Upcoming Events: Jon Moxley’s Involvement in Sukeban Event, GCW Schedule, and CZW Tournament Of Death

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The next Sukeban event will likely take place in Miami, FL this December.

Wrestling Open has announced that Masha Slamovich will battle Gabby Forza on Thursday in Worcester, Massachusetts. The event will stream live on Independent Wrestling TV.


Stonecutter Media has announced a Jon Moxley pay-per-view event for October. You can check out the full announcement below:


You know him as a WWE Grand Slam Champion. You know him as the longest reigning U.S. champion in WWE history. You’ve seen him in some of the biggest fights in some of the biggest venues and on prime-time TV. And now you can see this champion in the early fights that rocketed him into stardom!

Every month you can see a new show focused on the early career of a current wrestling star, and you can order the shows on pay-per-view or on demand. In addition to JON MOXLEY: THE SWITCHBLADE, be sure to check out DEZMOND XAVIER: SOUL SURVIVOR, still available on pay-per-view and on demand. Go online to your cable or satellite provider’s website to order on pay-per-view. Or check your on demand guide for available shows.”

GCW has announced the dates for its upcoming shows, including November 3 in St. Louis, Missouri, and November 4 in Atlanta, Georgia.

You check out their updated schedule for the remainder of the year and early 2024 below:

CZW will present its recently postponed Tournament of Death event on Saturday, October 7 in Townsend, Delaware.

You can check out the updated lineup below:

Tournament of Death First Round: Judge Joe Dredd vs. Big F’n Joe
Tournament of Death First Round: Mickie Knuckles vs. Bobby Beverly
* Shlak vs. Eric Ryan
* Orin Veidt vs. TBA

CZW’s next shows will be held on November 5 and December 3 in Maryland.

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Jon Moxley: The Switchblade – A Look Into the Early Career of a Wrestling Champion

Stonecutter Media has recently announced an exciting pay-per-view event featuring one of the most prominent names in professional wrestling today, Jon Moxley. Titled “Jon Moxley: The Switchblade,” this event will take fans on a journey through the early fights that propelled Moxley into stardom. As a WWE Grand Slam Champion and the longest-reigning U.S. champion in WWE history, Moxley’s career has been filled with memorable moments and high-stakes matches.

Stonecutter Media is known for its monthly shows that focus on the early careers of current wrestling stars. These shows can be ordered on pay-per-view or watched on demand. Alongside “Jon Moxley: The Switchblade,” fans can also enjoy “Dezmond Xavier: Soul Survivor,” which is still available for purchase.

The announcement has created a buzz among wrestling enthusiasts, as they eagerly anticipate the chance to witness the early battles that shaped Moxley’s career. From his time in WWE to his current success in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Moxley has consistently delivered electrifying performances and captivated audiences worldwide.

In addition to the Jon Moxley event, other wrestling promotions have also unveiled their upcoming shows. Wrestling Open, for example, has announced a thrilling match between Masha Slamovich and Gabby Forza, set to take place in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fans can catch the action live on Independent Wrestling TV.

Meanwhile, GameChanger Wrestling (GCW) has revealed the dates for their upcoming shows, including November 3 in St. Louis, Missouri, and November 4 in Atlanta, Georgia. GCW has gained a reputation for its intense and innovative wrestling events, attracting a dedicated fan base.

Another notable event on the horizon is CZW’s Tournament of Death, which was recently postponed but is now scheduled for October 7 in Townsend, Delaware. This hardcore tournament promises to deliver brutal and unforgettable matches, featuring renowned wrestlers such as Judge Joe Dredd, Big F’n Joe, Mickie Knuckles, and Bobby Beverly.

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As the wrestling industry continues to evolve and produce thrilling events, fans can look forward to witnessing the rise of new stars and the continued success of established champions like Jon Moxley. With the availability of pay-per-view events and on-demand viewing options, wrestling enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite matches from the comfort of their homes.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an action-packed lineup of wrestling events in the coming months. From Jon Moxley’s early career showcase to hardcore tournaments and exciting matchups, there’s something for every wrestling fan to enjoy.