Vickie Guerrero Writing Autobiography, Says WWE Owns Rights To Eddie Guerrero’s Name

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Vickie Guerrero Writing Autobiography, Says WWE Owns Rights To Eddie Guerrero’s Name

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Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Vickie Guerrero says she’s ready to write a new chapter in her life and part of that includes a new autobiography in the works.

Vickie revealed plans for the autobiography this morning on her Twitter account, as well as the fact that WWE owns the likeness rights to her late husband. The former SmackDown General Manager says she came to an agreement with WWE back in 2006 and it helped out financially, calling Vince McMahon her “saving grace” from legal issues.

Since 2006, @wwe & myself came to the agreement of
@wwe owning the rights to Eddie’s image, name, and likeness! Vince was my saving grace from lawsuits with Eddie’s ex, debt, and other legalities to be settled! More details to come in my autobiography, out soon!

I humbly gave my heart & life to @wwe to gratefully be apart of the roster for many years. Great storylines and fame…For today, feelings change and people change….I have moved on from @wwe and will continue writing amazing chapters in my life! #moveforward

Vickie worked on-air with WWE between 2005 and 2014, mostly working as a heel manager and authority figure. Vickie left WWE to pursue a career in the medical field, and later started a podcast (Excuse Me!) and did commentary on a December 11, 2019 taping of AEW Dark. She claims it was this appearance that caused WWE to cut her off and block WWE wrestlers from appearing on her podcast anymore.

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Vickie Guerrero also spoke to Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam last year about what’s missing from WWE TV now, becoming comfortable as a villain on-air, a potential Hall Of Fame induction one day and much more. You can read highlights and listen to the full show below:

WrestleZone · EXCUSE ME! Exclusive Interview: VICKIE GUERRERO

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