Val Venis on the X-RATED Offer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Made to Him in WWF!

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Val Venis on the X-RATED Offer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Made to Him in WWF!
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Right here is one well-kept wrestling match. International John Logan and I derive no longer know what the context of that is is it lawful that W in the WWF Sunny tried to rating you to strive bondage on her so here turned into the object with sunny and I do know Sonny's been round again I turned into in WWE at that time and I.

Used to be you know barely unprecedented straight lace that is a enterprise I'm going to treat it admire a enterprise I ain't becoming concerned with that anymore I'm tired of it and now if this turned into 10 years sooner than that and Sonny hadn't talked about what she talked about to me I would occupy been all up in the but at this deadline I build no longer occupy any hobby no none in anyway.

All I desire to derive is build cash that's it and I similar to you know make entertainment for the followers and build cash doing entertainment and one time all over it turned into the setup all around the sunlight hours at raw and Impress Henry and I went and sat on the commentators desk that turned into all space up for that night and we put the headphones on and.

We're lawful talking to every different we're staring at guys roll round in the ring attempting some recent stuff out we're lawful joking round commentating dazzling oh that's a terribly tight R Block he's surely wrenching up on it we're lawful having a dialogue Impress Henry and I are and all of a unexpected the ear thing comes off my ear and it's.

Sunny she's pulling the Earth thing off my ear and goes I'm into bondage and I jumped up out of the seat through the headset down and I went whoa that's near extra than I most vital to know and Impress Henry's admire what'd she yell about what'd she yell and she's extra or much less she's strolling away she's looking out at me giving me that sight.

You know admire ah you know what I imply admire toodaloo and she's strolling away and I'm lawful admire man the tales that I've heard about her are all lawful clearly and uh that turned into the extent of it man I by no near you understand it turned into one of those things where it turned into an journey to occupy her come up there and yell that and admire I.

Said if it turned into 10 years sooner than that I would occupy long gone you're into bondage uh I've heard about bondage you admire to must payment me what bondage is let's recede but at that deadline I've already got a girl I'm chuffed I'm grinding attempting to construct cash you know my dreams are changed from sooner than and so when that came about it turned into admire well that.

Used to be a spell binding uh little occurrence here but no hobby in anyway fully none and uh but yeah she she had the balls to come abet up to somebody she didn't know she didn't know me I actually lawful met her a couple of weeks beforehand and we've easiest had a couple of pleasantries backstage you know those are passing hi there how you doing blah blah.

Blah but to come abet up and lawful no longer know who I am or anything about me and pull the ear thing off and goes I'm into bondage yeah she's on one other stage of uh of you know from Humanity I assume yeah I wager you were chuffed as a one-lady chap uh the Sonny turned into fired likely lawful weeks afterwards she turned into handed by admire June.

July anyway yeah she wasn't there very long um she I from what I tag she turned into supposed to high-tail out with I have confidence the Dual carriageway Warriors to the ring space up them and she she had a pill stutter um and I assume she turned into all messed up they stumbled on her backstage from what I will be capable of keep in mind they stumbled on her backstage they.

Said we got to rating you in rehab and from what I've been told she refused to high-tail to rehab and so they fired her um I don't know I've by no near surely heard the total fable from her herself so what I'm announcing is lawful what I've heard and you know how that’s if it's third hand recordsdata and even second hand recordsdata I'll rob it with a grain of.

Salt till I hear it without prolong from the horse's mouth yeah so but that's what I heard came about fully foreign
These prowrestler are pretty awesome!

Val Venis on the X-RATED Offer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Made to Him in WWF!

Val Venis on the X-RATED Offer Tammy