Update Behind the Scenes on Rhea Ripley’s Current Standing in WWE

Update Behind the Scenes on Rhea Ripley’s Current Standing in WWE
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On the WWE RAW episode aired on April 8th, an unexpected backstage attack by Liv Morgan on Rhea Ripley led to a legitimate and severe shoulder injury for Ripley. Consequently, she had to step away from her Women’s World Title and take a temporary leave from WWE television. Initial guesses about her return were projected to be around a four-month hiatus.

Fightful Select shed light on Ripley’s decision to engage in rigorous shoulder rehabilitation procedures over going under the knife. Owing to this choice, her return might be delayed more than initially expected.

However, preparations are in full swing for Ripley to stage a comeback whenever she feels ready. There is also a possibility of her return in a capacity not related to wrestling if the creative team decides on this course.

The narrated story upon Ripley’s return will govern her creative path. Nevertheless, it’s anticipated that a fierce feud with Liv Morgan will be resumed.

Profiling the upcoming events, it is optimistically suggested that Ripley will make an appearance on screen, even if not actively wrestling, before SummerSlam 2024.

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