Trick Williams Unveils the Genesis of His Chant ‘Whoop That Trick’

Trick Williams Unveils the Genesis of His Chant ‘Whoop That Trick’
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In his recent chat with The Miami Herald, Trick Williams, the reigning WWE NXT Champion, provided some explanation about the “Whoop That Trick” chant that punctuates his entrances. Williams shared that this chant emerged out of the sheer excitement and support of his fans.

The high points of the conversation included:

– His commentary on Booker T parroting his entrance: “The ‘Whoop That Trick’ chant has always had Booker T in its camp from the start. Just so you know, Booker T is my uncle. He’s been a great guide to me, always treating me like a member of his own family. I cherish Booker.”

– His thoughts on the ‘Whoop That Trick’ fan echo: “Honestly, it wasn’t my brainchild. The chant, ‘Whoop that Trick,’ originated early during the NXT 2.0 days, and at that time, I was still with my ex-partner and ex-close friend, Carmelo Hayes. I recall, we were in a tag team match, and some section of the audience started chanting, ‘Whoop that Trick.’ I looked at Carmelo, puzzled, ‘Is this chant for or against me?’ We dismissed it initially and carried on with our match.”

“But then, every single match, whether it was ours or mine, the chant made its reoccurrence. The real breakthrough came during NXT Heatwave, in my match against Ilja Dragunov. That day, my entrance music evolved into an instrumental beat, and immediately, the crowd filled this mute with the ‘Whoop that Trick’ chants. And since then, it has been on an upward trajectory. It was an ensemble of crowd participation, the electrifying ambience, Booker T on the sidelines cheering, and, of course, my entrance and my performance. It virtually transforms the ring into a nightclub setting.”