Wardlow On Batista’s Influence: That’s Who I’m Going To Be

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Wardlow On Batista’s Influence: That’s Who I’m Going To Be


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Wardlow sees a lot of himself in WWE legend Batista.

The 33-year-old AEW star spoke with Muscle & Fitness ahead of this weekend’s AEW: Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event and discussed the influence that Batista had on his career growing up.

“Dave Bautista was blowing up in the wrestling world, and I remember looking at him and thinking, ‘That’s it, that’s what I am gonna be.’ I began to grow, and started training with the football team after school for extra conditioning. When friends were partying, I would show up, but would bring a duffel bag with protein powder inside.”

The Pinnacle’ member would then delve into what it’s like working with MJF, FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard as well as preview the group’s upcoming affair against the Chris Jericho-led ‘Inner Circle’ faction in the second-ever ‘Stadium Stampede’ match, this Sunday at the aforementioned ‘Double Or Nothing’ pay-per-view event.

“I truly believe that The Pinnacle is the most impressive faction in the wrestling industry for 15 years. There’s no weak link in this group. The Inner Circle were formed in AEW on night one and they were the first major faction, running wild, but there’s a reason we are called The Pinnacle, they are gonna get hurt badly inside that football stadium, and then hopefully they will move on with their lives.”

Wardlow would go on to reveal his workout and diet plans as well as what it takes to maintain his current weight, muscle and cardio.

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