Two Big Matches Involving Mance Warner At MLW Fightland In Philadelphia

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Two Big Matches Involving Mance Warner At MLW Fightland In Philadelphia

Mance Warner

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Light beers will be had in South Philadelphia as Mance Warner will play a major factor at MLW Fightland this weekend. Not only will Warner will be facing MLW’s hottest young talent in Gino Medina, but Mance will also have a mystery man face off against Medina’s Dynasty partner in Richard Holliday. Will both men go to that pay window at the 2300 Arena? We’ll soon see as the full announcement of the second match below.

A MYSTERY surrounds the Dynasty’s Richard Holliday going into Saturday’s MLW return to Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA — MLW today announced Richard Holliday vs. Mance Warner’s Mystery Man for MLW: FIGHTLAND at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia this Saturday February 1. The event will be a MLW FUSION TV taping for beIN SPORTS.

Tickets start at $15 at:

The altercation between the Dynasty and Mance Warner has Ol Mancer “hot as a hornet.” So much so the “Southern Psychopath” demanded not one match but TWO this Saturday in Philadelphia.

A source close to the Bucksnort brawler confirms that Warner wanted to fight the smug elitist Richard Holliday in addition to Warner’s scheduled bout with the Dynasty’s newest member, Gino Medina. confirmed league officials met with Warner in New York yesterday to discuss the situation.

The league ruled it would not sanction a second bout… but did counter with a creative solution: MLW will allow Mance Warner to select a grappler of his choosing for a bout with Holliday in Philadelphia this Saturday night.

When asked to comment about who he would select for this match, Warner took a few swigs of lite beer and said, “Ya’ll know the answer! It’s gonna be Ol Mancer’s mystery man!”

Warner then hoped in his ’92 GMC Sierra 1500 and unsteadily exited MLW headquarters at a high speed before could follow-up with more questioning.

Meanwhile, Holliday’s lawyer/father is threatening to sue MLW for an undisclosed amount in retaliation for making this match.

Who is Mance Warner’s mystery man? How will the Dynasty respond?

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