Triple H Discusses Possibility Of International NXT TakeOver Events

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Triple H Discusses Possibility Of International NXT TakeOver Events

WWE star Triple H took part in a media conference call over the weekend following NXT WarGames in Chicago to discuss several topics. During the call, “The Game” was asked about possibly bringing NXT TakeOver events overseas to different locations across the world.

Here’s what the multi-time World Champion had to say:

I think that’s a little bit of a work in progress. It’s a big world, a lot of really cool places to go work. As much as I can look at the UK and say, going back to Blackpool, I think they’d do spectacularly in London. I also think we can go to Glasgow. We went to Cardiff, it was amazing. There’s so many places, and that’s just picking the places we already go to on a regular basis, I think when we get outside of those, start going to different countries and regions, oh my gosh.

And then you start talking about NXT here, like this NXT U.S. brand, any one of those places could kill it. You could go to Japan, you could go to Australia, it’s a big world. I’d love to look at all of it, I’d love to bring them to all of it. Trying to figure how to make that happen with live TV and everything else, that’s the trick.

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