Trish Stratus On WrestleMania 39 Match: ‘It’s An Honor’

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Trish Stratus is honored to be included in a match at the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 39 pay-per-view occasion.

Speaking on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump,” the WWE Hall of Famer discussed coordinating with Lita and Becky Lynch to take on versus Damage CTRL.

You can have a look at some highlights from the program listed below:

On returning for the WrestleMania match: “First of all, it’s stunning. I did a sign signing the other week, and the daddy was informing me how I had these minutes, and after that the child … so I stated, ‘Wow, so you’ve matured viewing me. Now you’re maturing viewing me.’ That’s insane, that we’re still doing our thing all these years later on. We headed out there, the important things we did, the work we did, it recommended what the ladies are doing now, it was for a modification, it was for us to have representation to have a voice out there and truly, seeing what the women are doing now and to be able to meddle and be amongst the women and get a little taste of it also, it’s incredible. To view it up close and see and live how expert and these incredible professional athletes these females are, having these minutes, making history, and truthfully to be together with of it, it’s an honor, and it’s whatever we might request when we were turning up.”

On Bayley calling Lita and Trish as a dream match back in 2016: “Well, dreams do become a reality. Perhaps you should have her on The Bump later on and state, ‘How do you feel?’ after we whoop her ass at WrestleMania. See how she feels about putting that out there.”

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