Unusual Jack Shoots on Paul Heyman (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Unusual Jack Shoots on Paul Heyman (BURIES HIM) Traditional Wrestling Shoot
Here is a wrestling shoots video of ECW wrestler Unusual Jack discussing Paul Heyman.
Unusual Jack passed away on 5/14/2021

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Unusual Jack shoots on Paul heyman
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Unusual Jack
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These wrestling match are gentle. paul heyman mr ecw mr enjoy i ever lied to you i got your assist i'm your ideal excellent friend here’s the similar [ __ ] that took off the digital camera and we did a pay-per-discover about and on the come assist he acknowledged he got stopped on the border and they also seized .

The total money attributable to it become as soon as druid as soon as they thought and we were now three months in the assist of on getting paid paul heyman the similar [ __ ] that urged me jack move the entire plot down to georgia trains up in some charters i had and that i'll send you your study and .

I'll gain you out of detention heart and that i urged him i acknowledged paulie if you happen to don't execute it inner the subsequent three days i'm gonna be in detention heart for a minute and three days flip into nine weeks i place in detention heart and that i returned to the arena and that's when i grew to alter into a [ __ ] face and that i didn't even thought on doing it become as soon as .

Never taking half in i felony got here in the ring and that i cut a promo and that i acknowledged i missed the [ __ ] in ecw and all of a surprising they favorite me as a [ __ ] face for y'all that don't know that's a blinding man okay the similar [ __ ] that we went to pensacola florida and when sandman pulled his pants down .

In the ring nonetheless as [ __ ] and that i know preserve got the [ __ ] replica that [ __ ] tape nonetheless he won't let no one search it attributable to paul lee most certainly didn't sold it off with him or no topic the [ __ ] nonetheless i know he got a duplicate of it goddammit sandman pulled his nuts out in the ring butt naked and what took place nothing similar man got .

Sent home for a number of weeks and he got paid to take a seat down at home and let it move away taz goes to pittsburgh and gain a sexual assault price on a [ __ ] at a tanning booth what took place police says don't uncover no one what took place .

Because ted's surely one of my high guys so they sold their come out of that they paid the girl no longer to move to courtroom and dance walked away and all the pieces become as soon as okay paul heyman he urged all americans in ecw that he become as soon as going to execute a deal after we lost tv with what become as soon as it tnn tnn all felony .

He says i'm going out to california and that i'm going to set that deal and that i ain't coming assist except i enjoy a brand new tv deal signed nonetheless for these that didn't know pauline went out to [ __ ] california to execute their movie rollerball that's why he become as soon as in california he didn't give a [ __ ] about us .

You know he acknowledged i'm the captain of the ship i'm no longer gonna move down except you understand i ain't gonna let y'all follow it let's i am happening i'm the captain i am going with the ship and your entire time he become as soon as planning some [ __ ] to execute what he did he jumped [ __ ] [ __ ] and americans in point of fact believed in that cock-sucking .

[ __ ] and a number of guys to for the time being can't gain a job attributable to paulie got heat with him and he makes it a degree that they may possibly well well no longer gain hired in [ __ ] wwe me myself i know i won't move to wwe attributable to if i went and that i noticed him i smacked the [ __ ] out of him if i noticed his mama i'll rush over her in .

My [ __ ] automobile i tie his daddy to a fence and let a bull butt [ __ ] him you understand what i'm pronouncing trigger he ain't [ __ ] the [ __ ] dwelling he breathes he ought to be unsuitable he's a [ __ ] nugatory half of [ __ ] him and that [ __ ] talk going .

Both [ __ ] suck my dick easiest scrape is it may possibly well well in point of fact feel stunning i may possibly well well fancy it so i don't even favor them to execute that every body felony targon is one more one it become as soon as a blinding cop band cop it become as soon as huge it become as soon as paulie and todd played the lovely cop recreation todd's the similar [ __ ] who acknowledged in the hotel .

