Walter On How All Japan Influenced His Style, Facing Undisputed Era

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Walter On How All Japan Influenced His Style, Facing Undisputed Era

Photo Credit: Powerslam.TV

Sports Illustrated caught up with Imperium leader Walter ahead of his NXT Worlds Collide match against Undisputed Era. He discussed their size advantage, his love of All Japan Pro Wrestling, and more.

Check out highlights below:

On All Japan’s influence on his style:

When I was watching a lot of All Japan, I loved the mix of drama and sports competition. I loved watching Stan Hansen and Kenta Kobashi, and they became my idols. When I began to watch matches, they helped me develop a certain style. But, really, you never stop learning. Wrestling Timothy Thatcher opened the door for me to do more technical stuff in matches, and helped bring more grappling into my wrestling. Everyone does the chain wrestling, but we do more of the straightforward grappling.

Facing Undisputed Era:

It’s an interesting matchup. It’s two groups from two different brands [NXT and NXT UK], and a lot of fans who support the Undisputed Era also support us. Now it comes together and people can pick a side, so that’s going to be very exciting. And I want to prove the same as always, and spread the same message as always by displaying the style of pro wrestling that we all believe in and putting on the best performance we can. That doesn’t change, no matter what matchup we have.

What the showcase means for Imperium:

It’s a great chance for the fans to see what they’re really capable of. All three of them are fantastic professional wrestlers. They’ve not been in the top spots yet, and this is perfect. Everything is there. It starts Saturday for them to unleash and show what they can do.

From a physical standpoint, none of us is lighter than 100 kilograms [220 pounds], which is very rare in wrestling nowadays. Undisputed Era, they’re more athletes that are lighter and more agile. It’s going to be very exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing my team partners shine on Saturday.

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