Triple H On ‘The Perfect Timing’ Of NXT TakeOver: In Your House & If We Could See It Return

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Triple H On ‘The Perfect Timing’ Of NXT TakeOver: In Your House & If We Could See It Return

Triple H

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Triple H had his NXT TakeOver: In Your House conference call earlier today and “The Game” addressed a variety of topics surrounding the upcoming show this Saturday on June 7. Part of the buzz happened to be about the In Your House name and WrestleZone’s managing editor in Bill Pritchard asked Hunter if the ongoing pandemic played into bring back the name and if there’s potential we could see more In Your Houses down the road.

“Yeah you know it absolutely came about given the circumstances,” said Hunter. “As TakeOvers evolved in the beginning, they all had different names and as they started going to the cities, then we started sort of morphing them into the city and the location so it’s always a fluid ‘work in progress’ kind of thought.

“So as this came about, when we were going to have the opportunity to do a TakeOver on June 7 on the Network, and you know, ‘What should we do then now cause we’re back in Florida and we’re in our home and it’s not like you want to go back to the city or anything’ so the conversation came up and it just seemed like the perfect timing for, ‘Boy, everybody’s stuck in their house, it’s the perfect timing.’ The reaction to it was huge. It was funny that we made the decision to name it In Your House, TakeOver: In Your House and it wasn’t until after that we made the decision that it was pointed out to me that it was like a couple days before the 25th anniversary of the first In Your House PPV. It was just a happy coincidence. So it all worked out great and yeah, I think we’ll see where it goes and the enjoyment level and everything else, but it definitely could become something that comes back.

“If it’s as good as I think as it’s gonna be I think people might demand it come back so we’ll work on it,” Hunter said.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZ0ne)

You can listen to the entire conference call below:

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