Two additional executives leave WWE

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As expected, the WWE cuts have begun following the merger between WWE and the UFC following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE earlier this week.

More cuts have been made as Fightful is reporting that Amanda Bloom, WWE’s Director, Enterprise Master Data and Governance, is no longer with the company.


Additionally, Catherine Newman, WWE’s Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing, is also gone. She joined WWE in November 2022.

While with WWE, Newman oversaw Marketing, Brand, Community Relations, Entertainment Relations, Creative Services and Photography.

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Following the recent merger between WWE and the UFC, the WWE has begun making cuts within the company. One of the notable departures is Amanda Bloom, WWE’s Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance. Additionally, Catherine Newman, WWE’s Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing, has also left the company.

Amanda Bloom’s departure from WWE comes as no surprise, considering the changes that often occur during mergers and acquisitions. As the Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance, Bloom played a crucial role in managing and organizing the company’s data and ensuring its accuracy and integrity. While her specific reasons for leaving are unknown, it is common for positions like hers to be reevaluated and potentially eliminated during a merger.

Catherine Newman’s departure is another significant loss for WWE. Joining the company in November 2022, Newman held the position of Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing. Her responsibilities included overseeing various aspects of marketing, such as branding, community relations, entertainment relations, creative services, and photography. Newman’s departure may indicate a shift in WWE’s marketing strategy or a restructuring of the marketing department.

These cuts are part of the natural process that occurs when two companies merge. The merging of WWE and the UFC under Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE has likely led to a reevaluation of roles and positions within the organization. While it can be unsettling for employees affected by these cuts, it is a common occurrence in the business world.

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As WWE continues to navigate its new landscape following the merger with the UFC, more changes may be on the horizon. Fans and industry insiders will be eagerly watching to see how these changes impact the company’s future direction and success.