Trish Stratus: Yoga Should Be A Requisite For Pro Wrestlers

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Trish Stratus: Yoga Should Be A Requisite For Pro Wrestlers

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WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recently appeared on the Wilde On podcast. She reflected on how much yoga has changed her life, and she explained why she believes that every wrestler needs to do yoga.

“I did [yoga] every day, and I could just, I mean, I’m telling you, automatically, I felt a difference in my body,” said Stratus. “I just had more mobility. I just knew my body needed this. And it was for my mental detachment, to go into and just find my space inside myself, inside my head, was something that I really needed but I didn’t know I needed. I used it to rehabilitate my body, so I think it was about three months that I did it every day, and I’m talking every day.

“Full recovery, I’ve never had to look back. I have full mobility. Never had to look back. The second leg of my career…The movements, the mobility of my body was just at a whole different level, like recovery time was quicker, and I was just like oh my god. It needs to be a prerequisite for wrestlers to do yoga.”

Stratus argued that yoga helped heal her body, and she stated that her mindset benefitted from it, too

“Not only do your joints get lubricated and all that, to be more agile, the recovery was the main thing because what we do is insane,” said Stratus. “But also the mental thing, to be in this crazy pace and just find your space. You just see things differently, and put things in perspective and before that, it was like, I’m going somewhere on to Monday to wrestle somewhere, like that’s kind of that mentality. Then I was like okay, I have this amazing opportunity to see the world.”

The former WWE Women’s Champion is clearly an advocate of yoga, as she credited it with rehabilitating her body from the wear and tear that pro wresting causes.

The full episode is available here:

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