Violence Unlimited Speaks: Here To Establish Dominance In ROH

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Violence Unlimited Speaks: Here To Establish Dominance In ROH

Violence Unlimited

Credit: ROH

Violence Unlimited do not like one another, but they share a common goal: fight, win and hurt somebody. Brody King’s new faction featuring Homicide, Chris Dickinson and Tony Deppen did just that as they made their presence known at Ring Of Honor’s 19th Anniversary Show. Now the latest episode of “Week By Week” with Quinn McKay has a vignette of the foursome speaking together as a unit and they have set their sights on Los Ingobernables and The Foundation.

“I’m a ghost, but I’m back bro,” states Homicide. “We don’t like each other, but we love to fight, we love to win and we love violence! Foundation, if I was you, better beware because these guys and myself is gonna come to Ring of Honor to hurt somebody.”

A very fired up Dickinson was the next to speak:

“Surprise, surprise! Do you even understand what this means to me right now? And take a look around me. Look at who I got as backup. You got the past, the present and the future of Ring of Honor. LFI, The Foundation, what do you think you got on us? You got nothing!”

“I’ll be damned if you do whatever you did to me when I beat Kenny [King],” said Deppen “And that is why I decided to align myself with the baddest people of Ring of Honor.”

Finally, it was Brody, the #1 ranked competitor for the ROH World Title and he speaks to the champ Rush directly.

“Rush! Since you came back, LFI has had the numbers against me, but look at me now! The underrated, the unappreciated and the undervalued! We are here to establish dominance! This is Violence Unlimited and we’re not coming for the crown, we coming for your head!”

You can check out the promo below (which begins at the 19:00 mark):

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