Trish Stratus On Cardi B: ‘We Both Have Asses That Have Actually Been Spoken about For Years Now!’

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Rap Artist Cardi B is a substantial fan of expert wrestling and frequently loads appreciation on her favorites through social networks.

Speaking on the “My Mom’s Basement” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus provided her response to Cardi B’s tweets following the return of herself and Lita to WWE tv heading into WrestleMania 39. Trish stated,

” It’s certainly due to the fact that of our derrière, our back ends. We both have asses that have actually been discussed for years now [chuckles] No, there’s a lot more. I do not understand, I believe it’s cool. She was taking a look at it like a strong female badass. That’s who Cardi B is. She matured on that. Did I affect Cardi B? Possibly, I do not understand. I believe it’s cool. To me, it’s an effective female in another market offering and boosting another lady that awareness. It’s everything about that. It’s about supporting and boosting other females since the more powerful as a group, with all of us supporting each other and acknowledging there’s an area for everybody is incredibly crucial and what truly makes us continue to grow. That’s the thing. It’s classic. Since I in fact stated that to a buddy, it’s amusing. I resembled, ‘Oh my …’ I suggest, did I fangirl about her tweet? Yes, I did. I believed that was cool. I revealed a pal, and she goes, ‘Yeah, obviously. Remember what you represent. That’s the classic thing, like she matured seeing what you did, a lady making it in a male-dominated world, and she dod that too. How cool. Did you affect it? I do not understand.’ That’s what she saw, and she had that representation, she had that presence. Yeah, it’s actually cool to be in that position. Did I fangirl? Yeah, a bit.”

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