Triple H On NXT Alumni Wanting To Return, Using Old School Shows

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Triple H On NXT Alumni Wanting To Return, Using Old School Shows

Triple H

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Triple H recently spoke with Yahoo Sports and discussed NXT Great American Bash and various other topics. One highlight includes his reflection on Asuka, Bayley and Sasha Banks returning to NXT during the Great American Bash. Transcription credit of Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of Yahoo Sports:

Triple H: “‘One of the things that I love about NXT is that there’s a bond and a family feel about it. It’s something special when people are a part of it. It always reminds me of the pride people have in their college. When you graduate from college you have spent four years of your life there, that’s always your school, you’re proud of it, you wear the sweatshirts, you support the teams, still go to games. I think NXT is like that for a lot of talent. Sasha and Bayley call all of the time asking if they can come down [to Florida] and work. They’re on different brands, so I have to work within the creative components of what they already have, but I see it all the time.'”

“‘When all of this went down, a lot of the stuff that was happening was Charlotte’s idea, her being a part of the brand, being there on a regular basis. Kevin Owens competing for NXT last year in “WarGames” was something he had been on me about forever, about wanting to come down and do something. Almost everyone who comes through the door and then leaves is asking if they can come back and be a part of it again. You can see it and feel it in the afternoon when they walk in. It’s like going back in time for them, the excitement level is high even though at its best it’s a smaller building and crowd then they are used to. It’s really cool to see.'”

Triple H also discussed the usage of old-school shows like In Your House and Great American Bash and whether NXT will feature more throwback shows:

Triple H: “‘It’s funny because “Great American Bash” had so many more years and exposure as something in WWE and the end years of WCW, but when you put it out there, because of the way NXT is seen as a brand, it feels more like a throwback.”

“‘I think it’s a little bit of what people need right now. You have to be a little careful with how heavy you get with the storylines because there’s so much heavy stuff going on in the world right now, I think people want to tune it out, tune into WWE and just have some fun for a little bit. It’s easy to lose that perspective, but what we do, what WWE is, above and beyond anything else is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to be escapism. You saw superhero movies shift and morph over the years, look at the last Thor, it seemed to have a bit more fun to it compared to years ago. You follow the trends, keep your finger on the pulse of it and do what you can do. Whether or not we can continue that down the road, do more throwback stuff, continue to reinvent ourselves, we’ll see. It’s all in what we think will be best for the fans.'”

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