Vince Russo Shares Views on Cody Rhodes’ Popularity Among Casual Fans

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On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Vince Russo critiqued WWE’s current booking of Cody Rhodes.

Russo claimed that Rhodes is not over with the casual fan and that WWE has failed to do anything meaningful with him.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Cody Rhodes: “Cody Rhodes is not over to the casual fan. He’s not. I have no interest in watching RAW. If there was a mega-star on that show, I would want to watch him. That’s what a casual fan is, bro. … If it’s good, I’m gonna watch it. If it’s bad, I’m gonna watch something else.”

On how WWE has done nothing with Rhodes: “They’ve done nothing with this guy, outside of [having] him go out there every week and say, ‘Farmingville, New York, what do you want to talk about?’ Cody doesn’t write the show. They’ve done nothing with him.”

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In a recent episode of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Vince Russo expressed his dissatisfaction with WWE’s current booking of Cody Rhodes. According to Russo, Rhodes is not popular among casual fans, and WWE has failed to utilize him effectively.

Russo’s main argument is that Rhodes is not over with the casual fanbase. He believes that if there was a mega-star on WWE’s programming, he would be interested in watching. However, Russo claims that Rhodes does not fit that description and therefore fails to capture his attention. He emphasizes that casual fans are drawn to compelling characters and storylines, and if the product is good, they will continue watching. But in Rhodes’ case, Russo feels that he does not possess the star power to captivate the casual audience.

Furthermore, Russo criticizes WWE for not doing anything meaningful with Rhodes. He argues that apart from Rhodes making regular appearances and asking the audience what they want to talk about, WWE has not given him any significant storylines or character development. Russo points out that Rhodes does not write the show and therefore cannot be held responsible for the lack of direction in his character’s trajectory.

It is important to note that this critique comes from Vince Russo, who is known for his controversial opinions and involvement in the wrestling industry. While his perspective may hold weight for some, it is essential to consider other viewpoints as well.

As with any form of entertainment, opinions on wrestlers and their booking will always vary. Some fans may agree with Russo’s assessment of Cody Rhodes, while others may have a different perspective. Ultimately, it is up to WWE and its creative team to determine how they want to utilize Rhodes and cater to their target audience.

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In conclusion, Vince Russo’s critique of WWE’s booking of Cody Rhodes highlights the perception that Rhodes is not over with the casual fanbase and that WWE has failed to capitalize on his potential. However, it is crucial to remember that opinions on wrestling and its performers will always differ, and it is up to WWE to determine the direction of their talent.