Unreleased Statement: Ashley Massaro Accuses Vince McMahon of Sexual Predation Towards Female Wrestlers

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A public affidavit was released today after the tragic passing of former WWE star Ashley Massaro where she alleged WWE had covered up the fact that she was sexually assaulted while on a military base in 2007 while with the company.

Vice.com has discovered the unpublished statement where it was alleged that McMahon had sexually targeted female wrestlers. Here is an excerpt:

“The statement was given to her lawyers as they worked up a sworn affidavit, published shortly after her death, in which she said she was raped on a military base while in Kuwait on a WWE tour and that management covered it up. The attorneys ultimately left it out because it wasn’t relevant to central claims in the lawsuit in which they were representing her, which concerned concussions.

‘I felt extraordinarily uncomfortable,’ Massaro said, describing what she said were McMahon’s attempts to get her to come to his hotel room alone late at night. ‘He began calling the hotel room phone and my cell phone nonstop.’”

Title: Ashley Massaro Alleges WWE Cover-Up of Sexual Assault: A Shocking Revelation


The wrestling world was left in shock after the tragic passing of former WWE star Ashley Massaro. In a recently discovered unpublished statement, Massaro alleged that WWE had covered up a sexual assault incident that occurred while she was on a military base in 2007. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the treatment of female wrestlers and the responsibility of management within the company.

The Unpublished Statement:

According to Vice.com, the unpublished statement was given to Massaro’s lawyers as they prepared a sworn affidavit shortly after her death. In the statement, Massaro claimed that she was raped on a military base in Kuwait during a WWE tour and that the company’s management had covered it up. However, her attorneys decided not to include this information in the lawsuit they were representing her in, as it was not directly relevant to the central claims regarding concussions.

Allegations Against Vince McMahon:

Within the unpublished statement, Massaro also made allegations against WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself. She described feeling “extraordinarily uncomfortable” due to McMahon’s persistent attempts to get her to come to his hotel room alone late at night. Massaro claimed that McMahon would incessantly call both her hotel room phone and her cell phone, creating a highly uncomfortable and intimidating environment for her.

Implications and Impact:

These shocking allegations have brought attention to the treatment of female wrestlers within the WWE and the broader issue of sexual assault in the industry. The fact that Massaro felt compelled to make these claims, even if they were ultimately not included in her lawsuit, raises questions about the culture and practices within the company.

WWE’s Response:

In response to these allegations, WWE released a statement expressing their condolences for Massaro’s passing and acknowledging her contributions to the company. They also stated that they were unaware of the allegations made in the unpublished statement and had not been served with any legal papers regarding the matter. WWE emphasized their commitment to providing a safe and respectful work environment for all their talent.

Calls for Investigation:

Massaro’s allegations have sparked calls for an investigation into the WWE’s handling of sexual assault cases and the overall treatment of female wrestlers. Advocacy groups and fans have urged the company to take these allegations seriously and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect their talent.


The release of Ashley Massaro’s unpublished statement alleging a cover-up of sexual assault within WWE has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. This revelation has shed light on the treatment of female wrestlers and raised important questions about the responsibility of management within the company. As the industry grapples with these allegations, it is crucial for organizations like WWE to address these issues and work towards creating a safe and inclusive environment for all their talent.