Trish Stratus Reflects on Representing a Generation at WWE Payback 2023

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In a recent interview with GAW, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus recalled using Victoria’s finisher at WWE Payback 2023 while stating that she represented her generation at the event.

Stratus lost to Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Payback 2023. Following the match, Trish’s ally Zoey Stark turned on her and left the Hall of Famer high and dry in the middle of the ring.


Victoria, who was part of the interview, stated that Stratus sought her permission to use the move a week before Payback 2023. Trish said,

“It was almost like repping our generation. I know my whole platform has been ‘I did it, look at me,’ but obviously, there is a ‘we.’ It’s something we all did, it’s a foundation we all made. I felt like it was a giant nod to it and that’s what I wanted it to be like. Lisa, it’s so funny, I was like, ‘I have to ask her,’ and we kept playing phone tag forever. You were so excited. ‘Of course!’”

“This was huge for me. Knowing what we had dealt with as far as our storyline, and people were still like, ‘this story is still going?’ I’m like, ‘please.’ It’s funny because I think of this…there was a bit of that, ‘this storyline is dragging,’ but it’s booking. I think back to Mickie and I always bragging about being ‘hashtag the longest rivalry.’ We might have trumped that, Mickie. Back in the day, we didn’t have the luxury or not luxury of the internet where you would read after your stuff. Could you imagine, ‘what’s this angle, is it ever going to end?’ We didn’t have to deal with that. This is always your gauge, what’s the fan engagement? What is the audience doing and reacting? They were super into it. It does get in your head a little, you read it and are like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I just knew, at the end of the day, we had to deliver. This was going to be the end and it was going to sum up all the work and story. We wanted to kill it. I would say we did. It felt like it. It felt good. I’ve been back six months and that was the most dialed in, and that’s a great place to be. I felt comfortable, I heard the audience, I felt the audience, I was dialed in. That attributed to the character development and storyline. Same thing with WrestleMania 22, Mickie and I took them on this long journey and by the time we got there, they were there and ready for what was going to unfold. It felt really good. To get to that point in your career where you get those moments, it’s like a blessing.”

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Trish Stratus, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently spoke in an interview with GAW about her experience using Victoria’s finisher at WWE Payback 2023. She mentioned that by using the move, she felt like she was representing her generation at the event.

At WWE Payback 2023, Stratus faced Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage Match and unfortunately lost. Following the match, her ally Zoey Stark turned on her, leaving Stratus alone in the ring.

During the interview, Victoria, who was also present, revealed that Stratus had sought her permission to use the move a week before the event. Stratus expressed her excitement about using the move and how it symbolized the collective achievements of their generation. She emphasized that although her platform has often been about her individual success, she recognizes the importance of teamwork and the foundation they all laid together.

Stratus also reflected on the longevity of her storyline with Mickie James and acknowledged that some fans may have felt it was dragging on. However, she highlighted the importance of fan engagement and how it influenced their performances. Stratus mentioned that despite any doubts or criticisms, they were determined to deliver a memorable ending to their storyline. She felt that they succeeded in doing so and described it as a blessing to reach a point in her career where she could have such impactful moments.

The interview also included a video clip of the Steel Cage Match between Stratus and Lynch at WWE Payback 2023. This allowed viewers to witness the intensity and excitement of the match firsthand.

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In conclusion, Trish Stratus’s recent interview with GAW shed light on her experience using Victoria’s finisher at WWE Payback 2023. She expressed her pride in representing her generation and emphasized the importance of teamwork in their collective success. Despite any doubts or criticisms, Stratus and her fellow wrestlers were determined to deliver a memorable ending to their storyline. Wrestling fans can stay informed about the latest news and updates on or through their social media channels.