Ultimate WWE and AEW Power Rankings #14 – September 10, 2023

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It is time for another week of the Ultimate Power Rankings from both WWE and AEW. Who improved their stock from last week and who downgraded their position among the rest?

This set ranges from Monday (September 4) and to this Sunday (September 10). This means that all the results and highlights from this week’s Raw, NXT, AEW Dynamite, SmackDown, AEW Rampage, and AEW Collision will play a factor in the rankings. Also, due to there being no updated rankings last week, the results and highlights from recent PPVs, WWE Payback and AEW All Out will also play part in where each wrestler lands.


If a wrestler has a (+) next to their name, then that means that they moved up the rankings from last week’s edition. When there is a (-) next to their name, then that means that they moved down from the rankings from last week. If there is nothing next to their name, then that means that they stayed at the same spot.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s rankings!


10. Shayna Baszler (NR)

Baszler picked up a nice win on Raw this week over Zoey Stark. It’s still unknown as to what is in store for the future of Baszler. She’s been winning matches on a consistent basis but is a match with Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship soon to come. It would definitely be an intriguing matchup between the two women.

9. Chad Gable (-6)

He may not be the Intercontinental Champion, but Gable has become a star over the last couple of months. With his family in attendance and the crowd super behind Gable, the Alpha Academy leader could not get the job done against Gunther. This feud with Gunther has shown that Gable is a very capable guy in the WWE and hopefully he continues to be a highlight on TV each and every week.

8. LWO (-7)

Rey Mysterio is still the United States Champion, retaining against Austin Theory at Payback, but what’s next for Mysterio is the real question. It’s time for a real challenger to step up to the WWE Hall of Fame. All signs are eventually pointing towards a split between him and Santos Escobar, most likely in a feud for said United States title.

7. Tiffany Stratton (NR)

Stratton is still the NXT Women’s Champion, defeating Kiana James on NXT this week. After the match, her highly-rumored feud with Becky Lynch began, as Lynch challenged Stratton to a match for the title at next week’s show. This is a prime opportunity for Stratton to have a great match with a well-known and amazing performer in Lynch, and regardless of win or lose, the recognition and eyeballs that she will get with this match and hopefully after it’s all said and done is truly the biggest reward. Bright future.

6. LA Knight

At Payback, Knight ended his fun feud with The Miz in victory with John Cena as the special guest referee. The feud with The Miz was a nice palette cleanser. Obviously, fans and I are clamoring for a big push and whilst this doesn’t propel him into the main event status, WWE is taking their time with him and fans are still obsessed with Knight. Fingers crossed that WWE knows what they’re doing and doesn’t screw over another mega babyface like they’ve done in the past.

5. Cody Rhodes

“The American Nightmare” brought back Jey Iso to TV on Payback, bringing him over to the Monday Night Raw roster. Rhodes is still in a holding pattern right now but hopefully he stays involved in the top scene, maybe even having a match with Cena. It also would not be shocking if we see Rhodes move over to SmackDown in the wake of Uso jumping brands, thus kickstarting the inevitable Roman Reigns vs Rhodes sequel at WrestleMania 40.

4. Becky Lynch (NR)

Lynch wrapped up her long rivalry with Trish Stratus inside a steel cage at Payback. The win got Lynch to finally move on and focus on new and fresh feuds, with is why her match with Stratton on NXT next week is must-see. It would not be shocking at all if Lynch finally won the title that has alluded her, the NXT Women’s Championship. All of this is a precursor to Lynch more than likely challenging Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania.

3. Seth Rollins (+7)

Rollins is still the World Heavyweight Champion, retaining his title against Shinsuke Nakamura at Payback. Speaking of Nakamura, the feud is seemingly not over yet, as Raw showed that Nakamura still has a bone to pick with Rollins. Rollins reign with the title still doesn’t feel as big as it should be. He still feels like a B champion and no challenger has felt like a legitimate threat to win it. Still, there is a strong chance that Rollins continues to hold this title all the way up until even WrestleMania, but at the very least through the end of 2023.

2. The Judgment Day (NR)

The Judgment Day are more golden than ever before. First at Payback, Damian Priest and Finn Balor set their differences aside to become the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Also at Payback, Rhea Ripley retained over her biggest challenger yet, Raquel Rodriguez. Dominik Mysterio is still NXT North American Champion, and Priest still holds Money in the Bank. Associate JD McDonagh is also in the wings, presenting Priest with a customized version of the MITB briefcase on Raw, and even winning against Sami Zayn. Things are looking up for The Judgment Day and they are every where on every show.

1. Gunther (NR)

History has officially been made. The WWE Intercontinental Championship has a new top dog. Gunther is now the longest reigning Intercontinental champion in WWE history. The record being broken was long overdue and I can’t think of a better representative to do that than in the “Ring General” Gunther.


10. Miro (NR)

“The Redeemer” may have powered through Powerhouse Hobbs at All Out, but the real moment came after the match when his wife, CJ Perry fka Lana, made her AEW debut, saving Miro from the post-match attack by Hobbs. However, Miro ignored his wife, laying the groundwork for a compelling storyline between the two. Regardless of how you feel about Perry, she is a great manager when done right, and having her involved in a story with Miro creates interesting television for fans across the AEW and WWE spectrum.

9. The Kingdom (NR)

The Kingdom is becoming more and more of a staple on AEW TV. Roderick Strong has advanced to the finals of the Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament by beating Trent Beretta and Darby Allin, and the storyline between the group and Adam Cole is continuing to progress into AEW’s top ongoing story.

8. Luchasaurus and Christian Cage (NR)

Simply put, Cage is on a different level right now. His promo work has been fantastic. His partnership with Luchasaurus has been enjoyable to say the least, and the TNT Championship is still factored into their story. Luchasaurus retained the title at All Out against Darby Allin, and the two continued to make Allin’s live miserable on Collision by attacking him backstage before his match against Strong.

7. Kris Statlander (NR)

Three successful title defenses in the span of a week for the TBS Champion. First, Statlander defeated Ruby Soho at All Out. She then retained over Emi Sakura on Dynamite, before finishing things off with Robyn Renegade at Collision. Statlander has been a fun TBS Champion but now is where things are officially becoming questionable as to whether she will be holding this title for much longer, as a returning Jade Cargill came back on this week’s Collision to make a statement and lay out the woman who beat her for the title. Statlander vs. Cargill Part 2 is on the horizon.

6. Bullet Club Gold (NR)

This group is so much fun to watch. They’re comedic gold, excellent in the ring, and I for one hope that they are the ones to beat FTR for the AEW World Tag Team titles. Jay White has shown that he is a must-see talent, Juice Robinson is one of the most underrated guys in the company, and The Gunns have come into their own.

5. Konosuke Takeshita (+4)

Takeshita has done it again, pinning Kenny Omega though this time, it was in a one-on-one match in Chicago at All Out. Takeshita, under Don Callis leadership, has become a star. Big things are ahead of Takeshita and I sincerely hope that the new sensation is on his way to some gold before the end of the year.

4. Bryan Danielson (NR)

“The American Dragon” is back and went to work on Ricky Starks in what was a fantastic strap match at All Out. On Collision, Danielson teased that his wrestling career is running out of time, so because of that, he is checking off another dream match by challenging Zack Saber Jr to a match that will sure level technical wrestling fans salivating at WrestleDream.

3. Samoa Joe (NR)

Joe is TV gold right now and his war of words with MJF on this week’s Dynamite showed that he is right where he should be in AEW. He is a main attraction, fans are loving themselves some Samoa Joe, and a title match at Grand Slam may very well be must-see.

2. Jon Moxley (NR)

Moxley ended Orange Cassidy’s historic reign as AEW International Championship. In his first week as champion, he defended his title twice, defeating AR Fox and Action Andretti. Now, Moxley has seemingly began a feud with Big Bill and Ricky Starks, as Moxley’s next defense is against Bill on the upcoming Dynamite. There are no words to describe how incredible Moxley has been in his run with AEW. He has far exceeded his impact from WWE and continues to bail out AEW when needed. Claps all around.

1. Better Than You Bay Bay (NR)

MJF and Adam Cole are now one. The ROH Tag Team Champions retained at All Out against The Dark Order, and also started the aforementioned feud between MJF and Samoa Joe. In the meantime, Cole continues his friendship woes with Roderick Strong and the rest of The Kingdom, and the breakup is still being planted for later down in the road. This pairing and eventual split is the best thing going on in professional wrestling.

Top 20 Combo Power Rankings (WWE and AEW):

20. Shayna Baszler (NR)

19. Miro (NR)

18. Chad Gable (-12)

17. LWO (-15)

16. The Kingdom (NR)

15. Tiffany Stratton (NR)

14. Luchasaurus and Christian Cage (NR)

13. Kris Statlander (NR)

12. LA Knight (+1)

11. Cody Rhodes (+1)

10. Bullet Club Gold (NR)

9. Becky Lynch (NR)

8. Konosuke Takeshita (+7)

7. Bryan Danielson (NR)

6. Seth Rollins (+14)

5. Samoa Joe (NR)

4. The Judgment Day (NR)

3. Jon Moxley (NR)

2. Better Than You Bay Bay (NR)

1. Gunther (NR)

Who would you have in your Top 10 Power Rankings of both WWE and AEW? What would be your ultimate combo list? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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