Vampiro: why Lucha Underground ended, Sting, heat with Chris Jericho, WCW

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Vampiro chats with Chris Van Vliet in Las Vegas, NV. He shoots on Chris Jericho and talks regarding the warmth he has with him, he furthermore explains why Lucha Underground ended, discusses his feud with Sting in WCW, his tips on AEW and more!

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That is one clever professional wrestling grappler!! The fans dictate who becomes a necessary person and who doesn't in this trade the fans dictate what promotion what storyline that the [__] the artistic and the overall bosses and this and that and the parents with the mountainous dicks within the location of work who think it's because of them that here’s working it's now not .

Thank you so great for making this happen oh thank you dude i indicate it's uh it's random i used to be here in las vegas for the interview with david benoit which we've already posted and somebody on twitter acknowledged effectively whenever you happen to're going to be in las vegas why don't you interview vampiro i acknowledged i'd like to you then tweeted succor and acknowledged let's attain it here we’re there .

You hobble factual like that it's the facility of the bag so thank you guys thank you for making that happen why vegas why is vegas your house um because uh when i got i used to be getting ill like surely surely ill about four years within the past around season three of lucha underground it used to be surely .

Prevalent that i used to be uh i wasn't i used to be factual deteriorating and that i couldn't resolve out why uh after which i because in mexico over time i factual couldn't obtain out why i had this persistent hassle i indicate i knew because professional wrestling is now not .

Ballet and uh my reminiscence used to be going and that i used to be factual in in in struggling major depression and uh and that i didn't know what used to be going on and that i got diagnosed with the the beginning stages of alzheimer's and parkinson's .

Uh due to the overall accidents and head shots and things like that and concussions factual um and that i couldn't obtain the therapy that i wished in mexico and the stress of of mexico doing industry in mexico residing within the town of 32 million folks uh it used to be i needed to achieve one thing to set my lifestyles and because i .

Changed into once death i had a stroke and uh like i love um in spanish to explain pre-enfarto so stroke is like now not a coronary heart attack however it completely's before the coronary heart attack factual or it's design of clear so uh enough it used to be like i'm now not ready to die but i indicate i've survived kidnapping stabbing shootings .

Gang lifestyles this that the diversified element drug overdoses of lifestyles and that i used to be like here’s very unlikely that i'm so pleased to be portion of the human hobble that it's going to be taken far off from me because of professional wrestling and that i used to be like no i will't attain it so i got here here because i'm clear to seek for my .

Daughter grow up and that used to be my motivation to earn better and uh lucha underground i they supplied me to medicinal marijuana so i got off the overall hassle pills and because while you obtain major concussions and neck injuries and things like that yeah clinical especially in canada they bawl regarding the opiate uh scenario however .

Uh within the u.s.a. it used to be i used to be taking perchance six to seven hundred percocets per week oh my god factual to aim and they had been like that's what you wish after which i used to be would you buy into consideration that an habit uh it used to be gonna abolish me it wasn't an habit because before that in mexico .

It used to be like i seek for i obtain persistent insomnia because of these items effectively buy these sleeping pills and buy this hassle tablet and mix this and mix that so for years that's what i used to be doing when i got here to the states and stuff and that i used to be taking these major things i used to be like i'm continuously a heroin addict here colmos you already know i'm going to die .

And uh i at work in lucha underground any individual seen me and acknowledged you're you're death and that i acknowledged i i feel so and they acknowledged sat me down they converted me to to medicinal marijuana within two days i quit the overall opiates the overall hassle pills after 20 years factual like that wow then john joseph from the crowmags used to be doing .

A radio interview and that i listened to it and that i converted to veganism within 30 seconds of being attentive to his interview and uh that used to be six years within the past and it's introduced me to las vegas to earn better and it's working how are you feeling as you're sitting here factual now amazing um the nutrition i'm on what i'm doing now uh i factual accomplished a .

Documentary and it's doing the festival circuit it's doing actual effectively what's it called uh the autumn and rise of vampiro nail within the coffin it's regarding the connection of me making an are trying to earn off of these medicines and lift my daughter as a single dad she doesn't know the relaxation about vampiro .

So she's factual knows kinda yeah and uh so for the length of the week i used to be dad and on the weekends i would possibly perchance fly succor to mexico and be vampiro from canada a week and duluth underground in reveal that's the movie yeah so the within the parents at the succor of the movie had been like um you already know we gaze the because i began .

Speaking about psychological effectively being and that and exploded on the bag whenever i focus on wrestling i lose the sphere when i focus on psychological effectively being it's corresponding to you already know two three million views per video so we decided to achieve this project of every .

Day i'm recording my bolt as as what it's going to buy for me to earn over this the employ of historical tactics chinese medicines ritual magic which i'm surely into as meditation and things like this to remedy my persistent arthritis and alzheimer's .

And uh it's working so we're recording that each day and and uh the tip of the first part is in would possibly perchance and we're going to achieve a spiritual bolt we're going to stroll loyal thru spain it's called the camino de santiago who's a saint and it's on a clear whenever you happen to're into conspiracies and historical aliens we are in a position to .

Rep into that uh it's on the line where things had been made where creation began and it's factual this 600 mile stroll that uh that's what i'm going to achieve to confront my inner most demons my fears my addictions my my .

Scary years that i spent uh ignoring my family things like that in reveal that's what's going on factual now with me and it's so intensely amazing i feel alive i feel enormous humble because i'm helping folks so it's awesome it's awesome you posted a terribly inner most video to facebook very emotional video where you had been crying .

You had been sitting in your vehicle you had been like i don't know what to achieve uncover me regarding the head build you had been in you already know when that used to be occurring effectively that's that's design of what used to be the gigantic slam for the commence up of this project because my doctor used to be like anytime you earn misplaced because i'd obtain these alarm assaults or .

Alarm and that i love i used to be sitting in my vehicle and that i hear uh end to where we’re surely yeah and that i needed to pull over because i didn't know why i used to be in my vehicle i didn't know where i used to be going and that i didn't know the design to earn house wow so i factual began to bawl because i had nowhere to flip to i acknowledged who what are you gonna attain hobble loyal into a pharmacy and reveal .

Hiya i'm misplaced i indicate um i used to be in a extraordinarily depraved psychological breakdown factual there and it factual occurs so i my doctor acknowledged list every thing so i acknowledged why am i going to factual list this portion of my distress is agoraphobia and public locations i will't be around folks .

So i know there's got to be any individual else like me so i put it within the market and uh i got like 1,000,000 responses within a day and it used to be like thank god you're doing this oh my god and it used to be like i'm onto one thing here yeah because there's a form of those that need a suppose and being one of those design of fellows that factual doesn't give a .

[__] what any one thinks uh i belief i'm making an attempt for therapies and solutions and that i would possibly perchance like recordsdata when i heard that john joseph from the crowmags who grew up within the streets of most up-to-date york be in contact to me within the language that i set which is every 2nd be aware is [__] and this and that .

It's like continuously seek for don't don't employ a hamburger because it would possibly perchance perchance perchance clog your coronary heart that seek for whenever you happen to employ meat [__] you would possibly perchance presumably die that resonates with me so much better so when i began talking to folks about psychological effectively being however the employ of that dialogue it's out of the ordinary because there are so great of folks as you would possibly perchance presumably peaceful know that need .

Solutions or that you just would possibly perchance think of choices however don't deserve to hobble the mature route yeah and it's so humorous that there are very few those which are surely talking about this because for goodbye it used to be stigmatized oh you obtain psychological effectively being there's one thing hobble with you and now it's factual like no we all address depression in some form of design it's all .

In our lives in some form of design and now folks are talking about it folks corresponding to you had been talking about this now it's it's prefer it's like yeah you enough so here's this i obtain severe severe um i got 86 of my body has incurable persistent arthritis um and that i obtain this head trauma .

And that i'm like so what it's design of like i'm peaceful respiratory i peaceful play my guitar it's [__] awesome because while you obtain alzheimer's and all that you just neglect every thing it's it's basically the most intriguing element because i are making an are trying to play video video games however i simplest .

Exhaust money on one game a twelve months what's your game this twelve months name of responsibility man and it's like i will play that [__] and create the game and 10 minutes later i obtained't know what the hell happened so i factual succor playing the identical game and each time it's new it's [__] awesome so with with with .

Colossal respect to you are eager on we we chatted the day prior to this on the cell phone we texted is that going to be one thing that you just couldn’t endure in tips nowadays i don't know what we talked regarding the day prior to this i know we talked wow if i don't read the texts i don't know what we texted wow are there things in your you already know clearly .

