Triple H Talks NXT UK’s Return To Blackpool, Future TakeOver Cities

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Triple H Talks NXT UK’s Return To Blackpool, Future TakeOver Cities

Photo Credit: WWE

NXT head honcho Triple H spoke with talkSPORT about NXT UK and its upcoming TakeOver show. Noting that it was the second (out of three) to take place in Blackpool, they asked Trips if it was time to find more varied locales for the events. “I think we want to spread out where we will go and at first we want to hit markets where we know it will be good. Obviously, Blackpool holds a charmed spot for a lot of us to go back there, but, absolutely, London has always been a massive fanbase for WWE and NXT has been there and done phenomenally well too – it’s absolutely a place we’re looking at and on the priority list. Dublin as well.”

He didn’t rule out going beyond the UK proper to other countries as well. “I’d love to go to Germany. I’d love to go to France. I’d love to go to Italy. I’d love to go to so many markets and expand this out… I really want this to be a fully-functioning brand and to do more with it. Make it its own thing. But, all of those markets are on the list and we look forward to getting to all of them.”

Triple H also reveals how much Shawn Michaels has taken to calling the UK brand home. “NXT UK has become a sort of passion project for him and as much as he is here in NXT on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis, we can’t all be every place all at the same time, so he’s kind of taken a much more guiding hand in controlling that brand.”

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