Tyson Fury Beats Braun Strowman At WWE Crown Jewel By Countout

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Tyson Fury Beats Braun Strowman At WWE Crown Jewel By CountoutTyson Fury

Tyson Fury ended up beating Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia, but it might not have been in the way that he had hoped. Fury—making a big entrance to The Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing”—ended up beating Strowman by countout, as Strowman was unable to meet the referee’s count after Fury cracked him with a right hand on the floor.

Braun ended up getting some form of revenge, as he powerslammed Fury after the match, but the ‘Gypsy King’ was quick to get back up to end the segment. Check out a full recap of the match below:


Strowman and Fury lock up and the Monster Among Men backs him into a corner. Strowman misses some punches and Fury lands some body shots. Fury puts Strowman in a headlock and hits a shoulder tackle. Strowman drops him with a big boot. Strowman hits more strikes but Fury sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. A right hand drops Fury but he hits a kick when Strowman tries to truck him over.

Fury escapes a slam but Strowman regains control. Fury sits up after Strowman knocks him down. Strowman slams Fury and trucks over him at ringside. Fury rocks Strowman with a right hand that knocks him to the outside. Strowman gets counted out.


Do your thing, #GypsyKing.@Tyson_Fury #WWECrownJewel pic.twitter.com/7h3McmFlgy

— WWE (@WWE) October 31, 2019

He's been doing his homework.#WWECrownJewel @Tyson_Fury pic.twitter.com/RBnj7fUu0p

— WWE (@WWE) October 31, 2019

A WIN'S A WIN.@Tyson_Fury just did his thing and earned a count-out VICTORY over @BraunStrowman at #WWECrownJewel! #TysonVsBraun pic.twitter.com/m170Vs0N9W

— WWE (@WWE) October 31, 2019