Memory is linked to hassle or pleasure are there things that you just already know if it has a actual pause on you that you just are going to endure in tips it like i obtain uh moments which obtain marked my lifestyles like the beginning of my daughter clear uh however no i don't know what i did an hour within the past i don't know the particulars of i know i .

Changed into once on the purpose of reach succor here wow however i i told you that any individual got here to fix my recordsdata superhighway sure so if we hadn't texted our plans for nowadays to fulfill at 9 30. i i wouldn't know what used to be going on oh my god so i obtain uh alarms on my iphone loyal thru the day .

To remind me of things i would possibly perchance like to achieve i obtain you ever've got to learn to adapt and it's surely now not that immense a deal i indicate you're in your laptop all day anyhow factual so you obtain those shrimp submit-its and that i put them loyal thru the house and now it's factual a habit uh i hobble to mattress at night i conception my day and that i must horror .

Things and you already know portion of the the indicators like ocd you test the door if it's locked 20 occasions and however you already know i'm a single man i live by myself i obtain my lifestyles residing up that i'm gratified i'm i'm fully pleased i don't gaze the relaxation hobble i will't obtain relationships and it's .

Definitely now not easy to address folks however i'm now not confused out about it since you already know i ain't got the [__] time to distress about what you suspect of my [__] i would possibly perchance like to resolve a vogue the design to [__] revel in this and peaceful continue to exist and exist on this planet factual so i obtain and it's [__] awesome it's the .

Supreme element on this planet man i will read the identical book whenever each day uh and that i don't know what the [__] i read the day before i've got i esteem your obvious attitude it's awesome man are you now not terrified that you just comprehend it's gonna continue to earn worse over time perchance i indicate finally it’s however it completely i indicate um you already know .

While you happen to read twitter you already know donald trump in in in iran and iraq are going to total the sphere the next day it's prefer it's all [__] dude the sphere ain't ending it's gonna earn worse however the moment you're born you're death anyhow so if i take a seat here and reveal oh my god i will't attain this because it's gonna .

Rep worse effectively [__] finally it's gonna earn worse however who cares however i'm doing every thing like i'm in therapy when i reveal therapy i'm now not sitting there talking to a counselor [__] that i'm i'm doing the the physical therapy i'm on the medicines i'm doing the brain workout routines it's like uh thank god i'm a musician .

On fable of portion of combating or slowing down the onset of of alzheimer's is doing reminiscence work so i'm a freemason so freemasonry is all reminiscence work every thing it’s best to recite factual being a musician i must to learn to endure in tips the notes on the guitar yeah i'm the singer in my band i .

Must know the phrases of the songs yeah so i must force myself to achieve reminiscence work each day i indicate it's the overall subject of standpoint you purchased to search out uh one thing that you just're going to commit to and and factual put your [__] head down and prevent whining and attain it yeah effectively with that acknowledged it would possibly perchance perchance perchance you continue to work within the ring .

Certain and no uh i love that you just employ the mic like a like a musician seek for at this like a lead singer you rap it off the cord yeah cause you already know i love it i corresponding to you you already know you already know why they attain that factual is it so it doesn't earn unplugged yeah .

Or while you [__] crack a man however yeah that's it factual there dude so sure and no you would possibly perchance presumably work yeah however there's a there's that's design of a trick quiz enough shall we all work till we're 95 years primitive i indicate it doesn't buy great to pan to .

Mime the relaxation in lifestyles however would possibly perchance peaceful i work that's but one more trick quiz because one hobble transfer and that i would possibly perchance die however you would possibly perchance stroll down the steps and buy one hobble step and die so in announcing that is it bad now not surely what's bad is if i took .

A fable line or i took a match or i did it factual for ego and to listen to the fans clapping and wasn't paying attention and uh i got hurt because i'm now not into it and the vogue things i you already know i hobble to indie shows continuously every now after which i attain them i work on them or i participate some design and .

God bless the fans and god bless the young folks the younger crew who's creating making an are trying to achieve it however [__] i indicate you already know lucha underground is guilty for so many things and you already know i'll employ phoenix because he's a name that each person can name with snappy even rey mysterio you purchased to endure in tips in mexico guys are smaller .

It's very acrobatic and there are faculties nearly like gymnastics you learn to achieve these items it's now not like here you obtain a beer and a [__] i'm gonna attain a moonsault you factual design of hobble and attain it off the discontinue rope to the ground yeah it looked frosty and you didn't die however you in all likelihood blew .

Your knees out you would possibly perchance presumably obtain hit any individual hobble you would possibly perchance presumably you would possibly perchance presumably surely [__] your self up so if i hobble within the ring and that i got some gung-ho dude who who thinks i would possibly perchance like to seek for that because i'm from mexico and that i'm hardcore it's like no you wearisome [__] i attain now not deserve to seek for that and at the identical time don't attain that because .

If i descend you you abolish your self i'm the guilty one and because i'm a good man i'm now not gonna [__] descend you you're doubtlessly gonna blow my succor my knees my neck out so if i attain attain things within the ring it has to indicate one thing to me on the within that i care enough about now to now not establish myself within the location to hurt myself does that .

Safe sense that makes sense for clear no one needs us to earn hurt and there we hobble and that as effectively while you signed with lucha underground used to be the conception at any display cowl battle or did that design of earn labored into it because the seasons went on i indicate .

I've had the skills in my profession that whenever i've reach to the u.s.a. uh i've been shut down you already know i had so great reputation in mexico that it's used to be for the overall hobble reason and has design of transcended things into the u.s.a. when i .

Bought the job in lucha underground uh i used to be out of wrestling completely i used to be simplest doing my krav maga faculties and in in playing in bands and stuff and they called me to be a commentator so i went in and uh i looked around and they didn't know who i used to be krista joseph .

Did and uh he labored with wwe didn't he's succor there now yeah factual for him god bless him uh however once they seen that since you already know the overall diversified political gamers had been already there staking their claims and once the hollywood folks sat within the [__] vampiro is now not a hassle in .

The ass he’s arresting however he gets it he can provide us so method more that we're lacking as an agent as a as a man who spoke spanish and english as a skills to profit enhance diversified folks because the vampire personality uh and they acknowledged are you able to attain all this and that i acknowledged doubtlessly whenever you happen to let me strive yeah .

And uh there wasn't any plans however we had been making an are trying to resolve out what to achieve with pentagon because it wasn't working he wasn't getting the american psychology he used to be doing surely wearisome things that work in mexico however it completely obtained't work here .

Uh so we got here up with the conception that effectively he wants to beat any individual major in list to place him no one wanted to work with him now not one of many celebrities it continuously freaks me out that you just already know 40 twelve months primitive men put on spandex and pretend to wrestle and they're now not easy guys that's professional wrestling even supposing .

Rather loads of finger shaking and uh i understood it because any individual did it for me pirate de morgan did it for me sting did it for me uh hulk hogan did it for me yeah so i used to be like effectively [__] i'll attain it if no one else will and they had been corresponding to you would possibly perchance .

Can i what attain you indicate am i in a position to peaceful work what the [__] hobble with you i acknowledged yeah finally i couldn't stroll however i acknowledged yeah yeah yeah however it completely must be hardcore and it has to because i will't attain the relaxation man i'm 340 pounds and that i'm nearly dreary what am i going to achieve .

And that i acknowledged however you already know what i felt so jaded in mexico because i never got to explain goodbye within the ring the vogue i wished to due to the politics of this [__] industry uh i used to be like i gotta at the least [__] hobble one more time and with pentagon that's what we did and .

Uh each person's like oh my god that's basically the most intriguing match i watched it and it used to be the worst match ever man no it wasn't the emotion used to be there yeah however i've never been a factual wrestler i'm factual at motivating scenarios however uh .

After that i've been design of picking and picking my stuff and and uh when i'm into it like the element with conan in mexico it's it's basically the most up to this point vampiro's ever been within the ring factual now loyal thru my total 38 twelve months profession wow it's insane so i create now not obtain any clue however there's however there's legit heat with you .

And conan i indicate each person thinks so i i'm tend to think that that perchance however now not corresponding to that you just would be in a position to think it's design of like that's my major other you already know what i indicate we've been together since 1989 me and .

That [__] and uh while you utilize 30 years with any individual whether or now not you are eager on it or now not you already know them and we and at some point soon he acknowledged that you just already know we've tried 300 million occasions to bury the hatchet i obtain psychological effectively being disorders he has psychological effectively being disorders .

Uh diversified than mine however anytime that you just're a artistic a hit person you're a weirdo and we set every diversified however we're now not pals however we don't disfavor every diversified we factual can't be within the identical location we're too great the .

Identical i got clear and out of respect from the vogue i grew up on the streets and stuff he used to be before me and that i will uncover each person that if it wasn't for him there would possibly perchance be no vampiro he's the man who opened the doorways for the overall foreigners in mexico with a diversified element and .

I got here in barely after him and that i reveal that whenever i earn the chance however uh we don't now not earn along however we're it's must be a clear circumstance for us to work together yeah i'm surely fascinated as a canadian myself you're a .

Canadian that you just went from wrestling in canada to creating the bounce to mexico i don't feel like somebody in canada does that most folks hobble both into toronto and exclaim or they hobble to calgary and exclaim and it's factual amazing that you just went to mexico i indicate at the time i used to be working for world wrestling in montreal i .

Started there in 1984 when i used to be like 14. uh and when that company used to be taken over territory-clever because that's when like www time when wwe factual yeah yeah uh peaceful had their offices in canada and they had been simplest a local promotion with out .

National tv so they’d reach to canada because they had been beginning to unfold out their territory so once they took over montreal that company closed down i requested the man there where am i in a position to hobble .

He acknowledged you would possibly perchance hobble to japan however you don't obtain contacts you're now not going in there's memphis calgary is somewhat great dreary that's here’s mid 80s so it wasn't what it used to be or what it grew to alter into after so he acknowledged surely the best in all probability element is both memphis or mexico and that i used to be like [__] mexico sounds form .

Of queer i acknowledged let's factual attain it did you be in contact spanish no dude i did a robbery um took that money and and got my airplane label and left wow yeah .

You robbed your industry you robbed an person um it factual happened enough yeah we don't know what the statute of limitations is here perchance i attain enough um oh there we hobble i i did things when i used to be younger with my my .

My buddy my crew that aren't now not unusual things i grew up on diversified and toll road lifestyles and uh i we did depraved things however to depraved folks never to harmless folks or harmless things like that my job used to be diversified and um .

Dangerous and and uh it didn't closing long however it completely used to be closing long enough to um put me on a diversified direction however uh you already know there are obvious folks doing obvious things which are hurting factual folks and folks folks deserve to be sorted and that's factual that that sounds corresponding to you're like a vigilante or one thing which .

Stands out as the name of my band sure it all comes together there it completely does after surely after this interview you're fidgeting along with your band factual yeah we're rehearsing it there's uh we're going on tour uh we're we're going on a six-month tour .

Uh three months in latin the US after which there's a possibility we don't know if we're going to europe or japan first and there's furthermore an american element occurring so the band is is is somewhat great uh all another time it's going to be a mountainous mountainous twelve months for that so we're recording uh we're we're playing for the producers .

Tonight so they set what we need within the studio so yeah yeah it's somewhat frosty so is is the band your major source of earnings now’s that your major job i don't surely obtain a job um my job is that this project the the wellness element however music i disfavor to explain that will be a .

Job music is a calling and is is that what i'm dedicated to yeah that's here’s that's uh i got acting things creating i'm peaceful arresting about wrestling to an extent um the the the wellness in within the self-protection and the guardian angel work that's my major .

Thing however my my dream my passion the element i've been doing my total lifestyles uh is music and and here’s a hardcore band they've been around for a whereas we changed the name add more musicians and that i factual feel prefer it's an extension of the personality because in wrestling it’s best to be in contact physically with movement however being a punk rocker that used to be the .

Motive that the image used to be so infamous in mexico because that used to be this rebellious man yeah however i obtain one thing to explain and being within the guardian angels and and combating the factual fights socially and uh being a punk rocker hardcore punk rock is you already know that's where i learned about veganism that's where i learned about .

Recycling that's where i learned about you already know factual a form of neighborhood-oriented philosophies so i seek for at it as a like a spoken be aware opportunity or a vogue to persuade folks in a obvious design so that you just would possibly perchance perchance me even supposing it's [__] loud and screaming and aggressive as a .

[__] hardcore is house and yeah that's it man you you uncover this fable about being a depraved man who did depraved things while you had been younger now seek for at the overall factual that you just're doing used to be there some degree in your lifestyles one thing that changed and made you hobble i've got to .

Flip things around here there's a form of things dude there wasn't one explicit i indicate the vogue we're trained in canada is terribly diversified you already know what i indicate most of us hobble to catholic faculties and our households are catholic or christian or whatever we're raised in an environment you already know .

Most of us are hockey gamers after we're younger so we reach up with you already know workers and workers effort and family and so since day one we're born and bred with that in our heads uh and and that i used to be lucky enough to play organized sports so i and my mother used to be a single mother and you already know i used to be bullied my total lifestyles so .

I design of knew what used to be factual and what used to be hobble however while you're sad and you're residing on the toll road and you're homeless you purchased to [__] employ what attain you you learn to make a decision out that's factual the vogue lifestyles is uh i .

Staunch my belief in god my faith in god my faith in me yeah however i'm i obtain a form of faith in in god i'm very non secular on the within uh however the element that design of i used to be gonna uncover you before we began this uh the best in all probability element that keeps me alive or the best in all probability reason that i've changed or .

This it's the the theme of my documentary or the best in all probability reason i'll even uncover jesus christ if he used to be here hiya employ the [__] on is because when my daughter my daughter's my world and my daughter factual messaged me yeah there you hobble uh is every thing all factual here yeah it's factual you already know .

It is significant to wait that's factual it attain you ought to acknowledge to her no no enough i will after i factual she's factual i'm factual enough when she used to be born uh i knew my marriage used to be gonna discontinue um i knew it wasn't gonna closing i used to be surely sad about it we tried i knew my profession used to be coming to an discontinue because that's when i broke my neck in wcw .

However it completely didn't subject when my daughter used to be born and that i seen my daughter i knew that god saved me alive for a reason and that used to be the reason used to be to care for his admire which is my daughter and that's it man and how primitive is she now she's 19 turning 20. she lives here no she lives in montreal enough uh however she's transferring succor to mexico she's coming into into .

Modeling and um they're calling her like loopy she's doing surely effectively so wow yeah attain you furthermore be in contact french no enough i used to be too sluggish too sluggish to learn french yeah you learned spanish you needed to dude yeah i indicate attain you continue to glance wrestling i .

I look what i love enough what used to be influenced to me uh most of the more moderen stuff i will't um i factual i factual [__] can't dude however i i'm a mountainous uh all japan mark from then like unhurried 80s mid 90s that that generation uh enormous muda um .

That that stuff is what i glance if i glance it or uwf you already know i used to be a mountainous fan of takada within the kicking and the palm inserting in myada and folks guys because i used to be never a terribly factual wrestler however i tried to search out one thing that can distinguish me and advantage me at the least continue to exist within the ring and uh i used to be staring at these guys and .

They're my size and that i used to be like [__] they seek for so factual when those high kicks reach up and that i factual began taking taekwondo in reveal that i will attain one thing that no-one else used to be doing in mexico because i ain't flipping and flying i'm now not going on the mat you're furthermore like a massive in mexico you already know because i'm a [__] big .

In each location dude you're a mountainous dude yeah it's here man that's energy it's the energy it’s um no i'm now not i'm now not that i factual it's a great element when vampiro um transforms it's like while you gaze the misfits you gaze these dudes who [__] seek for like loss of life and they play heavy steel .

Punk rock at that volume it's like yeah i factual seen one thing strange yeah i introduced you already know my influences in wrestling had been iggy pop and hobble knievel so when vampiro used to be there you knew yeah i'm leaping out of the roof i doubtlessly shouldn't attain this you already know that's what you had been getting like is .

This [__] now not going to die tonight or what's going on in reveal that used to be the fun i tried to designate each night and uh it design of took its toll factual so yeah i know there used to be you already know you had the face paint sting had the face paint there used to be some heat there because of that yeah .

Yeah i indicate he got all uptight about it i used to be like dude because in mexico each person paints their face or each person wears a cowl like succor within the day there were four masks now there's like four thousand yeah it's design of like effectively he's the best in all probability man who can paint his face i enough attain surely desire me to achieve .

It's like i've been doing this for 17 18 years already this isn't one thing new yeah i indicate am i in a position to earn am i in a position to hobble are you able to liberate me am i in a position to leave am i in a position to earn the [__] out of here they're like no no no no however is there the relaxation you would possibly perchance attain regarding the face paint and that i acknowledged yeah i would possibly perchance attain more .

That's when i introduced the misfits in and it used to be like direct and he used to be like oh my brother i'm i'm sorry man i'm here’s surely who i am i am in a cult i attain vampire stuff i i play in bands like this i'm portion of the gothic hardcore punk scene here’s since i used to be 12 you're a [__] .

