Tyler Breeze Discusses His Current Role with WWE and the Impact of ‘UpUpDownDown’

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Tyler Breeze may be a part of WWE once again but don’t expect to see Prince Pretty back in the ring anytime soon.

During a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, Breeze was asked about his current official role with WWE and revealed that he is exclusively part of the “UpUpDownDown” YouTube channel. He said,


“I work for UpUpDownDown. So UpUpDownDown, obviously, as you know, WWE’s YouTube channel, strictly for gaming, myself and [Xavier] Woods are on there. We just kind of get into all sorts of stuff. There’s not really like, you can say gaming, but like we just did UpUpDownDown Summer Games, for example. And it was basically just a bunch of people having fun and you know, running around like their kids again. And that’s work. That’s work.”

Breeze signed with WWE in 2010 and was released from the promotion in 2021. Breeze is a former NXT Tag Team Champion, which he held with Fandango.

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Tyler Breeze, also known as Prince Pretty, has made a return to WWE, but fans shouldn’t expect to see him back in the wrestling ring anytime soon. In a recent interview on the “Insight” podcast, Breeze revealed that his current official role with WWE is exclusively on the “UpUpDownDown” YouTube channel.

UpUpDownDown is WWE’s YouTube channel dedicated to gaming, and Breeze, along with fellow wrestler Xavier Woods, is a regular contributor. Breeze explained that their content goes beyond just gaming, citing the example of the UpUpDownDown Summer Games, where they had a lot of fun and acted like kids again. Despite the enjoyment, Breeze emphasized that this is still work for him.

Breeze has been associated with WWE since 2010 when he signed with the promotion. He gained popularity as part of the tag team “Breezango” with Fandango and even won the NXT Tag Team Championship. However, he was released from WWE in 2021.

While Breeze’s return to WWE is exciting news for fans, it seems that his focus will primarily be on creating content for the UpUpDownDown channel rather than stepping back into the wrestling ring. This shift in his career allows him to explore his passion for gaming and entertain fans in a different way.

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In conclusion, Tyler Breeze’s return to WWE brings him back into the spotlight, but his role is now centered around the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel rather than in-ring competition. Fans can expect entertaining gaming content from Breeze and Xavier Woods as they continue to have fun and engage with their audience.