And smoke crack nonetheless no don't convey that attributable to todd is fancy and feeling he's a enterprise man he's a household man [ __ ] tom going todd become as soon as [ __ ] the [ __ ] first attend [ __ ] named mary sue and mary ellen what the [ __ ] that entire name become as soon as you understand what i mean and he become as soon as married and then he divorced his accomplice and .

Married one more [ __ ] yeah i mean they brought this cat jt in and jt may possibly well well work well jt smith yeah yeah i mean he may possibly well well work nonetheless he become as soon as that [ __ ] he played that recreation you search what he got it his accomplice acknowledged quit the enterprise or i'll move away your ass so the entire issues he got left for uh for [ __ ] resume is memories .

However then there's that [ __ ] new jack the [ __ ] that felony is most certainly no longer peaceable i bet you when i die that'd be happening attributable to it doesn't move away except then attributable to i'm continuously pronouncing what i [ __ ] in point of fact feel and here’s the scrape that i continuously that they continuously had with me i didn't give a [ __ ] about them .

You know what i'm pronouncing i got on this enterprise attributable to i wished to gain there no longer attributable to they become as soon as [ __ ] you understand they’d all these incandescent tips to set me a [ __ ] as they would convey star my [ __ ] nuts okay and that i know preserve sitting there felony now pronouncing jack i got a bunch of questions i need .

To set a quiz to you what [ __ ] you execute must wait trigger i got some [ __ ] on my chest i'm gonna gain the [ __ ] off and then you set a quiz to me would you wanna [ __ ] set a quiz to all felony here’s stunning all felony they dogs all americans in ecw if you happen to played the sport you got over .

In the event you played the sport they allowed you to move to the fed as they name it paulie calls me on my come to queens and he's a brand new jack don't advance to the indicate i acknowledged what he acknowledged the athletic commissioner is wrathful at you attributable to he acknowledged the final time we labored the indicate .

In philly i'm sorry in uh new york you hit on his daughter she become as soon as 14. my daughter's 17. advance on he owed me money nonetheless that become as soon as the night that taz become as soon as gonna be on the indicate after he went to wwe bubbling devon become as soon as gonna be on the indicate so he makes up this chronicle don't advance to .

The indicate jack i enjoy to let price put collectively you i acknowledged i need my money i pull up in the car parking zone and that i acknowledged paulie shriek me my money shriek me you owe me about eight edifying shriek me on the very least six and that i'll move away he sent any individual down there brought me 500 i search you and lost your goddamn man .

Now the athletic price that he's talking about that i become as soon as hit on his daughter felony so took place to stroll by be conscious the fellow with the [ __ ] finger the person that's in the bent finger yeah yeah no topic the [ __ ] his name is i acknowledged bro he's jack what's up i acknowledged nothing i acknowledged i become as soon as urged that she become as soon as wrathful at me .

He's about what i acknowledged attributable to i become as soon as hitting for your daughter the final indicate he's a jack if you happen to become as soon as hitting on my daughter the final indicate i may possibly well well be pissed off at you cuz y'all did in new york he's some of the fundamental scrape i don't enjoy early life here’s the similar [ __ ] that known as me after we had a pay-per-discover about .

In l.a paul heyman paul e known as me when i stayed in dane ohio you understand what he acknowledged he acknowledged jack the set are you i acknowledged i'm invading he acknowledged give me a mobile phone amount why name you nonetheless you got my cell mobile phone he's no give me a dating mobile phone i'm gonna name you assist and that i acknowledged for what he acknowledged attributable to .

There i felony now i'm in the police department and there's a girl sitting here pronouncing that you just felony raped her and that i'm trying to gain you out of it and it become as soon as some safety guys that he had labored ending dwelling thing when i become as soon as a cop i mediate his name become as soon as some [ __ ] fancy that .