Hypocritical lying [__] who's factual a professional wrestler who doesn't set that there's but one more world exterior this dressing room relax the [__] out and uh i pronounce he didn't however you had been the one who had the white face paint first even supposing i indicate i had the skull yeah doyle .

Definitely from the misfits taught me the design to achieve it my face my misfit generation face paint used to be because of doyle he acknowledged it looks awesome are you able to and that i acknowledged [__] yeah it does can attain you tips if i employ you as an list and he used to be like no finally yeah it's badass after which sting .

You perceive sting you already know sting didn't know and that i you already know whatever dude he used to be a blade runner you endure in tips when blade runner first got here out yeah in reveal that's harrison ford movie that's where they got their list from him and supreme warrior once they first .

Started and they had been uh a ticket workers oh wow yeah so return and seek for at it yeah so seek for at staying along with his brian bosworth haircut and his blade runner makeup in reveal that factual there told me and it's now not an insult to sting god bless him and thank god sting taught me so great however he wasn't marvelous he wasn't a musician .

He wasn't a underground man he used to be a fan who took one thing from motion footage and created a personality i got here from the streets with this toll road list and obtain change into it loyal into a wrestling persona so it's design of like when he used to be when each person used to be corresponding to you would possibly perchance't attain this and that i used to be like i don't factual paint my face and attain all .

These items here this you reach to my here’s what i attain each day whenever you happen to gaze me within the airport here’s it yeah you better [__] relax that truly that truly makes me think what made you bring the hair succor since you had been shaved head for goodbye um effectively i had braids long dreads for like .

16 17 years factual after which uh you already know i i i love skinhead music and that i love skinhead vogue um you already know i'm a mountainous scar fan and a mountainous punk rock fan so you comprehend it's factual it used to be factual time to achieve one thing that no-one else had when i first got to mexico each person .

Uh simplest criminals had tattoos and simplest ladies had long hair so i changed that and as rapidly because the rock and roll element got over with the ladies the overall guys began rising their hair long this used to be the time of grunge began getting tattoos and now each person does it i gaze a form of dudes within the market who seek for form .

Of seek for like vampiro and it's [__] awesome and that i succor telling him hobble attain more buy it and hobble with it so i stole it from each person i indicate you factual [__] hobble for it um so when i seen that there used to be factual too many dudes that factual looked the identical i .

Changed into once like effectively [__] i'm shaving my head and that used to be it and that i factual belief you already know because matt striker on tv you already know he's he's uh he's he's tanned and he's his hair is good and he's trained he's spruce-gash succor yeah and that i'm like [__] that .

Uh i needed to achieve one thing to counteract that counterbalance it because he supplied and that i'm like here’s an opportunity for a punk rocker to be on tv and uh i don't give a [__] so i belief i'm factual gonna attain one thing .

Visually intimidating or because whenever you happen to got spruce gash succor all over and each person's i'm this man and you already know and however whenever you happen to're factual there and you seek for like [__] aryan brotherhood and it's about to reach succor in your house and abolish you who's gonna where's the eyes gonna be .

So i you already know matt would possibly perchance be studying and reading his notes and this and that and they had been like are you even going to seek for at the sheet and that i'm like [__] no dude i'm now not taking a explore at the relaxation i'll be aware you wow and because i factual knew my presence .

Uh and that i attain every thing per emotion and energy so when i felt him that he wanted barely [__] you or that's enormous or [__] factual it’s or or surely that's all i wished to achieve because that gave him the liberty to hobble but one more route .

On fable of i looked so rough that no-one would reveal matt you're a man it’s best to be it’s best to achieve this that the diversified element it used to be design of like i would possibly perchance i'll i'll buy the punches i'll throw the punches and you you already know what i indicate so it used to be design of like .

That's all i wished to achieve because why are we going to compete for the mic or two guys on the digital camera with all these items and that i used to be design of like i got to be the counter custom here’s a punk rock moment so what introduced the hair succor then uh i earn more ladies this form .

Oh there you hobble i'm kidding um because i are making an are trying to you already know i i used to be i'm surely into rockabilly music so the closing two years the man you would possibly perchance presumably peaceful gaze the nation dresses and all that i've viewed it on instagram however you already know punk rock this used to be punk rocker for my total lifestyles and punk rocker is factual you already know continuously form .

Of taking a explore frosty and altering up and now that i'm in a band all another time it factual looks better uh spikey hair on stage than than a mountainous [__] skinhead and you you talked about you had been 340 at one point talking about mountainous what are you weighing now like 270. that's amazing yeah that's .

Rather loads of weight loss however i indicate uh no wait no i'm 250 yeah 250. yeah yeah even better yeah i would possibly perchance like to descend down but one more 30 pounds for this stroll uh that i indicate he's you already know gonna stroll 600 miles dude 600. yeah it's a spiritual pilgrimage brother what number of days is that going to .

Pick 37. wow loopy yeah however it completely's all about dedication man and whenever you happen to're making an are trying to present one method to those which are struggling you factual can't be like every these diversified dudes and put on a swimsuit and tie and presents them fabricated things that you just read in a book .

It's like seek for [__] if i'm gonna attain this i'm doing it for you to seek for that you just would possibly perchance attain it i will't if seek for if i will attain it you would possibly perchance attain it that's the total point yeah you touched on it barely bit earlier however i feel we deserve to bring it succor up that hulk hogan puts you over on nitro .

And that i feel that's a mountainous element because a form of folks talked about how hogan surely didn't lose so much however you already know he misplaced to you yeah i indicate and that can peaceful be a lesson to so many folks in this industry i indicate he doesn't give a [__] he doesn't obtain .

To present a [__] if it wasn't for hulk hogan none of us would obtain a job factual vince mcmahon or hulk hogan whether or now not you are eager on it or now not and that's what bothers me about wrestling nowadays no one understands that they obtain to explain thank you and it's now not .

Frigid to be in contact depraved about those that got here before you each person the overall boys nowadays be in contact about hulk hogan you didn't even [__] share a dressing room you never even viewed him live who are you to opinionate about hulk hogan you already know what i indicate it's like or .

You perceive vince mcmahon seek for you would possibly perchance be within the wwe nowadays you weren't there when vince went to battle with the sphere and made this trade what it is so shut the [__] up you already learn about their artistic and this and that seek for due to the [__] mess that the wwe is the wrestling trade exists on this planet nowadays .

Whether you are eager on it or now not so whenever you happen to didn't hang it within the wwe and you feel jaded now not simplest are you now not drawing wherever now and you belief you would possibly perchance presumably attain better in your obtain and here’s for any one who does who factual thinks that they're better you already know and there's a form of them as of late i'm .

Leaving where the [__] are you going you already know what i'm announcing and that's why you gaze all these guys sucking dick to the vince and reach succor actual posthaste since you ain't [__] uh i i don't know dude it's a total diversified .

[__] monster factual now you already know what i'm announcing effectively you've got competition now for the first time in nearly 20 years attain you effectively you uncover me no i don't think so it's completely given the wrestlers an option .

I don't think so i feel it's given the fans an option i new japan has been there for the reason that beginning of the 70s completely i knew japan's incredible the best in all probability element is it's now not accessible here as accessible as tnt is enough however now it's this that they're inter .

Uh promotional feuds it's accessible dude it’s however what i'm announcing is wednesday night eight o'clock you already know you would possibly perchance flip on tnt and factual there it's on cable clear friday nights eight o'clock fox each person gets fox on it yeah factual now we are in a position to hobble on youtube and we are in a position to glance any match that ever happened in .

The nation within the history of the trade you're factual is it diversified i don't think so i feel the fans obtain at closing because of twitch because of youtube because of facebook due to the relaxation that's going on obtain earn admission to .

To the relaxation of the sphere what that has carried out is made professional wrestlers tighten their game up that means whenever you happen to and that i battle in england we got to be careful of what we attain in georgia the next day because they factual seen our create we are in a position to't attain the identical match so the high quality of product no subject the .

Initials has gotten better is that that's my point of ogle oh that makes sense i i've been announcing for the closing years basically the most intriguing time to be a wrestling fan and furthermore basically the most intriguing time to be a wrestler because there's so great accessibility sure yeah however that yeah that's shapely i .

Mean you corresponding to you acknowledged you would possibly perchance flip on youtube and seek for at somewhat great any match within the history of wrestling which is appealing sure because of your history with commentary there's been a form of folks announcing that perchance you would possibly perchance presumably peaceful attain some visitor commentary on aew dark is that one thing you would possibly perchance be attracted to .

