Triple H Comments On The Rumors Of Paige & Edge Returning To Action

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Triple H Comments On The Rumors Of Paige & Edge Returning To Action

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Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda had the opportunity to speak with Triple H recently and the topic was brought up of Paige and Edge potentially making in-ring returns.

Triple H said he admittedly would love to see them both back in the ring but more importantly wants to see them live long and healthy lives. HHH said, “So, with both of them, those would be personal choice for them. No, I shouldn’t say that. Personal choice would be a part of it, then medical choice for the other part. WWE is at a different level. There is no other level from a medical oversight standpoint.”

HHH discussed that the change in WWE’s style has made it more important to protect talents as much as possible. He said, “For us there are certain perimeters. If we believe it’s not in your best interest, we put the human being first, and their long-term health. Life goes on for a long time after this ends. Especially now. The style and the physicality has increased dramatically. If our medical experts say that they believe this person has done whatever to rehab their situation, and there are multiple situations, they’ve done all of that and are safe to get back into the ring, then we allow it.”

Triple H went into detail about Daniel Bryan recently coming out of retirement to make a return to the ring. He said that nobody saw that coming and Daniel Bryan consistently said if WWE would not allow it, he would find someone who would allow it. HHH said, “But he worked extraordinarily hard for a very long time to get himself back to a place physically where medical teams, the same people that disqualified him were willing to say, ‘Okay, now I feel like this is a safe return.'”

I asked Triple H about the speculation regarding a potential WWE in-ring return for Paige and/or Edge.@SKProWrestling


— Gary Cassidy (@consciousgary) January 12, 2020

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