished to know
who the hardest child
in the neighborhood
used to be, magnificent?
I wanna know
who the hardest man
on this planet is.
And that is explanation why I set aside
this narrate together.
That is what all these
of us are right here to survey,
attain Saturday night.

That is what
we’re gonna get out.
Thanks, J.J.
And that is something
followers by no plot belief
they’d explore. Koba is right here.
The epic arriving
to fight on US soil
for the very first time.
Koba! Koba!
Olympic gold
medalist in wrestling,
world Sambo champion,

undefeated in his
mixed martial arts profession.

No one’s survived
a round with
the Russian in 5 years.

He’s the ultimate

I imply, it’s possible you’ll perchance need got
seen our trademarks.
No, yeah,
I’ve seen your stuff.
It appears to be like correct.
I imply,
is he preventing
after Sparta?
I imply, we’re making an strive to
get some recordsdata on him.
No, I am no longer particular.
Howdy, where’d you streak?
The attach’d you streak?
You may perchance’t leave me
admire that. They’re searching for to
consult with you, no longer me.
JULIA: Frank Campana?
Hi there. Julia,
J.J. Riley’s assistant.
Julia, how are you?
Brendan Conlon?
Yeah, hi. Howdy.
Hi there. Julia,
J.J. Riley’s assistant.
Appropriate, hi. Positive to meet you.
Positive to meet you.
Just a few things I need
to imply it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also guys know.
Press convention will
originate in 20 minutes.
JULIA: Brendan,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be gonna be
sitting up on the stage.
PADDY: Tommy!
Howdy, Tommy!
The attach you going?
we stand with J.J.?
“Hearing the huge urge
of the sea-crashing boat,
“the whale wheeled round
to show cowl his
easy foreheadat bay.

“Nevertheless in that evolution,
catching peep

“of the nearing
gloomy hull of the ship,

“seemingly seeing in it
the source of all
his persecutions,

“bethinking it,
it may perchance perchance perchance also be
a higher and nobler foe.

“Of a surprising,
he bore down upon
its advancing prow,
“smiting his jaws
amid fiery showers of foam.
“Ahab staggered,
his hand smote his brow.
“‘I develop blind…'”
Now, the ultimate particular person
lacking from the match

used to be darkish horse entry,
Tommy Riordan.
Recent revelations
that Riordan

used to be no longer handiest
a United States Marine,
but a hero in the Iraq Conflict,
has solid an apt
wider spotlight
on a fighter
who appears to maintain
attain out of nowhere.
Lance Corporal Ticket Bradford’s
Web testimony to Riordan,

who saved his life
earlier this twelve months in Iraq,

is now spreading
admire wildfire
for the duration of the media.
And the bridge factual crumbled.
Tommy, attain right here.
Reach on. You obtained
to survey this.
The amtrac used to be the wrong draw up
and water used to be coming
in from in all places.

And the water stress
used to be too great.

We may perchance perchance now not earn
the inspire hatch open.
We were all drowning, man.
It used to be a loss of life entice.
I may perchance perchance now not maintain had more
than one other minute.
Then impulsively, the inspire
ramp will get ripped off.
There he used to be.
And earlier than I may perchance perchance also
earn out and thank him,
he used to be gone.
He factual vanished
admire a ghost.
Tommy, did you…
The attach you going?
Taking a stroll.
BRADFORD: I in actuality factual
wished to speak thanks.
You saved my life, brother.
And anybody seeing this
at Sparta, anybody
out in Pittsburgh,
you attain out to
Tommy Riordan and present him
Ticket said, “Thanks.”
taken from a helmet cam
on the ground in Iraq

captured the heroic incident.
Hi there?
Been making an strive
all over for you.
How’s it going?
It’s going.
I used to be thinking we
ought to streak snatch a espresso.
I fabricate no longer drink espresso, man.
What fabricate you might want to?
You fabricate no longer wanna streak
take a seat down someplace?
I am correct magnificent right here.
Shit, Tommy,
how used to be I supposed to know
I used to be by no plot gonna
explore you guys once more?
Yeah, successfully,
you were briefed.
You had the tips.
You selected the faded man
and the girl.
She wasn’t factual some lady.
I married her.
She’s my critical other.
That is Tess.
That is Emily and Rosie.
They’re your nieces, Tommy.
I fabricate no longer know them.
I know you fabricate no longer
know them. Pointless to speak
you fabricate no longer know them.
So why am I
of of us I fabricate no longer know?
‘Space off that is my family.
And who are you precisely?
I am your brother, man.
You were in the Corps?
I said I didn’t know
you were in the Corps.
I wasn’t in the Corps.
Then you definately ain’t
no brother to me.
My brother used to be in the Corps.
Jesus, Tommy. Tommy.
I used to be a 16-twelve months-faded child.
What the hell did I know?
I fabricate no longer know what you recognize.
Why fabricate no longer you streak
ask of your female friend
about it?
She’s my critical other, Tommy.
So, that is it?
I preserve with Tess,
I by no plot earn to
explore you guys once more?
Now not a single phone name?
God, man,
I fabricate no longer heed this.
What? You…
So, you is no longer going to forgive me,
but you forgave Pop?
No, he’s factual some faded
vet that I practice with,
you recognize?
He plot nothing to me.
And what I hear,
he plot nothing
to you, either.
You obtained balls
talking about forgiveness.
That has nothing to
fabricate with forgiveness.
I obtained early life, man.
I obtained a family to give protection to.
Every thing I fabricate
is for them.
I forgave Pop.
Appropriate admire I forgave
you and Mother.
You forgave us?
Properly, I am no longer stunned
you made the match,
You obtained some stones, man.
I fell in treasure.
What the hell used to be
I supposed to fabricate?
You were supposed
to follow the knowing.
You were supposed
to attain with us.
Mother wanted you, I wanted you.
You are my large brother.
You bailed on me.
Howdy, you recognize, I am happy
you stayed. Every thing
labored out for you.
You enable,
you earn the reverse. K?
You enable,
you earn to bury of us.
You are no longer the ultimate one
that suffered, Tommy.
I didn’t even know
she used to be sick.
I by no plot even obtained
the possibility to speak goodbye
to my have mother.
You had no magnificent to
abet that from me.
That used to be no longer your
decision to form!
You understand what?
You stroll round with
your photos of your critical other,
and also it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be all,
“I forgive you.
“I forgive Pop.
“I forgive everyone.”
Brendan, you recognize,
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be elephantine of shit.
Are we completed, Brendan?
Are we completed?
You realize
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be supposed to
explore my colorful counsel
while college’s
truly in session, magnificent?
STUDENTS: Yes, Major Z.
NASH: Deliver him.
K, we wanna employ
the auditorium
this weekend
to explore Mr. C
in Sparta.
What fabricate you speak?
So, you might want to to
employ the auditorium
to explore
a suspended trainer take hold of
in the process that
he used to be suspended for?
STEPHON: Appropriate.
Am I listening to this magnificent?
Appropriate. K,
we belief
it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance speak that,
so it may perchance perchance perchance also turn
right into a fundraiser,
you recognize?
You understand,
I ponder it be vital to
discuss along with your of us,
because you guys may perchance perchance also need
to be in summer college.
All individuals needs this.
Reach on, Mr. Zito.
Now we had been telling
everyone about
it already.
STEPHON: Precisely.
And the gym’s
the ultimate space
that is large sufficient
to suit everyone.
Be taught about, it be by no plot
gonna occur.
What if we earn
a petition signed?
We will earn the entire
college to signal it.
The energy of democracy.
What are they
gonna fabricate about that?
Mr. Z, please?
Be taught about, explore, you guys.
I treasure the very fact
that you just treasure your trainer,
I in actuality fabricate,
but there is nothing
I will fabricate for you.
ANNOUNCER: The roof is
about to blow neat off
Boardwalk Corridor Arena.

It may perchance perchance perchance also be
Fourth of July weekend,

but that is
Christmas Eve
for fight followers.
Right here’s Atlantic City.
Right here’s the Conflict on the Shore,
and that is
what everyone’s
been making an strive forward to.

Sixteen of the baddest
men on this planet

duking it out
over a 24-hour duration
for the largest purse in
mixed martial arts historic past.
Within the metropolis everyone is conscious of
from the recreation of Monopoly,
we obtained ourselves
a winner-engage-all affair.
Buckle your seatbelts,
roll the dice,
and engage a stagger
on the Reading.

Sparta is right here!
I am Bryan Callen,
along with bestselling
fight author,
Sam Sheridan.
when J.J. Riley
conceived Sparta,
he wished to fabricate,
moderately simply,
the largest mixed
martial arts spectacle
in historic past.
$5 million, Bryan.
$5 million.
J.J. Riley set aside his
money where his mouth is
and set aside up the largest purse
the game has ever seen.
It’s unprecedented, Sam.
As is the hoopla
surrounding one Tommy
Riordan, the war hero,
who has develop into
an in a single day sensation
and captured the imagination
and consideration…
…Jujitsu gloomy belt
Francisco Barbosa,
who has a 19 to four file
in his mixed
martial arts’ profession.
Our guidelines of the cage
are dropped at you
by Tapout.
Five minutes, Paddy.
CALLEN: It appears to be like as though
the 2d of fact
has arrived,
because right here
comes Tommy Riordan.
Tommy Riordan’s
captured the media’s
but the demand
restful remains.
Who is that this man?
And more importantly,
can he compete in
this skills pool?
Can he eradicate?
I wish I knew.
I wish I knew who he used to be.
And I speak the very fact
that I fabricate no longer know
is terribly extraordinary.
In an Web age
where there are likely to be now not any secrets,
this man’s
a complete mystery.
I cannot get out
something else about him.
Tommy Riordan is
officially Google-proof.
Get your hands off me.
OFFICIAL: K, let’s streak.
CALLEN: You gotta
treasure this man, Sam.
No stroll-out tune,
no sponsors, no interviews.
He skipped
the press convention,
wouldn’t maintain
his image taken
for the program.
He’s breaking every rule.
SHERIDAN: The handiest cause,
in actuality, that Tommy Riordan
is on this match
is an MMA video
making the rounds of him
beating up Angry Dogs Grimes
in the gym.
Nevertheless the cause
that moderately about a his followers
are in the stands
is thanks to
one other video.
It’s great more fantastic
than the Angry Dogs
Grimes video.
This man… Let me
represent it to you, of us,
for the few that
have not seen it,
and I fabricate no longer know
anybody who hasn’t,
but Tommy Riordan
ripped the door off a tank
in the warmth of battle,
saving lives for the duration of,
after which walked away
with out claiming a medal.
He ripped the door
off a tank.
Tommy Riordan is
a helpful war hero.
I am no longer taking
something else a long way from the man,
he’s a truly, very tricky man,
but the tank fabricate no longer
hit inspire, you recognize.
SHERIDAN: Now we maintain seen
YouTube sensations fail
on a large stage earlier than.
Sam, he ripped
the door off a tank!
CALLEN: Tommy Riordan,
he has no doubt
obtained his hands elephantine
in his first opponent,
Francisco Barbosa.
SHERIDAN: Francisco
He’s nothing to scoff at.
Yeah, he’s the octopus.
He’s the actual deal.
He’s a truly, very tricky man,
a truly excessive-caliber fighter.
Now, Tommy Riordan
came out of nowhere,
and I’d imagine
he’s gonna move
factual as hasty.
It’s an enormous story,
but I ponder your boy
is gonna be uncovered right here
as a YouTube sensation.
Properly, successfully,
moderately about a followers right here
in Boardwalk Corridor
hope it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be execrable, Sam.
All magnificent, gents,
it’s possible you’ll perchance need got been given
your directions.
I quiz
a neat fight.
Obey my say
in any respect instances,
defend yourselves
in any respect instances.
Contact gloves,
streak inspire,
let’s fabricate this.
Tommy, reduce off
the corners,
feel this man out,
factual admire all of us know.
Appropriate admire all of us know.
CALLEN: We’re about to
earn the huge acknowledge
to the huge demand.
Is Tommy Riordan
for right?
you ready?
They’re each
recreation opponents.
And right here we streak.
You ready?
Let’s streak to war!
Defend your center of attention, Tom.
SHERIDAN: And right here we streak.
We’re gonna explore this.
Barbosa’s gonna be
hunting for a takedown.
CALLEN: He’s no doubt
hunting for a takedown right here.
Barbosa is down!
Barbosa has been
knocked out!
Tommy Riordan is most
no doubt for right.
And now he’s
strolling out of the cage.
He’s leaving the cage.
PADDY: Howdy, Tommy!
There goes one other rule,
out the window!
The attach you going?
SHERIDAN: Francisco Barbosa
is out chilly,
and he’s out of
this match, Bryan.
CALLEN: A massive left
hook, launching…
FRANK: Factual.
Positive and simple.
Positive and simple.
…Tommy Riordan
into the 2d round.

