Vince McMahon Once Told Jake Roberts That Steve Austin Wasn’t A Main Eventer

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Vince McMahon Once Told Jake Roberts That Steve Austin Wasn’t A Main Eventer

Steve Austin

Photo Credit: WWE

Will anyone ever understand the mind of Vince McMahon? It’s doubtful, but it’s still always interesting to get little tidbits from those who have been within his inner circle. Speaking with the team at the Premier Live TV YouTube channel, WWE legend and current AEW manager Jake The Snake Roberts recalled a particular moment where he saw the talent in future megastar Steve Austin, but Vince didn’t see it that way:

When Steve Austin came to WWF, I was helping write television, and I watched him, and I said, ‘This motherf*cker got it, man. He’s got that ‘it’ factor and he don’t even know he’s got it.’

I’m starting to scoot him into places. Sort of as an afterthought so nobody was watching. Well then one day I told Vince [McMahon], I said, ‘That guy right there is gonna be your next super, superstar.’ ‘You kidding me Jake?’ He said, ‘That guy, he’ll never make it past fifth, sixth match. He’s not a main-eventer.’ I said, ‘The f*ck he ain’t.’ He said, ‘Do you think so?’ I said, ‘Yeah I think so,’ and we tried the thing and I guess it might’ve worked huh?”

There’s no doubt that things did go places, and the former Ringmaster took the industry by storm. You can watch the full interview (which goes into Jake’s medical condition, his time battling addiction, and more) in the embedded video below:

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Thanks to our friends at POST Wrestling for the transcriptions!