Understanding Anthony Bowens’ Perspective on Tony Khan: A Mad Scientist Who Recognizes Our Humanity

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In a recent appearance on the “Compas on the Beast” podcast, AEW World Trios Champion Anthony Bowens lavished praise on his boss Tony Khan, noting how much the AEW President cares about the talent.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Tony Khan also owning ROH: “It’s cool to have them under our umbrella. I think it’s a great opportunity for people to work on things and to get more reps. It’s a fantastic company with great lineage, where a lot of our top guys have come from, Ring of Honor back in the day. The Adam Coles, the Adam Hangman Pages, the Young Bucks, all the way back to Cody. So a lot of rich wrestling history in Ring of Honor.”

On his thoughts on Tony Khan: I mean, Tony’s, I kind of call him a mad scientist in a sense. It feels like no matter if it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars, you guys, Fulham even, it feels like they’re always trying to be competitive. They always want to be the best and I feel like he does a really good job with it. Well, considering all the things that he does, he does a fantastic job multitasking. Barely.”

On how much Tony Khan cares about his workers: “It’s awesome to work for somebody who cares about you. He genuinely cares about his performers and takes care of us. So that’s number one to me, one that understands that we’re human beings at the end of the day. So it’s been great to work with him the last four years and he’s the guy who created The Acclaimed. It’s been very cool to, I guess, make him proud. We brought his vision to life in a very, very large way and I think that’s cool.”

In a recent interview on the “Compas on the Beast” podcast, AEW World Trios Champion Anthony Bowens spoke highly of his boss, Tony Khan, and praised his dedication to the talent in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Bowens expressed his admiration for Khan’s commitment to creating a competitive environment and his genuine care for the performers.

One of the topics discussed during the podcast was Tony Khan’s ownership of Ring of Honor (ROH). Bowens mentioned that having ROH under the AEW umbrella provides a great opportunity for talent to work on their skills and gain more experience. He acknowledged the rich wrestling history of ROH and how many top AEW stars, such as Adam Cole, Hangman Page, The Young Bucks, and Cody, have come from that promotion.

Bowens went on to describe Tony Khan as a “mad scientist” who is always striving for excellence in all his ventures. Whether it’s managing AEW, the Jacksonville Jaguars football team, or Fulham Football Club, Khan is constantly focused on being the best. Bowens commended Khan’s multitasking abilities and his dedication to ensuring the success of all his endeavors.

One aspect that Bowens emphasized was how much Tony Khan cares about his workers. He expressed his gratitude for working under someone who genuinely cares about the performers and takes care of them. Bowens highlighted the importance of Khan recognizing that wrestlers are human beings and appreciating their well-being. He credited Khan for creating The Acclaimed, Bowens’ tag team, and expressed pride in bringing Khan’s vision to life in a significant way.

The interview showcased Bowens’ admiration and respect for Tony Khan as a boss and leader in AEW. It shed light on Khan’s commitment to creating a competitive environment and his genuine care for the well-being of the talent. Bowens’ positive remarks reflect the positive working relationship between AEW wrestlers and Tony Khan.

Overall, this interview provides insight into the dynamic between AEW talent and their boss, Tony Khan. It highlights Khan’s dedication to creating a successful wrestling promotion and his genuine care for the performers. With such a supportive leader at the helm, it’s no wonder AEW has become a popular and thriving wrestling organization.