Vickie Guerrero Wants To Lead An All-Women Faction, Thinks Chavo Will Be ‘Great’ With Andrade El Idolo

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Vickie Guerrero Wants To Lead An All-Women Faction, Thinks Chavo Will Be ‘Great’ With Andrade El Idolo

As Nyla Rose’s manager, Vickie Guerrero has become a prominent player in All Elite Wrestling., but she wants to take her influence to the next level.

In a recent appearance on the “Thoughts Count Anywhere” Podcast, Guerrero described her goal to form a stable full of dominant women’s wrestlers. She initially teased that the AEW roster already has some competitors she’s interested, but she could also bring some new names in.

“My dream is to have an all-women faction because that’s my goal that I’ve been talking with Tony Khan about,” said Guerrero. “And there’s some incredible women on the women’s roster, so I would love to bring some more in, and the purpose of my job is to get all the bad girls on my side so they listen to me, and I can delegate [to] them to go kick everyone else’s a– so that’s my goal.”

Guerrero then named Diamanté, Thunder Rosa, and Abadon as potential members of this stable, in addition to her current client Nyla Rose.

“I love Nyla Rose, of course Nyla Rose is [already] with me,” said Guerrero. “I think Diamanté, I would love to have her on, and Abadon because she scares the hell out of me, I need her on my side. And Thunder Rosa, I think she’d be [an] incredibly great addition to my stable. So yeah, that’s who I have my eyes on right now.”

Of course, she also shared her thoughts on Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s recent AEW debut. Vickie expressed her confidence that Chavo will thrive with the company, especially in his current role as Andrade El Idolo;s executive consultant.

“Chavo, he is gonna add so much to the storyline with Andrade, with him going against the Death Triangle,” said Guerrero. “Just their photos says a story with 1000 words. I think he’s gonna be great. He can help Andrade with the promos, which is really needed, and he’s talented. And he’s a Guerrero, so what more could you ask for?”

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