Von Wagner Discusses His Rivalry with Bron Breakker and Robert Stone’s Commentary Learning Experience

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On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, WWE Superstar Von Wagner discussed continuously trying to improve and overcome obstacles as a performer.

According to Wagner, Bron Breakker is the primary roadblock to his success and has the majority of his mental focus.


Wagner said, “To be honest, right now, everything is a process. In this business, you can never stop learning and growing as a performer. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. (I’m trying to improve) everything. Whether you’re in it 10, 20, 30 years, you can always still learn stuff. You reach different points of your career where you’re at a higher point, and right now, the main thing on my mind is Bron Breakker. You come across these road blocks in your career and that’s what I’m going through right now.”

On a recent edition of the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, Mr. Stone offered his thoughts on learning to perform commentary work for NXT Level Up.

Stone stated that commentary is a way more difficult and complex skill to master than it appears from the outside. He said,

“All the tools are there for anyone to learn anything they want to. As far as when I actually did it. A lot of people think commentary, you sit down, you put a headset on, and you talk. It’s so much more difficult than people think it is if you want to do it the right way. You’re getting two talents over in a short period of time while you’re calling the action, while you’re telling the stories, while you’re telling other stories on other shows. There is so much to it, but it was exciting to learn because I’m always interested in wearing a new hat or learning something different. I have enjoyed the journey and I think I’ve done a good job when they’ve asked me to fill in or do it and I look forward to doing it again in the future. Way harder than people think. So much more to it.”

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In the world of professional wrestling, performers are constantly striving to improve their skills and overcome obstacles in order to achieve success. One WWE Superstar who is currently facing a major roadblock is Von Wagner, who recently discussed his determination to grow as a performer on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast.

Wagner emphasized the importance of continuous learning and growth in the wrestling business, regardless of how many years one has been involved. He acknowledged that even after decades in the industry, there is always something new to learn. For Wagner, his main focus right now is Bron Breakker, who seems to be standing in the way of his success.

Roadblocks are a common occurrence in any career, and Wagner is currently experiencing one in his journey as a performer. However, he remains committed to overcoming this obstacle and improving every aspect of his craft.

On another podcast, “Notsam Wrestling,” commentator Mr. Stone shared his thoughts on the challenges of mastering commentary work for NXT Level Up. Stone highlighted that commentary is a much more difficult and complex skill than it may appear from the outside. It involves not only calling the action but also getting two talents over and telling multiple stories simultaneously. Stone expressed his excitement for learning this new skill and his satisfaction with his performance thus far.

These insights from Von Wagner and Mr. Stone shed light on the dedication and effort required to succeed in the world of professional wrestling. Whether it’s improving in the ring or mastering commentary, performers must constantly strive to enhance their abilities and adapt to new challenges.

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In conclusion, the journey to success in professional wrestling is filled with obstacles and opportunities for growth. Von Wagner’s determination to overcome roadblocks and continuously improve as a performer, along with Mr. Stone’s insights into the challenges of commentary work, highlight the dedication and hard work required in this industry.