And i become as soon as felony there with me i set him on the mobile phone i acknowledged uncover him the set i’m he acknowledged he's felony with me paulie he's a jack i'll recall care of it nonetheless felony now this lady is pronouncing that you just wished you you you picked her up the paper sex and you had sex with her and you didn't favor .

To pay and you beat her up i acknowledged i'm [ __ ] dating that's the more or much less [ __ ] he played for me and earlier than i left i started telling him i acknowledged i need you to swap my name to spare tire he's fancy what i acknowledged spare tire i wish to be is understood as spare tire from now he's a white .

I acknowledged since some of the fundamental time you recall me out [ __ ] if you happen to need me when tnn become as soon as around you didn't set my [ __ ] on on tv attributable to you acknowledged that they didn't favor no stabbing no blood nonetheless if you happen to were trying to gain kicked off the air you showed all my fits the entire [ __ ] time .

And then you blame me for us getting kicked off [ __ ] tnn [ __ ] and you become as soon as the person that goddamn uh edited the indicate you set this [ __ ] on tv and you [ __ ] knew what the [ __ ] you become as soon as doing and you set me in the market as a [ __ ] sacrificial lamb to recall the warmth for your punk ass and then you move to wwe .

And procure bankrupt and convey you ain't got [ __ ] trigger you gambled the entire [ __ ] money away all felony you be conscious the night i got you and tazz and dreamer room comp and harris and got you a gold card along with your name on it what you set on it what you execute with it with a gold card [ __ ] is that they preserve .

Recording what you execute and that become as soon as the similar night all americans got snowed in to a indicate in jersey and you wouldn't gain no one moreover for me and the three folks over a 300 map all americans got fitted out why attributable to you went to atlantic city and gambled and lost .

17 000 one night in atlantic city advance on now i don't owe you [ __ ] and vince mcmahon hires this [ __ ] you're a crook and that i'm obvious paulie you're gonna gain this tape attributable to i'm gonna mail you a duplicate of this [ __ ] when it comes up i'm gonna send you a duplicate of all of it .

Appropriate [ __ ] i search you earlier than you search me and you got away with this [ __ ] and then you move to wwe and they also acknowledged well paulie's easiest making 52 000 a year why attributable to if you happen to're making a penny over there then they’ll advance and gain your ass and they also’ll goddamn taking money off your [ __ ] study when .

You are [ __ ] getting sued by all americans so they got you felony on the limit 52 you may possibly well well't set over 52 no longer 52 self ample and that's what they did with you and they also protected your ass and you've continuously been protected you got here in ecw and you stole it from [ __ ] .

Punk ass talk going you got here in you got the connections and then you urged all americans to take care of you and no longer toy todd tried to step in you recall the company and his teller and rename the [ __ ] company and that's what the [ __ ] you did you understand what i mean .

So now you don't got them gave decrease than a [ __ ] about all americans and you don't favor the wwe and you gain your study on high and your money on the bottom and it's okay now trigger you already nonetheless you 30 one thing years conventional [ __ ] and you proceed to stay at home along with your [ __ ] of us so that you just understand what .

You ain't [ __ ] paulie you are surely one of many lowest [ __ ] on this planet and you got away with nearly assassinate louis vagoli died he had labored for ecw bobby duncan junior dad and you understand what i don't blame pills for that i blame you for it .

Because they got lost in the [ __ ] budge you understand you are the devil's son and that i need you nothing nonetheless inappropriate excellent fortune and most certainly the ideal fortune the inappropriate excellent fortune that i'm hoping on you it may possibly well well advance assist on me nonetheless i hope to god that you just endure fancy a [ __ ] earlier than you die and that i hope you die behind and that i hope .

You'll be in a teach to felony sit down there and search your ass with it away in entrance of a replicate for years and then you die and that i hope you search your of us die earlier than you attributable to you ain't [ __ ] nonetheless as adversarial to that stunning excellent fortune bro
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Unusual Jack Shoots on Paul Heyman (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview

New Jack Shoots on Paul Heyman (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview