Undertaker Originally Thought He’d Debut In WWF As ‘Egg Man’

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Undertaker Originally Thought He’d Debut In WWF As ‘Egg Man’

When the Undertaker initially made his debut for the WWE at Survivor Series in 1990, he wasn’t always going to the menacing figure that he became known as today. Speaking on Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull Sessions – which premieres this Sunday – Undertaker recounted how he almost emerged from WWE’s infamous giant egg.

“They were doing this promotion where on the show, back then, they would do 3-4 weeks in a row, they had this gigantic egg on the set,” he said. “So I’m at home, and I’m trying to think everything I can do, I’m trying to grow my hair out, I’m trying to come up with a different look…and then all of a sudden my mind goes, ‘Oh man, they’re going to bring me in,’ now this is outlandish the gimmicks were then too, I’m going to be egg man.”

According to Undertaker, he had convinced himself so bad that WWE was going to ask him to be the man inside the egg that he got stomachaches from it. Of course, the WWE went a different direction with the egg storyline, and Undertaker was able to become the phenomenon that he is now, so it all ended up working out for him.

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