One, two.
Factual, correct.
One, two, three.
Factual. Two, three.
Factual. Factual, correct, correct.
Factual. Reach on.
Factual. One, two.
Tommy Riordan
is the actual deal.
All magnificent.
Reach on,
give me eight.
Yes! That is my boy.
Let’s streak,
streak your head round.
You ready?
Be taught about at me.
You may perchance fabricate this.
I wanna hear you speak it.
I will fabricate this.
Let’s streak fabricate this.
SHERIDAN: J.J. Riley handiest had
48 hours, lower than 48 hours,
to fill the attach.
And usually,
he needed to streak on the avenue
to Frank Campana.
Properly, then he selected
Brendan Conlon,
which is in actuality something
I fabricate no longer heed.
I factual… I am timorous.
Howdy, Brendan.
Brendan, streak earn him.
Move. Factual luck.
Let’s streak, Brendan.
You streak earn him, Son!
CALLEN: You understand,
I will heed
popping out to no tune,
but why on this planet
would you eradicate
classical tune
as your entrance?
Right here’s Beethoven.
Right here’s Ode to Joy, Bryan.
My apologies,
Mr. Renaissance Man.
Move earn him, Son.
SHERIDAN: If you wanna
discuss Renaissance men,
you gotta talk
about Frank Campana.
Very unorthodox coach,
but surely one of many perfect
trainers in the recreation,
and he’s successfully-known
for the employ of classical tune
to educate his opponents
to remain mute,
to remain affected person,
and to remain
tranquil below stress.
CALLEN: You understand,
I may present you,
classical tune
is set as becoming
to this atmosphere
as Brendan Conlon is
to this match.
Oh, attain on.
let me point to you something.
Appropriate right here.
Let me present you…
You explore that, magnificent there?
That, magnificent there…
That, my friend,
is Brendan Conlon.
K? Brendan Conlon’s
about to be dropped
right into a shark tank.
He’s a feeder fish.
SHERIDAN: Reach on,
give the man a rupture.
You understand, the man…
Now not lower than we now maintain
seen him fight.
I imply, he’s
fought right guys.
He’s been in the UFC.
We be conscious him from that.
I be conscious him, too.
I be conscious him
being very unmemorable.
SHERIDAN: Middle of the night Le
on the purpose of climb into
the cage and streak to work.
CALLEN: When the brackets
were announced,
he belief he’d be going up
in opposition to Marco Santos.
He’s obtained to be
thrilled to be seeing
Brendan Conlon
across from him.
You requested for it.
retired from preventing
some years ago.
He’s truly
a excessive college
physics trainer now,
and Middle of the night had
some fun with that
on the press
convention the day before at present.
CALLEN: Properly, he said
he used to be going to give
the teacher a fundamental lesson,
and that getting
killed used to be no plot
to use a summer vacation.
Middle of the night is smartly-known
for talking trash,
he’s additionally known
for backing it up.
No demand, Bryan.
He’s in loads
of difficulty right here.
Middle of the night Le is
an agent of destruction.
Move earn him.
All magnificent, guys,
it’s possible you’ll perchance need got been given
your directions.
I quiz a neat fight.
Obey my instructions at
all instances. Defend
yourselves in any respect instances.
Contact gloves,
streak inspire,
let’s fabricate this.
Move maintain some fun, toddler.
Gents, you ready?
You ready?
Let’s streak to war!
FRANK: Work your kicks!
Work your kicks!
Reach on, Brendan,
attain on.
Move! You gotta streak,
you gotta streak.
FRANK: Let it out!
Reach on, streak!
Defend a long way from the legs!
In and out!
Get off the fence!
Get thru this.
Sprawl down!
Get off the fence!
Get off the fence!
CALLEN: There he goes!
Reach on, Brendan.
Get out of there!
Reach on!
Stand up!
FRANK: Reach on! Reach on!
Study the inspire
of the pinnacle!
FRANK: Kick again out, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be okay.
You are okay!
SHERIDAN: Middle of the night is
all over Brendan.
CALLEN: Properly,
this cannot last great longer.
That is no longer going to last great longer.
The teacher factual
has no answers.
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
And now,
he’s obtained the hooks in.
The hooks are in.
Brendan in very large difficulty.
The head is shut.
Can Brendan form
the terminate of the round?
Properly, he’s
obtained the choke.
He’s obtained 20 seconds
left in the round…
Reach on.
…and Conlon’s face
is popping crimson.
This appears to be like admire it be over.
FRANK: Stand up!
Safe his legs!
Hips! Hip down!
Hip down!
Get your weight down!
Get your weight down!
CALLEN: Properly, Middle of the night is
squeezing with all his may perchance perchance also.
He’s obtained it very deep.
FRANK: Ten seconds!
Don’t you tap!
SHERIDAN: Ten seconds,
Bryan, 10 seconds.
Don’t tap!
Brendan, fabricate no longer you tap!
Defend on, Brendan.
CALLEN: Conlon doing
his simplest to hold on,
‘region off his complete
world’s about to streak
from day to nighttime.
FRANK: Don’t you tap!
Don’t you tap, Brendan!
CALLEN: I will no longer
think that, Sam!
I believed for particular
this man used to be
going to sleep.
Middle of the night cannot think
it either, by the draw.
Oh, Jesus.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You ought to’ve had him