If it supposed one thing yeah if it's factual uh for my ego to explain i i'm basically the most intriguing i am a irascible commentator however i'm surely factual at my role i don't deserve to be a commentator .

I'm a fan who sits within the chair and says [__] you that sucked what the [__] are you talking about that's why folks like me as a commentator uh because i it's a it's a skinhead element it's a punk rock element to be in contact for the total man you already know what i indicate .

It's continuously rebel i'd like to achieve it if it used to be for a reason after which the reason would possibly perchance be one thing artistic that means uh is there a match coming out of it’s there a storyline building is there a personality that wants to be built uh .

Are you gonna put me in there as a an worker or attain you wish any individual to rock the boat that will be a reason uh to earn livid finally however i doubt they’d even you already know you don't think so i'm here you already know effectively you're controversial even supposing that's what they .

Deliver attain you suspect you're controversial no no definitely now not because uh it's like every of the frosty young folks are the frosty young folks because they band together in college because no one else needs them it ain't .

Standard [__] there's 10 of you the college has 800 college students so my point is uh am i controversial i play punk rock shows and you already know a thousand two thousand three thousand folks reach when i battle as vampire or attain an occasion there's 10 or 12 000 folks .

These folks are my folks my target audience my where i belong factual each person there's on the identical net page so are we all [__] up and controversial or you factual don't have faith our point of ogle yeah so when i i aged to think oh you're design of it’s best to calm down and conform why i don't like this i don't corresponding to you uh and the reason i don't corresponding to you is .

On fable of you don't listen you listen to resolution you don't listen to esteem that any individual else thinks diversified from you and you all would possibly perchance peaceful think diversified from me my total element as a commentator or persona like your self is uh our job is to provoke belief .

Or advantage any individual gaze things clearly that's it the moment we predict about our obtain hype you're [__] yeah and that's why i i don't have faith when any individual says i'm a celeb in wrestling no you [__] ain't you clicked with a obvious demographic however factor in me those 14 15 16 twelve months primitive young folks the first time they bang a girl or .

They hobble to a membership or they earn [__] up they'll halt wearing professional wrestling pajamas pajamas you already know what i'm announcing yeah so relax [__] and the moment that you just earn to the discontinue at the relaxation that's the worst moment of your profession here’s simplest one design to hobble down factual so in your design up it’s best to .

Realize that you just've got to hobble the torch however don't factual hobble it elevate it withhold a form of younger skills don't earn that that's why i obtain anguish with or they're superstars like the ladies people's division god bless them and [__] a it's about time however you would possibly perchance gaze that sadly the .

Custom in wrestling is helping these young ladies people designate a an ego oriented attitude that they are better you're a portion of titties and s factual like guys who inject themselves with steroids and that i used to be one of them .

Luxuriate in been undercover agent candy relax be frosty don't factor in your hype effectively i feel what the matches the ladies people are inserting on now effectively they're [__] incredible yeah they're now not factual hits and ass anymore you already know that assertion is going to earn .

Me in so great anguish i know and that's why i'm making an are trying to clarify it here however and that i however when i when i reveal titties announced it's design of i reveal it to set 20 minutes of clarification your young shapely ladies individuals who one of many fears i obtain is uh of you being exploited for the hobble causes .

On fable of while you consult with about a of them like what's her name the girl in wwe who had the controversy the with the hair the color of the hair the color of the hair she's got blue hair or one thing like that oh sasha banks yeah i endure in tips she acknowledged one thing that she used to be being treated unfairly in and uh .

And boy that contributors bounce on her [__] ass and that i used to be like how would i address that and that i used to be corresponding to you're factual a you're portion of girls people's wrestling is factual changing into accessible don't [__] this up because succor within the day whenever you happen to walked within the dressing room with an attitude .

You perceive you hear reviews about king haku and all that yeah slamming folks's heads thru the [__] wall um you better [__] give it some belief there used to be there used to be policing there wasn't that diva ish and that i'm now not factual speaking depraved regarding the ladies people and forgive me for the titties and ass element it got here out hobble so .

[__] relax and relax enough didn't indicate to hurt any one's emotions i even acknowledged i'm a [__] steroid drug addict too so i'm i'm guilty now not you me now not you doubtlessly did we fix that i feel so if we didn't it's up for interpretation even supposing yeah i don't know listen to the total clip enough yeah i don't surely care however .

When each person jumped down her throat i used to be like holy [__] sad lady i indicate all she did used to be stand up for herself and being in this wearisome environment of male dominated egoism in those dressing rooms boy i'm clear she got destroyed sad element i felt so depraved for her because i would possibly perchance obtain carried out exactly what she did .

I doubtlessly would obtain did what she did too and waited till i had that no gash succor contract so they couldn't fire me factual however she stood up for herself and and you already know what [__] yeah because whenever you happen to don't attain that within the wrestling industry uh and and 90 of the wrestling trade .

Came to her protection like the fans in reveal that saved her job god bless her however i feel basically the most intriguing lesson and that i don't think a form of folks seen it out of that used to be booker t he got here out and he acknowledged uh and and when he acknowledged it man i it cleared up so many things that had been riding me insane .

Uh he acknowledged it's now not about you it'll never be about you it never used to be yeah and it's now not nowadays and he acknowledged it's i'm now not speaking about you or any diversified lady man lady or child the trade will continue you're a a portion of sand on the beach when the .

Wave comes the stand's peaceful going to be there even supposing you purchased moved and it's appropriate man it’s best to be grateful that you just're getting paid to achieve this oh yeah so the moment you you already know boy or lady the moment that it gets out of succor watch over in your obtain tips you're [__] while you focus on .

Somebody who gets to the discontinue and now not factual passes the torch however carries the torch along what attain you suspect of somebody like chris jericho who's 50 years primitive at the discontinue he's the champion aw champion and yeah perchance he's uh you already know helping to employ that torch along for about a of .

The diversified those which are coming in uh i i know chris very effectively i'm clear you attain too yeah um we spent time together in mexico and japan we had been never basically the most intriguing of pals however i in my belief never had any ill will in direction of chris .

I'm clear he didn't in direction of me i feel there were some things that happened in mexico that bother him to within the intervening time and that i have faith those things uh you already know we had been two young guys who had vulgar reputation and you already know while you're young guys and there's ladies all over and folks are telling you .

This and that it's the identical element with conan i indicate they play you towards every diversified and uh chris used to be list clever used to be very fair like what i used to be doing and uh that didn't hobble very effectively with with somebody .

Um because folks wanted to seek for him and that i now not earn along promoters had been prefer it's to explain i'm clear the identical element like sting within the face paint factual factual they had been like dude we've already got that man here and seek for who he’s and seek for what you're .

Looking out for to achieve so it used to be and that i know that caused a rift between us uh i'm clear that's the commence up of many of them factual in reveal that you just had been over in mexico and he wasn't as over he used to be getting you already know i feel skills clever uh on a scale of 1 to 10 i would possibly perchance reveal he's a 10 and that i'm about a negative eight .

I indicate he's ten occasions the wrestler i ever used to be am however i feel i'm i'm one of many greater of being ready to adapt to any individual and uncover a fable uh .

I've been being attentive to to chris barely bit over the closing twelve months and a half of uh that i stepped in now we're factual because i i i i feel as a professional i feel it's major for man i hope you ladies don't [__] freak .

Out about that titties and ass element it used to be factual a phrase so [__] please relax um i i feel that a form of teens because when i used to be creating you already know i used to be lucky enough to work with bruiser brody and abdullah the butcher and the toll road warriors and folks like that in montreal within the early 80s .

Uh i in mexico the celebrities a form of those that i grew up with or i've passed on so um you already know i used to be very lucky to work with terry taylor for instance i had factual lecturers there's now not a form of factual lecturers anymore because now it's turn loyal into a all about me me me me give me my money chris jericho has i feel .

Turn loyal into a template for the total person at that level in professional wrestling when goldberg used to be a celeb goldberg wasn't a businessman sure uh as great as chris oh god yeah um chris has the podcast he has the crews he now has the bubbly .

I indicate chris is uh he it's now not so great he's now not a dead man he's he's an instance of it's now not easy it’s best to commit it’s best to be pushed .

And whenever you happen to chip away at the stone you'll in the end reach up with a massive statue chris has put in that's 30 years i feel perchance barely more however he's completely like there's in the end going to be the subsequent skills of chris jerichos .

So i factor in uh he residing the bar fairly high because even when i used to be rising up it used to be like hulk hogan oh my god who used to be going to surpass hulk hogan factual somewhat great each person has in one design or the diversified like before the companies had one celeb um lucha underground each person used to be a .

