Wardlow Discusses His AEW Rise In 2022, Claims 2023 Will Be His Year

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At AEW Revolution 2023, Wardlow dethroned Samoa Joe to capture the TNT Championship for the second time in his career. Mr. Mayhem will now defend his title against Powerhouse Hobbs this week on Dynamite.

During last night’s post-Revolution media scrum, Wardlow reflected on his success in 2022 and explained why he believes 2023 will be his year.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On his success as a solo act in the last year: “Yeah, gosh. I think I’m officially Mr. Revolution. […] Last year it was this [winning Face of the Revolution ladder match], this year it’s this [TNT title]. I am Mr. Revolution. I am the revolution at this point. A little history lesson, I don’t know if anybody remembers, my first time cashing this in was not successful. It will not be successful for Hobbs either. Yeah, the past year I’ve finally been on my own and I haven’t even scratched the surface. I think this coming year is the true year of Wardlow.”

On what he plans on doing different during this TNT title reign: “Trust me, I’m still very hot. It’s going to start this Wednesday with Hobbs. Tonight, I dethroned the King of Television. I don’t sit here to claim to be any type of a king. I sit here before you, stating I am simply just a man claiming to be the best. I look very forward to proving to this entire roster that I am, because there’s a lot of guys running around this roster calling themselves that. So with this title reign, my only goal is to prove them wrong. And it starts this Wednesday with Will Hobbs. I will go to extreme measures to ensure that I walk out still the champion, still the best. And to further that…this is a conversation I need to have with [Tony Khan]…I would like to do the TNT Open Challenge. Because I want them all. I want our whole roster, I want people from other rosters. When I say I’m the best, I mean it. I’m looking to prove it.”

On possibly challenging MJF for the World title: “It kinda goes back to everybody running around here calling themselves the best. That’s his catchphrase, right? He’s better than you and you know it. I think I proved last year at Double or Nothing, he ain’t better than me. I will give all the props to Max in the world. Tonight, that was impressive and I was not expecting that. But I mopped the floor with the kid. Powerbombed him ten times, put my foot on his chest, pinned him 1-2-3, clean as a whistle. So is he better than me? Uh-uh. I would love to be the first-ever TNT and AEW World Heavyweight Champion simultaneously.”

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