Undertaker On His Unique Debut: ‘I Really Didn’t Want To Be The Eggman’

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Undertaker On His Unique Debut: ‘I Really Didn’t Want To Be The Eggman’

Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

The lead up to and release of Undertaker’s “Last Ride” documentary on WWE Network has opened up the man behind the ghostly smoke to a lot more interviews than we’re used to. We’ve seen new sides to the legend, whether he’s advocating for animal safety in bizarre poolside PSAs or just sitting down with Stone Cold for a chat. One thing that also gets talked about now more than before is The Undertaker’s unique debut all the way back at Survivor Series 1990. In an interview with the BBC, Mark Calaway talked about his anxiety going into his initial WWE appearance.

They were doing a big promotion and had a big egg on the set. I thought that egg was going to be me because they had so many gimmicks. The thought of having to “shave my head and eyebrows” caused quite a panic. I really didn’t want to be the Eggman.

Thankfully, he then got the call about what his gimmick would be, and an undead zombie wizard certainly trumps a ’60s Batman villain. In the time since then, Mark says that it’s become harder and harder to keep the character of Taker separate from his everyday life, partially due to our connected lifestyle. “When I go to have personal time with my family I only like places that respect my privacy. I have the responsibility to my fans, but also of being a husband and father.”

For more, including a reiteration that he’s seeking one perfect retirement match, you can check out the full interview on BBC.com.

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