Vincent Wins Wild Steel Cage Match Against Matt Taven, Earns ROH World Title Shot

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Vincent Wins Wild Steel Cage Match Against Matt Taven, Earns ROH World Title Shot

Taven Vincen ROH

Image Credit: Ring of Honor

A ten-year friendship exploded in a violent manner at ROH Glory By Honor Night Two when Vincent waged war with Matt Taven in a steel cage match.

Beyond the bitter feud between these two stars, this match featured the important stipulation that Taven’s future shot at the ROH World Championship was on the line. In the end, thanks to the repeated interference of The Righteous, Vincent emerged victorious and took Taven’s opportunity at the gold.

Here’s how the ending of the match played out, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

By ripping the barbed wire off of Vincent’s head, Taven makes him bleed. Taven gets an axe and grinds it on Vincent’s head. A stiff knee to the skull drops Vincent. Vita VonStarr comes to ringside and tosses a bag into the ring. VonStarr climbs onto the top of the cage and dives off, but Taven dodges, so she lands on Vincent. Taven opens the bag and pours tacks on the mat. Taven backdrops VonStarr onto the tacks. Taven dodges Vincent and makes him kick VonStarr. A Climax onto the tacks earns Taven a near fall.

I mean.. what?! Omg! @VVonstarr #GloryByHonor

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 22, 2021

Vincent evades Taven’s frog splash off the top of the cage and hits the Orange Sunshine for a near fall. Taven blocks Redrum (a swanton) and Dutch climbs up the cage. Taven sends Dutch crashing through the tables, and the distraction lets Vincent hit a diving cutter off the cage wall for the pin and the win.

A righteous ending indeed… #GloryByHonor

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 22, 2021

Bandido currently holds the ROH World Championship, and he is already scheduled to defend it at the company’s next pay-per-view, Death Before Dishonor on September 12.

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