Various News – Joey Janela On CM Punk Visiting Impact Wrestling, Axel Tischer Injured

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CM Punk visited Impact Wrestling’s TV tapings on Saturday night, and Joey Janela took to Twitter to joke about the former AEW World Champion. Janela wrote,

“He can’t come in the GCW locker room until he’s completed the rocky movies. I will have him escorted off the premises on sight.”


The joke is a reference to Punk’s deleted Instagram post in which he mentioned that he had never seen any of the Rocky films.

wXw Germany announced on Saturday night that WWE alumnus Axel Tischer (formerly Alexander Wolfe) has suffered a broken collarbone and will be out of action for two months.

The announcement reads:

“#GetWellSoon Axel! We wish @axeman3016 a good and complete recovery. He broke his collarbone this weekend and will be out for about 2 1/2 months. Axel will therefore not be able to be part of the wXw events from May to July.”

Matt Cardona recently appeared on the “Stories with Brisco & Bradshaw” podcast and spoke about ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck teaching him some “invaluable” elements of professional wrestling. Cardona said,

“So, it was such a weird dynamic. In September 2003, I went to the school and there’s no real trainers, like this guy is teaching you to lock up. This guy is teaching you how to do moonsaults, what’s going on here. Even then I was like this isn’t right, there should be one guy teaching the basics. I’m learning a hammer lock, and the next day I’m learning how to do a 450, this doesn’t seem right [laughs]. That school eventually closes down, but I was still on the shows. I was in somebody’s posse, one of those bodyguard type guys. I wasn’t having matches yet, but I was on the shows.”

“Then Mikey [Whipwreck] came back in and they reopened the school and he was teaching guys from scratch, but I was already advanced technically because I was on the show. I didn’t learn from scratch from Mikey, but he would teach me like the structure of the match, which was so important because like I said earlier, anyone can do the moves but you need to know why you’re doing this move, why you’re putting it here or the ways to dictate a locker room. That stuff was the invaluable stuff he taught me.”

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