Vanity Talks Becoming A Wrestler, Dream Matches, Ultimate Goal

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Vanity Talks Becoming A Wrestler, Dream Matches, Ultimate Goal

Photo credit: OVW

Vanity recently made an appearance on WPW Weekly where she talked about a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights:

Vanity on how she became a wrestler

Basically, I met Lita one day, I met my idol and I was hooked, so I went to Pro Wrestling Syndicate that was holding an event with Lita, Matt Hardy, and all these stars, and I signed up the next week not knowing anything about independent wrestling, not knowing Ring of Honor, not knowing anything about independent wrestling but this is what I have to do to get to the WWE, all I knew was the WWE, so just meeting Lita, was the first step.

Vanity reveals how she came up with her current name

My trainer at the time, Pat Buck, was just like you’re the first girl, you can’t go out there and your name is Jen, the hair, you have to have the look, so you need a name, and I had already been thinking about it you know, after two months I was already on the poster, and I told them I’m not ready to be out there, to be in the crowd, and they’re like come out with a name, and it has to be something like the champion, this is a champion, not something stupid, please think about it, you’re the first girl. And I was like, alright, we’ve got promo class, and they were like, “What’s your name?” and I was like, “Vanity”. And he stopped the class and he was like, “your name is Vanity?” and I was like, “Yeah!”..and he was like, “I like it, let’s go with it.”

What is her ultimate goal?

To just keep going, honestly I never knew that I would get this far and um, being in Jersey when I first started off there wasn’t enough women of color in it, not around Jersey. We had some Latina girls but not women, black girls. I was friends with everybody, everybody was cool and respectful towards each other, but when I was like 5 months I actually saw that were actually girls down South, that were black and wrestling, like Kiera Hogan, Aja Perrera. I met Faye Jackson and was like, “Oh My God, I can talk to these girls.” You know what I’m saying… about hair, make-up, skin stuff, like stuff that I have questions about that I can’t run to other girls about. So that was like a challenge also, I didn’t have anyone to run to….