Vince Russo Denies Working With IMPACT Wrestling, Says He Was Invited To TNA Show In April

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Vince Russo Denies Working With IMPACT Wrestling, Says He Was Invited To TNA Show In April

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Photo Credit: The Brand / YouTube

Rumors have spread online that Vince Russo was back working with IMPACT Wrestling as a consultant, but the man himself is denying that it’s true.

The rumor stated that he was “secretly” working for IMPACT Wrestling, similar to his role in 2014. Back then, he accidentally revealed his role as a confidential consultant after emailing Mike Johnson of PWInsider instead of Mike Tenay, who still worked for the company at the time. The rumor had surfaced prior to WrestleMania 36 and gained some additional steam this week.

He put out a statement on Thursday to deny the rumor.

Years Ago I was Hired by TNA as a consultant. Part of the Terms was to keep it Quiet. I did what my Employer asked me to do. When I accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong address-it came out. I was labeled a LIAR for keeping the confidentiality my employer asked me to. (1)

— Vince Russo (@THEVinceRusso) June 12, 2020

At that time I vowed myself to never allow myself to get into that situation again. The Dirt Sheets are stirring up that I'm consulting fort TNA again. Hate to kill their FALSE BS-but-I'm not. is a FULL-TIME JOB and I wouldn't trade it in for THE WORLD (2)

— Vince Russo (@THEVinceRusso) June 12, 2020

He also addressed the rumor on a video show on his YouTube channel, claiming the only contact he had with IMPACT was through Scott D’Amore, who invited him to TNA: There’s No Place Like Home on WrestleMania weekend.

WrestleZone reached out to both sides for clarification on the event; Russo told WrestleZone that he was invited but they had not agreed on any terms yet, and then the pandemic hit so the show was cancelled.

Officials for IMPACT Wrestling did not reply to our request at the time of publication.

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