Updates on the Current Status of Will Ospreay’s NJPW Contract

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Will Ospreay’s contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling will expire in early 2024. Several promotions, including WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling, are expected to be interested in signing him. Ospreay is being represented by talent agent Barry Bloom.

WWE is still in the picture in signing Ospreay, who is trying to secure the best offer possible for him and his family, and it’s not a lock that he’s going to AEW.


Andrew Zarian of Masked Men Podcast reported today that he’s been told to expect Ospreay to be the talent signing this weekend at AEW Full Gear 2023.

Pwinsider is reporting that Ospreay’s official New Japan Pro Wrestling contract expires sometime in February 2024 and Ospreay has already received the blessing of NJPW to explore discussions with other companies.

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Will Ospreay, one of the top professional wrestlers in the world, is set to become a free agent in early 2024 when his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) expires. This has sparked interest from several major promotions, including WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling, who are all vying to sign him.

Ospreay, known for his high-flying and innovative wrestling style, has become a fan favorite and has had numerous successful runs in NJPW. However, with his contract coming to an end, it seems that he is ready to explore new opportunities and potentially take his talents elsewhere.

One of the frontrunners in the race to sign Ospreay is WWE. The company has a long history of attracting top talent from around the world and has the resources to offer lucrative contracts. However, it is not guaranteed that Ospreay will choose WWE, as he is focused on securing the best offer for himself and his family.

Another potential destination for Ospreay is All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Andrew Zarian of the Masked Men Podcast has reported that he has been told to expect Ospreay to sign with AEW at their upcoming event, Full Gear 2023. AEW has quickly risen to prominence in the wrestling world and has established itself as a major competitor to WWE. Signing Ospreay would be a significant coup for the promotion and would add even more star power to their already impressive roster.

In addition to WWE and AEW, Impact Wrestling is also interested in signing Ospreay. Impact has undergone a resurgence in recent years and has been able to attract top talent from other promotions. With their focus on showcasing athletic and innovative wrestling, Impact could be a good fit for Ospreay’s style.

It is worth noting that Ospreay’s talent agent, Barry Bloom, will play a crucial role in negotiating his next contract. Bloom has a wealth of experience in the wrestling industry and has represented numerous top wrestlers throughout his career.

According to Pwinsider, Ospreay has already received the blessing from NJPW to explore discussions with other companies. This indicates that he is free to negotiate with any promotion and is not limited to staying with NJPW.

As fans eagerly await Ospreay’s decision, it is clear that his next move will have a significant impact on the wrestling landscape. Whether he chooses WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, or another promotion altogether, there is no doubt that Ospreay’s talent and star power will continue to shine in the world of professional wrestling.

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