Triple H NXT TakeOver: In Your House Post-Show Media Call (Highlights & Full Audio)

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Triple H NXT TakeOver: In Your House Post-Show Media Call (Highlights & Full Audio)

Triple H took part in the NXT TakeOver: In Your House post-show media call shortly after the event concluded. Full audio is above; highlights include:

Triple H was asked about Charlotte’s status after the title loss. We’ll see where it goes since it just happened, but he takes time to praise Io. Calls her a game-changing talent and it’s amazing to see her progress. It’s a new era for NXT’s women.

HHH asked about Todd Pettengill, the old set… jokes about getting Michael Hayes to show up as Dok Hendrix. He says Hayes’ reaction was loud, he could hear it through his phone. On a serious note, nostalgia is at your fingertips with WWE Network.

He says it was a great payoff and yes, it [In Your House] could return. He loved that this show was fun, current and exciting with that nostalgic feel.

HHH asked about developing talent and the lack of Florida live events. He says that’s the next step and it’s a process. They had closed set shows but they couldn’t have training environments until now. They’ve spent a ton of time on skull sessions, Zoom chats, etc.

HHH says some talent did acting classes or other online learning, anything to continue to educate them and develop talent as long as it’s in a healthy way.

HHH was asked about his new job title. People made a bigger deal about it than it was. With NXT being on USA Network, international expansion, etc… there’s more focus on those parts. He doesn’t have the day-to-day responsibilities of live events domestically and internationally now.

HHH was asked about talent switching shows, Dream lost tonight. He thinks you’ll still see some shifting and you have to wait and see what he does. He thinks it’s great that people think talent leaves after a loss, and predictable can be good but he likes the surprise.

Triple H is asked about the value of Adam Cole to NXT. He “can’t say enough” about him, always performs and he’s a great guy. Similar to Adam Cole, he praises Keith Lee and says he can see him as a future World Champion.

HHH is asked for an injury update due to some hard hits on the show. He says other than banged up, Johnny Gargano is dealing with a minor back issue but he’ll be fine.

HHH is asked about the Hog Pen match; he can’t recall if it was pre/post Curtain Call but it was a phenomenal moment for him. He could have done without as much poop and he was told not to get bit. There were some downsides but it was his first memorable thing in WWE.

HHH says it was fun because if you were a fan in the arena you could smell the pig poop. Fans laughed at him, but he was throwing it too and freaked people out. They did a whole loop of slop matches, and it caught on pre-Internet. It was a blast.

HHH asked about how the main event ended / who got pinned. He doesn’t look at it a certain way. It’s long-term storytelling and the intent is to know where they’re going and how to get there. Tonight’s finish was specific. He says people will read into it, but nepotism does not factor in. Charlotte works for everything she has and if they get to tell the story they want, people will understand tonight’s result down the line.

HHH says his hat is off to everyone that worked behind the scenes. Set builders, graphic design… it’s a team effort. He says they’re working in difficult circumstances but they go the extra mile. He hopes people appreciate anyone producing entertainment now.

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