Megastar talented would possibly perchance blow the [__] doorways off the house hogan's peaceful basically the most infamous wrestler on this planet there's shrimp doubt about it yeah however the subsequent skills has reach and now uh out of rey mysterio there's phoenix there's pentagon there's there's uh darby there's there's uh .

La la la ricochete there's you already know what i indicate who seen rey and hooven two attain the frankensteiner off the discontinue rope now uh they're doing tight rope walking succor flips and touchdown on their noses and standing there after which doing one thing else so these guys are going to be the subsequent skills of .

Influencers chris i feel is in a clear location that he would possibly perchance even be the influencer uh on the industry discontinue now not factual within the ring which is able to simplest closing three or four years till you ruin your leg and time goes on chris has the skill to acquire survived at the discontinue for goodbye there's simplest a handful of fellows .

That will obtain carried out that hogan um now not even sting stings infamous stings effectively identified as are the steiners as a as is or used to be vampiro chris is the best in all probability one who's carried out it at this level i feel chris has been ready to connect success now because he took some .

Time there and it used to be 0809 i feel it used to be oh seven you guys will factual me if i'm hobble uh to step away to achieve stuff with fawzi attain stuff along with his band and he didn't even glance wrestling he acknowledged for about a years and that i feel that used to be ready that used to be the chance to present him some standpoint on it and hobble doubtlessly oh i will omit it now yeah doubtlessly i .

Mean i've long past thru that part i indicate i don't know whenever you happen to've ever had those experiences in lifestyles with a relationship of friendship music uh like i i'm a ramones fan to the i'll wrestle you whenever you happen to be in contact depraved regarding the ramones however i haven't listened to the ramones in years however i i will play you each single .

Ramone tune on the guitar uh whenever you happen to establish on a list i am i in a position to can it's factual in my dna clear however i would possibly perchance like a ruin from it yeah because it's factual you factual attain is wrestling peaceful in your dna it's coming it comes and goes uh every now after which now not surely because of what i'm doing now .

Namely with the band and with the psychological effectively being stuff and that i'm pleased however uh i'm very effectively aware that vampiro did one thing i'm very effectively aware that vampiro uh used to be design of frosty for a form of folks .

You needless to reveal for clear um in that generation vamp vampire used to be spruce frosty yeah i don't i don't know you already know um i i'm so influenced by spontaneity i'm so influenced by the vehicle ruin you already know i'm so influent that's hobble hobble i succor announcing it you .

Know that i didn't i never i didn't glance the jumps i understood the mentality it's i design wrestling like i know i'm gonna atomize i know the cages lighting myself from fire with thumbtacks in my eyes it's now not a factual element however i [__] can't wait to feel it i love that .

Um so if if the chance used to be there to achieve one thing that used to be gonna [__] rock that means i used to be gonna crush myself all another time if i used to be gonna be in entrance of those that wanted to seek for the [__] .

Thing and if there used to be the factual man or scenario to to to that it supposed one thing if because continuously they name me to achieve indie shows i'm like and and that i continuously reveal who's who's enough you're beating me and they're like and that i acknowledged i'm i don't earn the relaxation of .

Beating you man your loved ones's here your pals are here here’s your native promo here’s what you attain factual now it's better for you to beat me uh you'll earn it means more uh that's a form of self-awareness to know that however it completely's the like for the industry yeah .

Why hobble in there and crush the native promotion we need him to be the star so he draws folks in reveal that you just’ve got your inner promotional angles if there used to be one thing going on or one thing within the market that it would possibly perchance perchance perchance be like a holy [__] moment uh then that can encourage me to acquire the mindset to hobble for it yeah i pronounce i .

Wager you and jericho attain obtain that band element most continuously the band and the wrestler man [__] chris jericho enough you factual acknowledged so many good things about it yeah however i didn't reveal that we had been most intriguing pals i feel i feel he's an ideal role mannequin for so many things however me as an person and a man who knows chris .

Um yeah you already know whenever you happen to had been going to achieve industry and you're going to ask me because in mexico i've been away for a whereas and that i got here succor when i got here succor out with conan and triple mania closing twelve months i didn't know what used to be occurring they called me i belief i used to be doing the vehicle it used to be my .

Tune yeah no that used to be like the twelve months after that triple minute yeah yeah yeah where's my music um so i used to be sitting there and that i used to be like so where's the notes i gotta i'm commentating no no no you're within the match with conan what the [__] are you talking about and that i and that i seen him and that i acknowledged what attain .

You attain he acknowledged and that i used to be like surely and he acknowledged and that i acknowledged what are we gonna attain he acknowledged factual reach out and factual be you and that i used to be like oh [__] when i got here out that used to be basically the most intriguing response i ever had in my profession there used to be nothing prefer it the building shook i used to be i used to be like [__] me here’s that here’s like .

What's going on however it completely used to be factual because of folks know his history and they don't tips there used to be no designate up no one even knew i used to be within the building however it completely's it's it's there and the fans deserve to seek for it like uh if if uh mayweather and pacquiao stopped within the .

Within the lobby of the resort and they began pushing las vegas would possibly perchance be here in two minutes finally because they obtain to seek for that yeah there's so much there's now not surely many any things within the market that contributors deserve to seek for me attain however i know with chris for instance .

Uh like like muda i'm doing a tour in japan with muda this twelve months because we had been partners and it's his nostalgic goodbye tour and or whatever they're calling it in reveal that that motivates the [__] out of me because he's my hero um chris i i and and and uh here’s going to surely doubtlessly bother a form of folks however you .

Are privy to it’s what it’s uh i i feel he's a poser in a form of things i don't factor in in him as a musician i don't factor in in him as a rock and roll man i factual gaze him as one of those guys who who he used to be the frosty kid in college he used to be .

That crowd that that i factual described that i didn't deserve to be a portion of that it used to be like man [__] that man that bon jovi taking a explore [__] acid washer jeans pointy cowboy boot man that ain't rock and roll [__] you already know what i'm announcing so it's prefer it's that design of and and he'll and that .

Bothers him because he's music to the bone to to die for factual and he's chris jericho and yeah effectively i'm a vampire [__] and it's like i would possibly perchance if chris or any of the diversified [__] deserve to seek for that happen if the fans gaze you already know here’s one thing that i feel the fans can advantage with i indicate .

Chris wrote about me within the book he spoke depraved about me about a of you surely think i'm a mountainous [__] and you disfavor me and you ought to seek for him abolish me and almost about all you ought to seek for me [__] crush him so it's design of like that can bring me succor to the dance in .

A [__] heartbeat i feel my band is healthier than your band i surely know my band is healthier than your band wow and uh and that's factual the vogue it’s um however music it's awesome i would possibly perchance peaceful hobble on tour together yeah i'd like to man yeah yeah i'd like to who would headline .

[__] headline all you wish brother enough strive and be aware my [__] hobble i dare you to headline hobble forward um however i obtain to earn in there there's things about chris that bother me within the ring and factual that snotty [__] attitude he does it so effectively i'd like to smack that off as [__] mug so you already know chris did me a solid when i used to be .

Asking for obtain the benefit of my gofundme for the an operation i used to be getting he surely did the factual element and used to be very form to to ask folks to profit me however [__] that it's like chris i'm staring at aew barely bit you requested me if i watched wrestling no now not surely uh and that i gaze all them jay brown's that you just purchased within the company there you already know .

And all these guys which are making an are trying to you already know designate their name gung-ho and it's aew and it's the new skills and seek for [__] all those guys the best in all probability one in there who you already know um is you [__] and uh [__] all those guys even [__] phoenix and penta [__] phoenix .

[__] penta [__] him in his ear [__] penta [__] them 10 occasions over it's a form of [__] yeah so [__] them yeah wow factual like that there's no one you are eager on on the roster i don't [__] like every person wherever dude i love the fans i .

Adore you oh you're all factual enough thank you till the interview's carried out however no you already know what i indicate i don't know each person's frosty dude i love each person however if there's one man that i would possibly perchance that you just already know you ought to it's like mel gibson acknowledged in that movie that the closing lethal weapon used to be gonna he used to be with .

Daddy glove and they're taking a explore at jet li and jet leaves factual ready to [__] abolish them and and danny glover's like why you wanna you you already know continuously gonna die he's like i factual gotta know the rocky balboa element i factual gotta know and chris i factual gotta know we didn't earn to achieve it .

In wcw we didn't earn to achieve it in japan we had been partners enough we didn't attain it in mexico think industry [__] you already know when the misfits got succor together they're promoting out stadiums worldwide here’s one wrestle that hasn't happened uh i don't give a [__] about your .

