Triple H Gives Injury Update On Johnny Gargano; Says He’s ‘Day-To-Day’

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Triple H Gives Injury Update On Johnny Gargano; Says He’s ‘Day-To-Day’

During the NXT TakeOver conference media call yesterday, Triple H was asked about the health status of Johnny Gargano. The plan was to have Gargano take on the recently-turned heel Finn Balor, but Gargano’s injury threw a wrench in the process. While he had no timetable for a return, Hunter hopes that it will be sooner than later for “Johnny Wrestling” to get back in the ring.

“Day by day right now, I’m hoping it’s soon, he’s hoping it’s soon. I can’t even tell you how many TakeOvers in a row that he did and he’s just gutted missing this one. I’m gutted for him.” Triple H said. “This would have been an epic match and a big moment with him and Balor, but it is what it is and he’s sort of day-to-day right now and kind of goes by how he feels.

“There’s nothing there that is like a structurally concerning or anything like that, but it’s a management of the symptoms and try to get him past all that so that really, that’s the update.” Triple H said. “It’s day-to-day but hopefully it won’t be too, too long.”

Later in the call, Triple H was asked about Tommaso Ciampa coming back from injury and how often we might see him in the ring. Triple H said any significant health issues like Ciampa’s would be closely monitored, and he might change his style depending on how things go or how he feels. Triple H said most people talking about the WWE medical team have no clue what they’re talking about. He says WWE gets the men and women the best care possible, and it’s a personal choice by the wrestlers with how much they’d work. He says personally, he hated having time off, but it’s a personal choice for everyone as an individual. Triple H said the demands are different with top talent, and it’s a lot of work to keep everyone physically and mentally healthy.