Triple H Responds to Major 2024 Money in the Bank Miscue – ‘Errors Occur, That’s Just the Way It Is!’

Triple H Responds to Major 2024 Money in the Bank Miscue – ‘Errors Occur, That’s Just the Way It Is!’
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There was a significant mishap during the Damian Priest vs. Seth Rollins match for the WWE World Title at the 2024 WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view event that many viewers witnessed.

As Rollins was pinning Priest for what seemed like a victory, the referee did not complete the three-count. It was evident that Priest missed the correct timing to kick out.

On the follow-up show after WWE Money in the Bank 2024, Triple H recognized the error. He mentioned,

“It’s a fact that imperfections can occur when humans are involved in a wrestling ring. It’s amusing now that I think about it – if I was performing and such happened, I would focus solely on that one mistake regardless of how well the rest of it went.

“It’s unfortunate that criticism and talk will circulate mostly about this mistake, overshadowing Damian Priest’s impressive performance tonight. The negative almost always eclipse the positives in such situations.

“Ideally, I would ensure that Damian stays away from any comment or criticism for a bit, letting him reflect on the other highlights of his performance, and appreciate the phenomenal run he’s having, and aplaude his remarkable stint as World Champion.

“Damian’s hard work and dedication that got him to this point must not be overshadowed, he deserves every bit of praise. He’s shown impressive growth and evolution as a performer and whenever I see him now, I feel like a Champion is in action. He’s truly made the position his own.

“I feel disappointed that this single lapse might outshine his overall performance at WWE. He was outstanding tonight and so were others including Seth, Drew and Punk. But that’s how things unfold sometimes.”

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