Updates on Jade Cargill’s AEW Contract amidst Speculations of Her Move to WWE

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Jade Cargill is leaving AEW after her last match with the promotion at Wednesday’s Rampage taping. She had a rematch with Kris Statlander.

As previously reported, Cargill is finishing up with AEW and is expected to join WWE. She signed a three-year deal with AEW in the fall of 2020 but had a tryout with WWE before joining AEW.


Pwinsider reports Cargill doesn’t have any other AEW appearances lined up and once her deal is up then she’s free to sign with anyone. 

“The belief is that her current AEW deal expires as soon as this week, and while there were discussions with Cargill about staying, nothing new was ever agreed to.”

There is a belief that Cargill is heading to WWE for the NXT brand.

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Jade Cargill, the talented professional wrestler, is bidding farewell to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after her last match with the promotion at Wednesday’s Rampage taping. The match was a rematch against Kris Statlander, and it marked the end of Cargill’s time with AEW.

Cargill’s departure from AEW has been widely reported, and it is expected that she will be joining World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Although she signed a three-year deal with AEW in the fall of 2020, Cargill had previously tried out for WWE before ultimately joining AEW.

According to Pwinsider, Cargill does not have any further appearances scheduled with AEW, and once her contract expires, she will be free to sign with any promotion of her choice. It is believed that Cargill will be heading to WWE, specifically for their NXT brand.

The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation and anticipation regarding Cargill’s move to WWE. Fans are eager to see how she will fare in the highly competitive world of professional wrestling and what new opportunities await her in NXT.

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As Jade Cargill embarks on a new chapter in her wrestling career, fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on her journey. Whether she continues to captivate audiences with her impressive athleticism and charisma or takes on new challenges in WWE, Cargill’s talent and determination are sure to make her a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.