Velveteen Dream Returns To NXT, Takes Out The Undisputed Era

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Velveteen Dream Returns To NXT, Takes Out The Undisputed Era

Photo Credit: WWE

The Undisputed Era spent most of their night at NXT looking for Tommaso Ciampa, and while they did find him backstage, they also found him in the wrestling ring, as the group took on Ciampa, Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne in a tag team match to close out the night. Unfortunately for Ciampa, The Undisputed Era won, and proceeded to assault Ciampa, going so far as to spray paint a yellow “X” across his back.

While Ciampa was forced to take a bit of a beating and some humiliation, he was saved, as Velveteen Dream – who had been away for a couple of months – returned to the world of NXT. During The Undisputed Era’s assault, the lights went out, and after a brief animation on the jumbotron, Dream appeared on the turnbuckle, and proceeded to take down every member of the group.

The #UndisputedERA isn't DREAMING!@DreamWWE is BACK on #WWENXT!

— WWE (@WWE) February 6, 2020

For a recap of how the match ended, including Dream’s entrance, check out below:

The UE takes turns beating down Riddle. Riddle manages to tag in Dunne. Dunne stomps on Cole’s hands, then kicks him in the head. Dunne X-Plexes O’Reilly on top of Cole. Cole hits the shining wizard. Cole attempts the Panama Sunrise but Dunne catches him with an elbow strike. Cole hits the Ushigorshi. Dunne tags in Ciampa. Ciampa clears the ring. Strong tries to get involved but Ciampa hits Widow’s Bell. Ciampa destroys O’Reilly with Project Ciampa. Ciampa sets up his finish on Cole. Strong rolls into the ring and knees Ciampa in the head causing a DQ.

After the match, O’Reilly and Fish hit Chasing the Dragon on Dunne outside the ring. Next, they drop Riddle with the High/Low. O’Reilly and Strong hold Ciampa down as Cole spray paints a yellow x on Ciampa’s back. The lights go out and Velveteen Dream appears on the top rope. Dream takes out every member of the UE.

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