Championship i don't give a [__] about what you're doing in japan don't give a [__] about your [__] band uh i factual don't corresponding to you and you hobble in your podcast and you hobble on conan's podcast and you wrote your books and that's [__] awesome uh i supplied your book because i factual belief it used to be so frosty i knew i i .

Know you and you you you doubtlessly did one thing and you you already know what i indicate factual the enhance it's factual frosty factual like the who you already know i got to fulfill them and that i'm a fan my total lifestyles however i got to fulfill them so i'm making an attempt for the t-shirt so i don't neglect that moment it i indicate one thing to me however it completely's design of like .

You you didn't earn to establish me in my location and it bothers you i know what [__] does and it bothers me so uh industry-clever it would possibly perchance perchance perchance factual hang sense because i feel it the fans would deserve to seek for that because i indicate you whenever you happen to if .

You talk depraved about me in your podcast and you write a book and you talk depraved about me what particularly did you reveal within the book i you so great it's now not that brother i would possibly perchance give a [__] if he used to be factual here talking depraved about me nothing bothers me and that i'll neglect it anyhow .

However in his book he talked depraved about me from being in mexico and uh things that i acknowledged or did to him and that i and that i design of got the particulars then i heard him on conan's podcast what he acknowledged about me and things like that it's like that's you already know what and that i wrote them and that i .

Said you already know what i pronounce feel sorry about to you and that i and that i reached out because when i used to be going to therapy portion of that used to be apologizing to each person in my lifestyles that i offended which got me talking to conan all another time and and that i reached out to chris and acknowledged hiya man uh if there's the relaxation that i've .

Ever carried out that's offended you i i'm hobble i i obtain it and that i surely desire to explicit feel sorry about to you he acknowledged that's very frosty every thing's factual we survived and let's factual succor going on i seen him in japan like in 90 no 2002 perchance because i used to be on tour with rancid and and gbh and the stray cats .

And uh the wwe used to be there and we seen every diversified and it used to be surely frosty to explain hiya however that used to be the closing time however uh now [__] it's like whenever you happen to attack me however i don't obtain the forum or the vogue to defend or resolution even whenever you happen to're factual .

You perceive you would possibly perchance't that's now not shapely so like here’s your display cowl however i'm [__] telling you and don't hobble in your podcast and your twitter and earn your total shrimp [__] minions to commence up it you already know here’s for the wrestling neighborhood and here’s for you [__] don't hobble backward and forward on video and [__] like that because i .

Don't care earn a pair of balls and and pull some [__] strings you already know that jabroni kenny omega or whatever his [__] name is and the overall mother idiots in within the location of work hang this [__] happen dude i don't care about any of those dudes and their [__] reputation and their angles it's you .

That's it vampirina versus chris jericho i feel i'd deserve to seek for it i'd deserve to seek for it yeah and that i and that i know that his tips is so evolved yeah when put next with mine that i'm clear he would reach up with one thing that will be [__] devastating there it is so we're inserting it down .

Into the universe let us know what you guys think wow here’s wow you acknowledged so many good things about him and the truth got here out the mighty things are appropriate too enough however hiya it's it's it's it's design of like i've .

Realized with wrestle you would possibly perchance't it's factual like police work did you gaze the movie colors it's a long time within the past effectively robert duvall says to sean penn sean penn he's telling him a fable because sean penn needs to spruce up the neighborhood uh the young bull wanted to hobble down and and .

Bang the overall cows he acknowledged let's hobble down and bang them all bang one cow and the primitive bull says let's stroll down and bang them all that made so great sense to me after which he acknowledged to him you would possibly perchance't buy your work house when i put my uniform within the closet that prison factual there's my brother .

Chris jericho is my brother i supplied his [__] book to enhance him he's one of us we're professional wrestlers and that i'll enhance him and provide protection to them and if and if we had been in a bar and it went down i'd be factual there shoulder to shoulder throw them down with them and that i would possibly perchance with conan i would possibly perchance with any one else however .

As a professional wrestler as a combative athlete as as a man who's got a chip on his shoulder who's any individual who doesn't surely surely reveal great because i i know when i stand up for myself folks attack the [__] out of me because wrestling fans are are allowed to achieve that because with out you factual or depraved negative or obvious we .

Don't obtain an trade however you already know what [__] you and it's design of like chris jericho [__] factual to earn it on brother let's attain it i don't need no attitude i don't know designate up the [__] tony knows who i am i indicate you already know you guys had been all wcw marks uh .

I'm in your face brother um don't be a [__] and and and job me out on social media and think it's gonna hobble away i would possibly perchance give a [__] if it occurs or it doesn't if the fans desire it to happen attain one thing for the fans [__] there's your bubbly .

That is definitely the first time that any individual's been called out on my display cowl so yeah wow there you hobble um before we wrap this up this has been amazing by the vogue and thank you to your time thank you man i'm very edifying to be ready to take a seat down down with you i'm so pleased we made this work you talk .

Too great no here’s enormous you obtain a youtube channel of your obtain yeah and we're going to link it up under so folks can uh gaze more of your stuff however uncover us a bit about what's on there yeah effectively um youtube's unusual like two days within the past form element effectively enormous effectively then the facebook is where you already know that total .

This total element uh it's on facebook it's factual vampiro and it's verified so there's simplest one with me youtube is vampiro tv um the exclaim i'm inserting up there the huge majority of it's to address psychological effectively being and my inner most bolt and the rituals and ritual magic and meditation and nutrition and all .

That design of stuff to enable you earn over your sicknesses factual however there's furthermore movie experiences i attain a form of b horror motion footage um i continuously i hobble to golf equipment here in city and that i interview bands which are on tour so there's a music portion in it after which there's factual uh .

Adore a live quiz and resolution element that i attain where you already know you would possibly perchance send me your total feedback or things and that i will attain the study for you and that i'll provide you with my point of ogle and uh it all stems from that one video that one alarm attack so even supposing that used to be a extraordinarily negative frightening element i've became it into one thing obvious .

You're surely factual at turning these items around to positives i i surely i be pleased that about you oh thank you that's surely enormous now one of many questions i feel that we all deserve to know the resolution to is what happened with lucha underground is it carried out is it coming succor is it officially you already know no more .

I will unofficially reveal officially yeah i indicate wouldn't you i indicate ninety percent of the roster is in uh in aew and the diversified 10 within the wwe um the writers are long past the manufacturing crew is long past the company is split uh i would possibly perchance somewhat great .

Assign my money on it's over and carried out with yeah what what caused it to total what continuously causes professional-wrestling to total uh lack of verbal substitute too many cheese now not enough indians uh or excuse me too many cooks within the kitchen is that enough to your politically factual [__] wretchedness within the .

Balls uh with no titties and ass thrown in there by the vogue um too great ego i feel the dearth of verbal substitute and shortage of accountability from from administration yeah from you already know there used to be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of .

Bucks in play yeah and that i feel our most intriguing error used to be now not going on tour after season one when it used to be sizzling yeah after which by season three um it's traditional in wrestling while you buy fair skills who has mega charisma and far skills yeah and you attain now not put rules in location from day one when .

They change into worthy after which you are making an attempt and say them succor down it doesn't work it's design of like a jail riot and uh i feel the skills did the factual element every and every body of them took the bull by the horns and they looked out for his or her careers and and they moved on and that's lifestyles it's now not factual industry .

However i feel they introduced it on themselves and as shapely as an skills it used to be it's a shame because it used to be a massive product it used to be and that i feel that it supplied an real different like they had been doing one thing that no diversified wrestling promotion had ever carried out before i agree it used to be a aggregate of .

All the pieces it used to be the timing uh the writing the skills the vibe however bigger than the relaxation it used to be the moment in time in wrestling where the fans had been ready for a alternate the burly the fans the fans dictate who becomes a necessary person and who doesn't in this trade the fans dictate what promotion what storyline .

That the [__] the artistic and the overall bosses and this and that and the parents with the mountainous dicks within the location of work who think it's because of them that here’s working it's now not it's the fans yeah you you add to the fable you attain this you attain that you just attain the diversified element however it completely's factual like a cake .

The icing is now not the injurious of the cake it's what's on the within and it's the fans who force the trade yeah so i feel the fans made man we had [__] that can reach two days before the display cowl and discontinue within the automobile parking lot and line up i went to a taping yeah it used to be basically the most incredible wrestling skills i've ever been a portion of it's .

Crazy factual it's like a rock display cowl it used to be like a rock display cowl cut a tv prefer it used to be it used to be so frosty it used to be and it used to be nothing like i had ever experienced there used to be no dreary spots now it used to be like factual from the earn-hobble pumping them up and the employees used to be so sizzling yeah yeah and and surely trained too yeah yeah .

