Tyson Fury: ‘WWE Has Taken My Mind Off Boxing Completely’

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Tyson Fury: ‘WWE Has Taken My Mind Off Boxing Completely’

Tyson Fury will square off against Braun Strowman later this week at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and he recently spoke to The Telegraph about the opportunity.

Tyson said that the opportunity came by chance and he immediately jumped on the offer. Tyson said, “I’m an entertainer and fast learner, so I’ve been getting the best out of it. It’s taken my mind off boxing completely. I wouldn’t be in training camp at the moment, anyway. But it gives me something to do. I didn’t want October and November off. I knew this would be a month-long job and I knew I would be busy.”

Fury also said that he has not been in contact with his trainer Ben Davison besides some text messages here and there. When asked about wrestling more in the future, Fury said, “It is back to boxing. Never say never, but I’ve got nothing planned for the future with wrestling.”

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