Veda Scott Feels Herself Drifting Towards Commentary

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Veda Scott Feels Herself Drifting Towards Commentary

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Indie veteran Veda Scott was not making her national debut when she first appeared as a commentator on AEW Dark earlier this year, but it was the first time that many had become aware of her. She had a multi-year stint in Ring of Honor and several one-off appearances in IMPACT’s One Night Only PPV series, but AEW’s placement on TNT gives her a whole new audience by proxy.

Speaking with Frank Mandolini on the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast, Veda seemingly realizes that it’s better to be a specialist than a jack of all trades, especially on the biggest stages.

“For me, I love wrestling in the ring, that’s why I got into wrestling, but over time I’ve grown to love the broadcasting side of things, some behind the scenes side of things more than I thought I would, and over time I think it evolved […] I feel myself moving towards that direction more so than in the ring. Part of it is just logistically like you can’t physically wrestle forever but I enjoyed doing commentating and broadcasting at times even more than wrestling. I just sort of…I think that I’m good at it but also I enjoy being a part of the storytelling part of pro-wrestling and when you do the commentary that’s all you do, it’s trying to tell the story.”

Veda also talked about the origins of her role behind the desk in AEW, her recent engagement with Speedball Mike Bailey, and her quarantine experience in Canada. You can listen to the full podcast on Spotify or wherever fine podcasts are distributed.

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Thank you to the Last Minute Wrestling Podcast for supplying the above quote!