Triple H NXT on USA Media Call Highlights, ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Go Three Hours’

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Triple H NXT on USA Media Call Highlights, ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Go Three Hours’

Triple H took to the phones earlier this morning to answer questions concerning this week’s move to cable TV for NXT. We’ve got a few highlights from the call as well as the full 45-minute audio to enjoy.

When asked about initial ratings for the broadcast, Triple H said they weren’t as important as long term success. “This isn’t about hot shotting, it’s about building a brand and a franchise.” He talked about how he doesn’t want to load the first few episodes up and then trail off, he wants to attract new fans a keep building momentum. Ultimately, he says he’ll be happy if the talent can “showcase themselves in the best way possible.”

When it comes to the length of the new NXT broadcast, Triple H was clear that he “didn’t want any part of three hours.” However, one-hour shows weren’t working, as there just wasn’t enough “bandwidth” to promote all the talents at the Performance Center. With two hours, there will be enough room to breathe for the entire roster, and it should “create competition for spots.”

In a similar vein, Triple H was adamant about the Full Sail audience being a part of the NXT experience. “It wasn’t much of a question for me. I cannot state how incredible are partners are at Full Sail University.” “The fans that come to Full Sail, they’re just as much a part of this brand as the talent and the people behind the scenes. They are so passionate and so invested that the product.” “When I say We Are NXT, they are just as much a part of that “We.”

The rest of the call includes talk about the Worlds Collide event, the future of NXT TakeOver, and his interest in talent like Kevin Owens. Thanks to our friends at Fightful, you can listen to the full audio of the media call via YouTube:

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