in the first round.
You ought to’ve had him
in the first round.
Horny. Horny.
He doesn’t know
what hit him.
He doesn’t know
what hit him. Breathe.
Deep breaths.
Reach on now.
Minute sip,
little sip.
Minute sip.
Deep breath, deep breath.
I need you to fabricate something.
I need you to earn
him to drag, okay?
When he pulls,
I need you to
hit him a minute bit
and I need you
to shoot on him.
I’d admire to be
a fly on the wall,
paying attention to
Frank Campana magnificent now
and listen to what
he’s asserting in there.
In and out.
In and out.
In and out.
And I need you
to commerce punches
with him, all magnificent?
You are doing fantastic.
Let’s streak, seconds out!
Knock him out.
This round,
knock him out.
Knock him out.
Knock him out.
Let’s fabricate it.
He doesn’t deserve
to be right here.
Horny. Breathe.
Let’s streak!
SHERIDAN: And right here we streak.
The teacher answering
the bell for round two.
Positive and simple!
Space the tempo!
Space the tempo, Brendan!
Let’s streak to war!
FRANK: Circle round!
Circle round!
Positive and simple!
Factual, correct!
Shoot! Shoot on him!
Get out of there!
Hitch him!
Hitch him! Hitch him!
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Get out of there! Reach on!
Dwell something.
Shoot! Shoot on him!
Shoot on him!
CALLEN: Conlon shoots
on Middle of the night Le
and will get him down.
SHERIDAN: Middle of the night is
making an strive to earn to his…
Scissors takedown.
An improbable scissors takedown.
In actuality tremendous.
Conlon showing indicators of life
and no longer backing down.
FRANK: Knees, knees!
FRANK: Factual!
Purchase his arm! Factual!
He’s obtained a kimura lock!
He’s obtained a truly correct kimura.
Turn your hips in! In!
Up! Stick to him.
Turn your hips in!
Hips up!
Turn your hips in!
Turn your hips in!
You obtained it, Brendan.
Your round. You obtained it!
Turn your hips up and in!
Hips up! Very correct!
moderately about a difficulty.
That is it!
Reach on! Reach on!
Wow! He’s obtained it very,
very deep.
Middle of the night is in a truly,
very corrupt space.
Middle of the night is
in large difficulty.
Slack down! Kick again out!
You obtained it! You obtained it!
SHERIDAN: Brendan Conlon
is going to attain it
magnificent right here!
CALLEN: Brendan Conlon
has obtained him in a truly,
very unhealthy space
and Middle of the night is
in large difficulty.
Middle of the night…
I fabricate no longer ponder
Middle of the night has
anywhere to streak.
You obtained it!
You obtained it!
Slack down! Kick again out!
You obtained it! You obtained it!
CALLEN: And that is no longer…
That is no longer going on!
It ought to’t occur.
SHERIDAN: It factual did, Bryan.
He tapped!
Brendan Conlon
tapped Middle of the night!
I cannot think that.
Oh, my goodness!
You obtained him!
Blueprint to streak, Brendan!
Yeah! Yeah!
He tapped him out.
Honey, he tapped him out!
He did it! He did it!
He did it! He did it!
Blueprint to streak, Brendan!
Blueprint to streak! Yeah!
SHERIDAN: Right here’s
what’s so huge about
mixed martial arts.
There may be so many
ways to lose.
One dinky miscalculation,
anybody can eradicate at anytime.
CALLEN: Which will most likely be
why Frank Campana’s
embracing his man.
And I in fact
fabricate no longer ponder
either surely one of them
can think
what factual came about.
Huge point to of
sportsmanship right here
from the teacher.
Properly, that is a hallmark
of Frank Campana’s
something all his
opponents engage into,
and, obviously,
none more so than Brendan.
And Middle of the night Le
is timorous.
He belief
he’d earn a free streak
into the 2d round,
but, as a substitute,
he’s going dwelling.
Dominated the fight
the entire plot,
but he falls prey to
a truly technical attain.
A in actuality technical attain,
but that is a fluke.
I fabricate no longer care what
anybody says. That is a…
I fabricate no longer know.
You may perchance name it a fluke,
but I am gonna name it
a man affirming composure
and making an strive forward to
his opportunity.
Conlon beats Middle of the night!
I hope you obtained
a receipt for
your goldfish.
CALLEN: We’re the entire draw down to
eight opponents,
and quickly to be seven,
as Koba prepares to
streak to work for
the 2d time tonight.
Appropriate hand.
Mountainous magnificent hand.
Mountainous magnificent hand.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my God!
Right here’s over.
As soon as once more, Koba does
no longer rupture a sweat.
You obtained to be
kidding me.
I am skittish he may perchance perchance even maintain
broken something else.
That is
absolutely possible.
Koba involving on
to tomorrow night.
Koba! Koba!
CALLEN: Angry Dogs preventing
admire a man possessed.
Love a man with
something to prove,
reminding everyone why
he’s a fundamental contender
to eradicate this entire contest.
He wished to send
a message to Tommy Riordan,
and there it’s, magnificent there.
SHERIDAN: Right here comes
the underdog, Brendan Conlon.
The teacher miraculously
passed his first take a look at,
but now he’s obtained
to face The Dane.
Brendan! You may perchance fabricate it.
SHERIDAN: Midway thru
round three, now,
and the beating continues.

CALLEN: I in fact fabricate no longer
know the draw Brendan Conlon
can engage this
fabricate of punishment.
He has been
battered with out mercy
in each of
his fights this present day.
Kick again out! You are okay!
restful standing, Bryan.
No! No, no, no!
Factual, engage him down!
SHERIDAN: Be taught about at this,
he is taking The Dane down!
Defend on to him.
He’s hunting for that arm.
He’s hunting for the armbar.
He’s obtained an armbar.
He’s obtained that armbar.
He’s making an strive to be
boss of it, once more.
Faucet, tap, tap!
Reach on, tap, tap, tap!
Hands flat!
Hands flat!
Thumbs up!
CALLEN: He’s obtained
that arm, Sam!
SHERIDAN: Rupture, rupture,
rupture, rupture!
CALLEN: Are you kidding me?
Dwell it once,
it be a fluke. Dwell it twice,
and it be something else.
Pull the bandwagon over,
I ponder I am hopping on.
I ponder I am a believer.
You did it!
Blueprint to streak, Brendan!
I am doing this!
I am doing it!
K, Son.
CALLEN: The crowd
catching fireplace for
the hero Tommy Riordan.
Tommy! Tommy!
SHERIDAN: He doesn’t appear
to need something else to fabricate
with all this adulation.
He’s factual right here to fight.
ALL: Tommy! Tommy!
Gents, you ready?
Are you ready?
Let’s streak to war!
Appropriate at him!
Appropriate at him!
Appropriate at him!
CALLEN: Properly, right here he comes
once more admire a buzz saw!
all over Diego Santana.
He’s swarming all over him,
and now he’s beating
on him with out mercy!
Oh, my goodness!
CALLEN: There he goes once more,
storming out of the cage!
Tommy Riordan marching off
thru the group
and straight
into the final four,
ladies and gents.
Tommy! Tommy!
So where is he?
Yeah. Mr. Conlon.
Um… Invent an impressive
at that white signal…
Howdy! Can’t sleep, huh?
I know that
that other narrate is
bothering the hell
out of you.
I am satisfied with you, Tommy.
What you did for
that child in the tank,
that used to be in actuality something.
How about
deserting my unit?
Is that in fact
something, too?
I used to be on my plot
out of the country when
I figured out those guys.
What used to be I supposed to fabricate?
Let them drown?
What did you fabricate?
What did I fabricate?
I took off.
For this reason you
streak by Riordan.
For this reason they cannot
get your service recordsdata.
What the hell
came about over there, Tommy?
That is none of
your commerce, man.
Oh, attain on, kiddo.
You understand, I’ve been there.
I’ve completed it,
I’ve seen it.
You may perchance belief me.
I heed.
Will you spare me
the compassionate
father routine, Pop?
The swimsuit fabricate no longer fit.
I am in actuality making an strive right here.
You try?
Yeah, in actuality. I am making an strive.
The attach were you
when it mattered?
I wanted this man
inspire when I used to be a toddler.
I fabricate no longer need you now.
You understand, it be too unhurried
now. Every thing’s
already came about.
You and Brendan
fabricate no longer appear to
heed that.
Let me point to
something to you, okay?
The handiest narrate
that I maintain usually
with Brendan Conlon
is that the pair of us,
we now maintain absolutely
no employ for you.
Be taught about at you.
Yeah, I used to be magnificent.
I ponder I beloved you better
if you occur to were a drunk.
Now not lower than you had
some balls then,
no longer admire now,
tiptoeing round,
admire some beggar
along with your cup out.
Purchase it in utterly different locations.
Unquestionably, you recognize what?
Right here’s a cup.
Why fabricate no longer you engage this
and streak earn your self
some more of
your shitty tapes…
Don’t fabricate this, Tommy.
…and also you streak
inspire to the room
and also you hear
to a pair more…
Don’t fabricate this.
…fish experiences that no
one affords a shit about.
Now earn out of right here.
Get the fuck out of right here!
Move on.
PADDY: God pity them!
All shall perish with the exception of me!
Bastards. Bastards!
You bastards.
You bastards!
Cease the ship,
you bastards!
Ishmael. God pity them.
Cease the ship.
Please, quit the ship.
Cease the ship! Any individual.
You godless
son of a bitch!
You quit the ship!
You godless
son of a bitch!
“‘The whale! The ship!’
cried the cringing oarsmen.
“‘Oars! Oars!
Slope downward…'”
Cease it.
“‘O sea that ere it
be for ever too unhurried,
“‘Ahab may perchance perchance also jog this last,
last time upon his mark!'”
Cease the…
Oh, Captain, quit…
Cease the ship, Ahab.
For the treasure of God.
They’re lost.
Cease it… The ship.
You quit the…
Oh, no.
Reach on,
give me the Walkman.
No, no.
Reach on.
Reach on, attain on.
Reach, give me the bottle.
Reach right here,
attain right here,
attain right here.
Reach on. Give me.
We’re lost.
We’re lost, Tommy.
It’s over.
We will by no plot form it inspire.
Defend down.
We will by no plot form it inspire.
PADDY: I am right here.
I continuously cherished you.
You needless to speak,
fabricate no longer you, Tommy?
I continuously cherished you.
You and your brother.
My two boys.
Tommy! Tommy!
CALLEN: Tommy Riordan
coming down the tunnel
with out his coach.
SHERIDAN: As soon as once more,
no stroll-out tune.
I’d every so often speak
no tune, Sam.

Bryan, it sounds
admire V-J day
in Events Square.
I’ve by no plot seen
something else admire this.
MARINES: Ooh-rah!
acknowledging his comrades
for the first time
and mountaineering into the cage.
Angry Dogs Grimes has been
making an strive forward to revenge
ever since
the day Tommy Riordan
walked into his
gym in Pittsburgh
and turned his
life the wrong draw up.
SHERIDAN: It has been
a truly prolonged
and in actuality depressing
few months for Angry Dogs,
to speak the least.
Grimes mocking
Riordan by having
a cowl motif
for his mohawk tonight,
and the Marines are in actuality
letting Angry Dogs maintain it.
All magnificent, gents.
All magnificent, gents,
we now had been over
your directions.
I quiz a neat fight.
Obey my instructions at
all instances, defend
yourselves in any respect instances.
Contact gloves,
streak inspire,
let’s fabricate this.
It is now not gonna
occur once more.
CALLEN: Angry Dogs chomping
on the bit right here.
He cannot wait to
earn a portion of Tommy.
He predicted
an early knockout.
He said he used to be gonna
engage Tommy out
with one punch.
And by the draw, he said,
“They’re gonna maintain
to drag me off him.”
SHERIDAN: We will explore
what Tommy has
to speak about that.
Gents, you ready?
You ready?
Let’s streak to war!
CALLEN: Right here they streak
and so they’re off!
Tommy tackles him,
and he’s on high!
He’s raining bombs!
Quilt up!
SHERIDAN: Reach on, work it.
Raining bombs.
Angry Dogs is out.
Angry Dogs’s in difficulty.
Please quit this.
Cease it!
Cease the fight!
Rupture! Rupture! Rupture!
That is the quickest
knockout I ponder
I’ve ever skilled!
Angry Dogs Grimes
has been poleaxed.
He’s no longer involving.
You fabricate that to
any individual on the avenue,
they lock you up
and throw away the fundamental.
Rupture out
the yellow tape, Sam.
This man’s strolling
a long way from the cage
admire he’s leaving
against the law scene!
Tommy! Tommy!
All individuals thru.
Reach on, streak it out.
MAN: Sparta!
Mr. C! Mr. C!
I am on your aspect.
Let’s streak.
Major Zito,
there he’s.
Let’s streak, Brendan.
SHERIDAN: Brendan Conlon
came into this match
as a 1,000-to-one underdog,
and now right here he’s
in the final four.
The crowd showing
their appreciation.
He’s getting
moderately the reception.
He’s obtained a enormous reception.
I imply, this man
timorous everyone.
Reach on, attain on.
You all magnificent?
You furthermore may can maintain got obtained a customer.
2nd row, 10 o’clock.
You all magnificent with that?
(MOUTHING) I admire you.
CALLEN: And right here comes
the huge Russian, Koba.
Koba is so intimidating
and his status
is bigger than life.
Koba! Koba!
I need you to
explore magnificent at him
when he comes in right here.
Be taught about magnificent at him.
All magnificent?
Don’t engage
your eyes off him.
I am satisfied with you, brother.
Right here’s your cage.
All magnificent, gents,
we now had been over
your directions.
I quiz a neat fight.
Obey my instructions at
all instances, defend
yourselves in any respect instances.
Contact gloves,
streak inspire,
let’s fabricate this.
Would perchance well simply restful I be
nervous for Brendan?
‘Space off I am.
I wanna quit the fight
earlier than it even will get going.
SHERIDAN: Properly,
right here we streak.
He’s admire a machine.
Be taught about at him.
Gents, you ready?
You ready?
Let’s streak to war!
FRANK: Defend your
hands up, Brendan.
Hands up.
CALLEN: Nevertheless now,
the demand is,
how prolonged can
Brendan Conlon preserve alive?
Perspective out of it!
Defend involving!
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Defend involving! Defend involving!
Get a long way from him!
Hit him, babe!
Hit him! Get in there!
CALLEN: Crushing physique photos.
FRANK: Kick again out, it’s possible you’ll perchance perchance also be okay.
CALLEN: Conlon’s down,
and Koba pounces
and begins pounding!
Stand up! Stand up!
CALLEN: He’s factual
pounding on him
admire a aspect of crimson meat.
Move, streak, streak. Stand up!
He’s getting
his ass whooped.
CALLEN: And now he’s obtained
him in the air!
Oh, God.
FRANK: Kick again out,
tie up his arm!
Tie him up!
SHERIDAN: I ponder Campana
has to ponder
seriously about…
How great abuse
can one man engage?
one other round of this.
Move to war!
Appropriate mute down!
Kick again out! Kick again out!
Off the fence!
SHERIDAN: Brendan’s
going for a stagger! Oh!
CALLEN: That one shook
the entire constructing!
Man, he factual threw him
in opposition to the fence
admire a rag doll.
Stand up! Stand up!
Reach on! Defend on!
Turn it in! Turn in!
CALLEN: And now he’s on high!
Koba’s on high,
and he’s ending him,
right here. Be taught about at this.
On the purpose of blowing it.
Get off the fence, Brendan!
CALLEN: You wonder how
Conlon can engage this kind
of beating on his hands.
His forearms
and his hands.
Tumble that neck!
How great can
one man engage?
Rupture! Rupture! Rupture!
SHERIDAN: All individuals
has obtained to be
moderately bit concerned
about Brendan Conlon’s
bravery getting him
in difficulty right here.
CALLEN: His bravery may perchance perchance also
earn him killed, frankly.
And by the draw,
he’s obtained nothing
more to prove.
He’s lasted two
rounds with Koba.
That is factual, that is factual.
And also you wonder what’s
keeping this man up.
Sit down. Sit down.
Breathe. Breathe!
Be taught about at me.
Be taught about at me!
Wait up. Minute sips.
Defend it. Defend it,
little sips.
Why are we right here?
Why are we right here, Brendan?
Why are we right here?
Are we right here to
eradicate this fight?
Are we right here to
eradicate this fight?
You present me.
‘Space off if we’re no longer,
I may throw in the towel.
We are in a position to earn Tess
and we can streak dwelling.
We will streak dwelling, okay?
You fabricate no longer knock him out,
you lose the fight.
Dwell you heed me?
You fabricate no longer knock him out,
you fabricate no longer maintain a dwelling.
Let’s streak!
Seconds out!
Seconds out!
Let’s streak to war!
CALLEN: Conlon
by some ability answering
the name to round three.
And Koba’s all
over him once more.
SHERIDAN: Brendan’s
giving inspire, Bryan.
I imply, there may be indicators
of life in Brendan Conlon.
He’s starting to
mix it up.
Pummel, pummel, pummel.
CALLEN: He’s taking
Koba down, but
the Russian’s inspire up.
SHERIDAN: Brendan shoots
him once more, pressing him
in opposition to the cage.
Whoa, he’s fallen
deep right into a guillotine.
CALLEN: Properly, Conlon trapped
in an iron vice right here,
and Koba now
squeezing his neck
for all it be price,
making an strive to choke
the teacher out.
FRANK: Hips, hips, hips!
Breathe! Breathe!
Trot it out!
Trot it out!
hunting for a mode out.
What is that this?
CALLEN: Appropriate tossed Koba.
Are you able to suspect this?
He factual shook off
a guillotine and
tossed Koba.
SHERIDAN: Conlon’s
hunting for an armbar.
He’s hunting for that armbar,
and he’s making an strive to
put up the Russian undergo.
FRANK: Hips, hips, hips!
Yeah, you obtained him!
You obtained him!
You obtained him!
slips magnificent out.
CALLEN: Conlon’s
staying after him.
He’s squeezing the undergo.
The tables maintain turned
and the boy scout
is in actuality
messing with the undergo.
SHERIDAN: The teacher
springing off the fence
and going for a mountain,
but Koba’s on his toes.
Stand up, stand up!
He doesn’t are making an strive to be
on the ground with Brendan
and his unending
earn of submissions.
CALLEN: Koba making an strive to
reestablish his dominance
with brutal photos to the face.
Nevertheless Conlon’s
showing no apprehension.
Right here’s a fight!
Now we maintain got
obtained ourselves a fight!
SHERIDAN: Wow, that is
a enormous elbow to the pinnacle.
And now,
Conlon goes for a knee bar.
He’s obtained it very deep!
He’s obtained it
very, very deep!
He’s deep on that.
He’s obtained Koba
in moderately about a bother.
We saw this with Middle of the night,
we saw it in opposition to The Dane,
and we’re seeing it right here!
Brendan Conlon…
Rupture it!
Rupture it!
Rupture it!
CALLEN: Now not letting out!
Conlon wrenching that knee
for all it be price.
He’s hanging
all the pieces he has into it.
And Koba is
screaming in bother.
Koba faucets.
Koba has tapped!
Brendan Conlon
has tapped Koba!
I cannot think it!
Brendan Conlon
has tapped Koba!
He’s tapped Koba!
And Frank Campana
cannot think it.
This complete space
cannot think it.
I cannot think it.
Brendan Conlon has
tapped the huge Koba.
You obtained it!
You did it!
SHERIDAN: Brendan faucets
the sphere Sambo champ
with a knee bar!
Babe, you did it!
CALLEN: Brendan Conlon!
I fabricate no longer know what to speak.
It’s astounding!
I fabricate no longer know
what I factual saw.
I factual fabricate no longer know
the draw to connect this
into context.
That is gotta be
the largest upset
in MMA historic past.
I maintain by no plot seen
something else admire this.
He tapped
a global Sambo champion
in a knee bar!
Brendan Conlon has
tapped the huge Koba!
Brendan Conlon,
the physics trainer!
Brendan Conlon, the civilian!
He’s completed the no longer possible.
He has completed the no longer possible.
He’s pulled off a miracle.
This space is going loopy
because they’ve
factual seen a miracle.
ANNOUNCER: Right here’s
CNN Breaking Files.
An improbable turn in
the story of Iraq Conflict hero,
Tommy Riordan.
CNN has learned that
Riordan’s factual identification