Extra bigger than we had been ready for yeah yeah it used to be it used to be an ideal skills uh it's it's a shame that it needed to total however i looked at it like like the intercourse pistols i continuously compare things to music and a form of you don't set that or or gaze what i'm making an are trying to explain or attain forgive .

Me however it completely's what i know um the intercourse pistols had been now not the founders of punk rock however they had one album that changed the destiny of any different belief that used to be going to hobble into music if it wasn't for the intercourse pistols and the click and the direct and that one album and the failed tour .

And and uh they never surely performed their first incarnation of the band uh it would possibly perchance perchance perchance peaceful now not obtain residing into movement the chain of events what grew to alter into uh grunge hair steel uh punk rock hardcore uh if it wasn't for that and the ramones there'd be no inexperienced day there'd be no nirvana there'd be no you already know what i indicate so yeah with out lucha .

Underground there'd be no aew i don't give a [__] what design of money that man put into it or what their preliminary imaginative and prescient used to be enough cody and young bucks and jericho jumped on board factual industry man and kenny omega doing [__] youtube videos in japan .

Uh this would possibly perchance perchance obtain never happened since the mindset of the fan at that moment used to be ready to enhance one thing diversified a alternate factual like every different in music that occurs rock and roll the hippie generation enviornment rock punk rock whatever when when the the pupil is ready the .

Trainer looks so lucha underground fed the alternate in wwe fed the direct in one thing that used to be shapely and existed which used to be european wrestling grew to alter into licensed because a form of them are better than the lucha form of their craziness and .

Storytelling puerto rico got here on fire all another time japan had a rebirth so i factor in that we had been responsible for reigniting that spark yeah and that you just already know and that then drove the repute of indie wrestling to surely earn pushed up yeah and seek for at where we're at now i indicate wrestlemania weekend .

It used to be design of like before every thing one company would piggyback yeah two days before after which there'd be but one more after which after which i endure in tips after season one i didn't hobble because lucha underground wouldn't let me however matt stryker told me he acknowledged basically the most licensed folks here is pentagon in phoenix yeah .

No person within the wwe even can touch them and seek for what it did for brian cage you comprehend it surely helped him clear brian's so [__] talented man yeah brian's on brian it's nearly sucks that brian exists in wrestling because uh i don't gaze any individual following him his physique .

His charisma his skills oh yeah it's like dude what the [__] are you doing halt that [__] you're too [__] mountainous you're now not alleged to be ready to achieve that that's appropriate he's too factual i i'm a large fan he's a massive man he's he's a factual man god bless him had him on the display cowl about a occasions he's supremely talented and you're factual .

Somebody who's his size shouldn't be doing the element shouldn't be ready to achieve the things no [__] no jeff cobb's but one more one yeah kevin hobble is but one more man who's about to interrupt yeah oh yeah you already know phoenix and pentagon uh you already know i love seeing what happened to .

Pentagon as a person you already know he's got an even bigger lifestyles for his family as his young folks is he didn't lose touch of actuality i i'm like man i'm so pleased i used to be a portion of that we had lunch together three weeks within the past that used to be the first time i'd viewed him in about .

Three years in mexico no we had been in uh some shrimp city in california i don't know and we factual sat down no i don't wait used to be it mexican i [__] i don't know however we we factual sat down me and him for approximately an hour and factual talked about our households and it used to be like man .

Thank you you already know what i'm announcing yeah you already know i don't know who presents a [__] about wrestling and who's over and who's now not yeah it's corresponding to you enough brother and it's like i acknowledged i'm so proud of you man i acknowledged i told you whenever you happen to listened to what i used to be telling you yeah in lucha whenever you happen to be aware our instructions i acknowledged we're gonna attain the .

Entire season and at the tip of the season you're gonna attain this to me and and uh he tells me he acknowledged brother that's the match that gave me a profession wow i'm i'm i'm i'm grateful to god that i had that opportunity yeah effectively i feel that's a massive reward to total this on and that i would possibly perchance like to acknowledge .

You for being so beginning so factual thank you for being you to the core your total profession you've continuously been you and you've never been apologetic about it it will't be it will't be and uh .

I don't obtain a profession and that i don't obtain the relaxation what i obtain is is the the skills of of being portion of an unparalleled trade that has basically the most intriguing fans because i i ain't [__] i'm now not i used to be never a factual wrestler i used to be never this began .

I was within the factual location at the factual time and uh the young folks believed in my message and that used to be it man that's it thank you so great sir thank you esteem you i esteem you dude and thank you to your fans and uh congratulations to you man you already know you're a you're but one more one who that wrestlers would possibly perchance peaceful take notice of your .

Tenacity your your you already know you buy care of your self you're trained you ogle you're professional you already know what you're doing you utilize money you bolt to achieve these interviews i indicate alternatives there are however whenever you happen to don't hobble and earn it and succor your feet on the ground you ain't going .

To hang it and and you've carried out that so thank you all you young folks which are you already know podcasting and wish to be wrestling interviewers and or regardless of the [__] it’s that you just're going to interview you purchased to achieve it factual so four-time emmy winner i did my homework 77 .

Million views that i'm gonna urge to 77 million and one on youtube 77 million you already know what the [__] that is 77 million that's my nation of canada two and a half of occasions over that's appropriate glance this [__] wow so thank you you already know folks corresponding to you affect guys like me because i desire .

I will earn there so i'm clear me announcing titties and ass is de facto going to piss off a form of folks now you've cleared it up like seven occasions i feel we're heavenly however it completely's the purpose of it’s you would possibly perchance't attain what i factual did since you are going to offend any individual .

So whenever you happen to're in this location it’s best to buy price to the [__] you reveal since you would possibly perchance't buy it succor me i don't give a [__] however whenever you happen to're making an are trying to hang a residing seek for at he swears he cusses however he's spruce he's in shape he looks factual so your presentation is every thing you've got to achieve your [__] homework and this .

Is the man you ought to be staring at and stealing his [__] thank you wow that used to be enormous that's for chris my facebook is vampiro i would possibly perchance like to search to your total [__] factual or depraved reach succor to me give me some feedback on this [__] hang it happen .

Man i'll hobble wherever you wish chris i'll buy that [__] your inner circle and put that in your [__] ass [__] all those guys i don't need that [__] brother earn them the [__] out factual me and you homie being you effectively there we hobble that's interview number three for 2020 for those of you holding procure at house thanks for making an attempt out .

This dialog with vampiro and furthermore thank you for making this dialog with vampiro happen thank you for being so astute because it used to be a straightforward tweet by me announcing hiya i'm in las vegas i'm about to achieve an interview and it used to be you guys that identified hiya vampiro lives in las vegas why don't you attain an interview .

With him you tagged him you tagged me factual about a minutes later we had been dming every diversified and planning for this interview to happen so thank you for taking a explore out for me vampira has so much to explain and that i'm so pleased that we had been ready to share that dialog um i'm so grateful for the things that he acknowledged at the tip i used to be so design of him to .

Deliver those form things about me and furthermore what's with him calling out chris jericho what attain you suspect about that uh let me know i've furthermore linked vampiro's facebook and his youtube and his online net page down under in list for you to ascertain that out and gaze every thing that he's been to this point since you are such astute followers and astute subscribers i obtain now .

Transported myself from las vegas where we did that interview here to los angeles and that i doubtlessly will deserve to acquire made the mattress before doing this video here however yeah you guys don't tips factual i'm surely in studio city for those of you that know the los angeles location i'm about to hobble away in like uh three minutes to achieve an interview with .

Lillian garcia i'm stoked to achieve an interview with and factual after that i'm leaping in my condo vehicle and doing but one more interview which i don't deserve to explain who that interview is with since the closing time that i acknowledged i used to be doing an interview with that person it didn't work out at the closing 2nd after which you guys were like so what .

Happened to that interview with so and so and whenever you happen to're surely an astute subscriber and a astute listener you'll know exactly who i'm talking about however uh you'll gaze that interview factual after the one i submit with lillian garcia and you'll be like ah that's the one i'm so pleased you made that happen so whenever you happen to're now not already subscribed whenever you happen to're now not an .

Astute subscriber truly what are you anticipating uh please click on the button subscribe we've got a large twelve months here at 2020. i indicate here’s interview number three kurt attitude david benoit now vampiro it's gonna be a hell of a twelve months my pals
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Vampiro: why Lucha Underground ended, Sting, heat with Chris Jericho, WCW

Vampiro: why Lucha Underground ended, Sting, heat with Chris Jericho, WCW