Victoria Wondered ‘Do I Still Have It?’ Before 2021 Royal Rumble Return

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Victoria Wondered ‘Do I Still Have It?’ Before 2021 Royal Rumble Return

“Do I still have it?” Victoria, you never lost it.

Former WWE star Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) was one of the biggest surprises in the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match, but even she was questioning if she still had ‘it’ before she stepped through the curtain. As seen on the new Royal Rumble episode of ‘WWE The Day Of’, Victoria shared her thoughts leading up to the match.

“Do I still have it? Do I still have it, am I still good in the ring? Do people still believe, like, I can go down there and kick some ass, basically,” Victoria said. “Just a lot of, lot of pressure. Everyone was telling me, ‘No, you should just be coming here for fun.’ And, it’s hard, like, I am having fun, but at the same time I just, I’m such a perfectionist I want an amazing match, you know.”

“So it’s just… I’m excited, and all the girls are so freaking sweet. Oh my God, I was so nervous to meet them. I thought they would be [thinking], ‘Who’s this girl coming in?’ and that kind of thing,” she said. “[It was a] very warm acceptance coming back.”

Her Rumble return was a big hit and Victoria proved she still ain’t the lady to mess with, later telling that she was nervous—but she’s known for always being like that.

“Nerve-wracking. I’m going to be honest with you, I think people know that I’m one of the most nervous females—I think just period—but wrestler. I get a nervous belly, sweaty hands, about to throw up, stuff like that. Not to be a Diva, but I was so nervous and these girls are so freakin’ tough!

When asked about Shayna Baszler eliminating her from the match, Victoria said, “I’ll get you next time, Shayna! She’s a tough cookie, man!” After speaking about why it meant so much to have her in the ring with today’s stars, Victoria said “I appreciate it and I want all you Widow’s Peak Freaks out there to know I love you so much, and I’m happy to be back. Thank you.”

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