Vince McMahon Recounts Katie Vick Segment, Tells Triple H His Celebration Was ‘God Awful’

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Vince McMahon Recounts Katie Vick Segment, Tells Triple H His Celebration Was ‘God Awful’

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Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended with a tribute to Triple H, as the legendary superstar celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company recently. Of course, a handful of WWE figures made their way to the ring, including Vince McMahon himself.

.@VinceMcMahon OUT.#SmackDown #HHH25 @TripleH

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) April 25, 2020

After Triple H made his way down to the ring and was promptly interrupted by Shawn Michaels, the two shared some funny back and forth moments, including Michaels jokingly calling Stephanie McMahon “Stephanie No Fun,” which prompted her to call in and have her own insults ready to hurt at Michaels.

Following that, Ric Flair and Road Dogg also called in to join the segment, but then McMahon came out. After congratulating Triple H on his long career, he surprisingly began to take some shots at WWE, mocking the company for its infamous Gobbeldy Gooker and Katie Vick segments. To end it, McMahon simply told Triple H and Michaels the celebration was over and walked out on them.

#HBK @ShawnMichaels helps @TripleH ring in #HHH25 with two words… and then some. #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) April 25, 2020

For a recap of how the segment went, check out below:

A highlight package of all of their bloopers while filming is shown. HBK says he may be known as Mr. WrestleMania but that pales in comparison to HHH’s performances at WrestleMania. Footage of all of HHH’s loses at Mania are shown. HBK makes a joke about how terrible it was after HHH married “Stephine No Fun”. HHH’s phone rings. It’s Stephanie on facetime. HBK mocks Stephanie in the background. Stephanie says she can see him because she is watching the show. Stephanie calls HBK a no good lazy-eyed…. then HHH hangs up. Ric Flair calls and congratulates HHH. Flair almost starts to cry and hangs up. HHH’s phone rings again as and they cut to commercial.

After the break, HHH is on the phone with Road Dogg. HBK says he hasn’t even gotten to the Katie Vick segment yet. Vince McMahon walks out on the stage and congratulates HHH and calls him boring. It wasn’t as bad as the Gobbeldy Gooker but it may have been as bad as the Katie Vick thing or Bayley “This is Your Life”, which wasn’t Bayley’s fault by the way. Vince tells HBK and HHH they are done. Vince walks backstage and the lights cut out on HBK and HHH.

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