is that of
Marine Workers Sergeant
Thomas Conlon,
who went AWOL from his unit
earlier this twelve months,
the suited fireplace loss of life
of his brother-in-hands,

Sergeant Manny Fernandez.
Fernandez’s critical other,
Pilar Fernandez,
spoke with me
in an keen interview,
moments ago.
The bombs
started losing.
They were coming
from US planes.

Tommy and Manny
were waving their flags

to let them know
they were People,
but they didn’t quit.
All individuals died.
All individuals with the exception of Tommy.
And, you recognize,
my Manny frequent to speak,
that Tommy used to be
the brother he by no plot had.
LEMON: Conlon,
who is preventing in
the mixed martial arts
mega match, Sparta,

is anticipated to be
taken into custody
by navy police,
following tonight’s
winner-engage-all finale
in Atlantic City.
If victorious,
he has pledged
his $5 million purse
to the widow of
his fallen comrade.
CALLEN: Now we maintain factual obtained
some gracious news,
that I am having difficulty
hanging into context,
but right here it’s.
The two men
preventing for
the championship tonight,
for the $5 million prize,
for the middleweight
championship of the sphere,
are brothers.
All magnificent,
let’s earn this off.
What are you gonna fabricate?
I am gonna fight him.
Mr. C, Mr. C!
Tommy! Tommy!
Gents, that is the final.
I quiz a neat fight.
Obey my instructions at
all instances, defend
yourselves in any respect instances.
Contact gloves,
streak inspire,
let’s fabricate this.
The attach’s Pop?
Gents, are you ready?
Are you ready?
Let’s streak to war!
Kick again out, Brendan, mute down!
Get out!
Get out of there!
Throw your hands!
Throw your hands!
Don’t lose it.
No, no, no!
Move! Move!
Tie him up! Tie him up!
Control his moves.
Control his moves.
Control the hands!
Defend alter in
the hands! Breathe!
You are okay!
Kick again out! Breathe!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!
FRANK: Kick again out! Breathe!
Tie him up! Stand up!
Tie him up, Brendan!
Tie him up!
Reach on. Get him!
Get him! Get him!
REFEREE: Rupture!
What used to be that?
Howdy, attain on, Josh!
What’s up with that?
Howdy, step inspire!
Study that unhurried blow!
Reach on!
Reach on, Josh!
I imply, what is that?
Reach on, attain on.
Sit down. Sit, take a seat, take a seat.
Brendan, take a seat down.
Be taught about at me. Sit down.
Brendan, explore at me.
Be taught about at me.
Be taught about at me, Brendan.
Let it streak.
Let it streak, okay?
Breathe. Beethoven.
K. He’s coming
magnificent at you, magnificent?
Precisely admire we deliberate.
I need you to attitude out,
hit and streak at any time when.
All magnificent?
BRENDAN: Perspective out and streak.
Reach on, mute down.
K. He’s no longer
your brother, magnificent?
REFEREE: Time’s up!
Be taught about at me. He’s
no longer your brother, magnificent?
All magnificent.
He’s in the draw.
Seconds out.
Wrap it up.
FRANK: Taking
moderately more time
for a funds shot.
Dwell your job, Josh.
Reach on, babe.
Reach on.
Let’s streak to war.
FRANK: Breathe!
Tempo, tempo!
Control the tempo!
FRANK: Quilt up!
Reach on,
earn off the fence!
Get off the fence!
Hands up!
Hands up!
Head up!
You are all magnificent!
Kick again out! Breathe!
Get him!
Mountainous throw. Mountainous.
Be taught about at that.
Turn in!
Don’t give him your inspire!
Turn in! Move!
Factual! Factual!
Reach on, earn out of it!
Move! Stand up!
Control the hands!
Control the hands!
Quilt up, quilt up.
Push it!
Change into self reliant from!
Rupture! Rupture!
Factual, correct, correct!
Ideally apt rupture!
Cease! Howdy, quit!
Reach on.
CALLEN: Right here we streak, mom.
Time to lock up your china,
the boys are at it once more!
Let’s streak to war!
Now! Stand up! Stand up!
Stand up! Reach on, babe!
Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!
FRANK: Control it!
Control it with the hands.
Switch! Switch!
Down, down. Hips down.
Oh, my God. That is
a deep omoplata there.
He’s obtained the seats up.
Reach on, Tommy!
You furthermore may can maintain got obtained him, babe!
You furthermore may can maintain got obtained him, babe!
Reach on, tap him out!
Rupture! Rupture! Rupture!
Tommy, you okay?
Move! Let’s streak! Move!
Aloof down. Aloof down.
It’s the championship.
Defend it together.
All magnificent.
All magnificent.
I obtained it.
Sit down. Sit down!
Tommy! Tommy!
BRENDAN: I popped
his shoulder.
FRANK: Shh. Kick again out.
Breathe. Breathe.
I heard it plug.
You popped his shoulder?
Factual. K.
I need you to pop
his other shoulder.
Let’s streak.
Howdy, hi there, no Josh.
Be taught about at me.
Be taught about at me.
All magnificent,
you obtained two rounds.
Two rounds.
We need each rounds.
Tommy! Tommy!
Move in there, you kick him
in the pinnacle, engage him down
and attain him!
Tommy, what are you doing?
Shut up. Reach on.
Stand inspire.
Reach on. What?
Occupy you ever gone loopy?
Let’s streak to war!
Brendan, eradicate
your hands up!
It’s over.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
It’s over, Tommy.
You better fight!
It’s over, Tommy.
Reach on.
Tommy, we fabricate no longer
wish to fabricate this.
Reach on.
Why fabricate you might want to
to fabricate this, Tommy?
Am I gonna wish to
explore you fabricate this?
You all magnificent there?
Snappy, attain him!
You attain him!
Reach on.
Rupture, rupture, rupture!
Lend a hand up, inspire up!
I am sorry, Tommy.
I am sorry.
Faucet, Tommy.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
I admire you.
I admire you, Tommy.

Meet this safe prowrestler.