Trevor Murdoch Taking Advantage Of Current Run As NWA National Champion, Has ‘Way More In The Tank’

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Trevor Murdoch Taking Advantage Of Current Run As NWA National Champion, Has ‘Way More In The Tank’

trevor murdoch

Trevor Murdoch recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and discussed his success with NWA, National Championship win, his turbulent run with WWE, and more. Here are some highlights.

On signing with the NWA:

Murdoch: “I just kind of felt like maybe my time had passed, you know, in the business, and they really convinced me that that wasn’t the case at all. I had a great match with Ricky [Starks], and I come to the back, my confidence is up, and I kind of get pulled to the side, and [they] said, ‘You got way more in the tank than what you think,’ you know, and, ‘We think there’s some longevity with you, you know, we’d like to have you stick around.'”

“The people have kind of willed me back into existence.”

On having freedom in NWA:

Murdoch: “I asked the standard questions, you know, ‘What are you guys looking for? Is there something that you guys are wanting me to do?’ And their only response was ‘go out and do you, go out and be you.’ That’s a very freeing feeling for somebody, for a wrestler who’s kind of been shackled into “you have be this way because this is the way” [type of mentality]. No, that’s not the case.”

On his recent success:

Murdoch: “First and foremost, it’s shot my confidence up you know ten thousandfold. And secondly, you know man, this is what ultimately every wrestler has been waiting for, is a company to believe in you and get behind you and let you go out and do what you do.”

On how long this run could last:

Murdoch: “I have no idea. That’s where my experience comes into play. When I was a younger guy, that was the first thing that popped in my head, you know, when I won championships or when I had great opportunities, like, ‘Oh s—, when’s this gonna end?’ I’m actually completely opposite on this. I’m thankful and I’m gonna take advantage of every day that I have with this, and I really wanna just kind of take it all in. I’m just enjoying it now. I’m taking every day and enjoying today.”

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The full interview is available here: